I am seriously losing track of what day it is since Chris is on leave and I am not living for the weekend.  Wednesday snuck up on me!  Thanks for all your comments on my birth anti-plan yesterday – I love how many of us think the same way :)  My mother-in-law is heading back to Vegas today which leaves Chris and I one week before my mom shows up  for Baby B’s arrival.  We have a few “to do” things left to do but hopefully most of them will be done by the end of the weekend.


Now that I am 37 weeks pregnant I am finding my appetite to be wonky again.  Not a whole lot sounds good and most of what does isn’t the best quality of foods.  It is what it is but I look forward to feeling somewhat “normal” soon.  Therefore my What I Ate Wednesday this week is kind of boring.


Some of my breakfasts …


Breakfast I’ve been trying to keep pretty normal so I have a steady rotation of breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, and eggs.


Other eats …

Other Eats



One of our favorite dinners recently as these grilled Greek pitas.  The tzatziki sauce is so refreshing!  The shrimp and vodka sauce pasta was when we went out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant .  I could also live off of these crab cake burgers from Bubba’s Bistro for the rest of my pregnancy and not complain.  For simplicity sake the roasted chicken and veggies is a regular staple too.


That’s all I got.  Unfortunately too I am waiting on a new Canon lens for my camera.  After the DSLR went out my kit lens decided it had had enough too.  Thank goodness for Amazon prime because my new one should be here today or tomorrow so I won’t miss Baby B’s arrival :)


What is one food you could live off of?

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4 thoughts on “WIAW”

  1. I could absolutely live off of potatoes. Any kind…doesn’t even matter! LOL

    I’ve gotten better about them though, and instead of having a whole regular baked potato with dinner I now split a sweet potato in half. I still wouldn’t mind the occasional mow-down session with a potato with some cheese and bacon on it. Uhh, yum!
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