1 Month Post Baby Body

Body After Baby #2: One Month

I am in complete denial over here.  On Saturday my sweet Bryn turned one month old!  I am still working on her photos and will have an update on her later this week.  She is seriously quite the baby and is so very different than her big sister in many ways.  Since it has been a month, it’s time to update you guys on how mama is doing in operation get her body back.


This is where I was at at one week postpartum:

One Week Post Baby #2 Body


And here is my one month progress:

1 Month Post Baby Body


I feel like the biggest visual difference is in my belly which the numbers below back up.  Same tired eyes though 😉


What do the numbers say?

Post Baby Body 1 Month Measurements


I feel really good about my progress in the last 3 weeks.  I have lost a total of 6 inches and one pound.  If my postpartum progress is anything like Em I won’t see a big change on the scale for another month or so.  I am VERY happy with where I am at.



If you read yesterday’s post you would have seen that I got a solid week of workouts in last week.  I feel so very lucky to be falling back into my fitness routine so easily.  After I had Emmalyne it literally took me MONTHS to break 10-minutes on my mile pace and on Saturday I ran 4-miles and averaged 9:35/mile.  I am thankful that my body let me run until 36 weeks pregnant because I think that is the reason I am getting back into the game that much sooner.  I also started adding in some weights last week and got to my normal Sunday yoga class.  Overall I feel great and am definitely loving the post-workout endorphins because they help me battle sleep deprivation with a smile 😉



This is where I want to get my head back in the game.  With Christmas last week I had a lot of decadent and fun foods and enjoyed every second of it.  Maybe that’s why I only last one pound in the last 3 weeks eh?  Ha … so not sorry on that one.  I am really trying to get back into my healthy habits and am even hoping to drastically limit my Diet Coke consumption to one a day or only when out.  Chris is having a lot of fun enforcing this one.  You should have seen my face when he poured my freshly open can down the drain because it was my second one that day.  With school starting in a week (!!!!!) I feel like I will have an easier time making good choices since I have to pack my lunch and snacks most days and won’t be mindlessly eating at home.


Overall I feel great both physically and mentally.  Sure I am tired, and not every day is easy, but overall I feel like I have things pretty together.  I am thrilled to be fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans since it took me 5 months to do so after Em but more importantly I am thrilled to just be happy and moving.  I’m really looking forward to sharing Bryn’s one month update with you guys too!


I hope you have a fantastic Monday and are starting to think about New Year’s goals.  I have been thinking about mine a lot lately and reflecting on those from 2013.  Can’t wait to share my favorite moments of 2013 with you guys tomorrow and my goals for 2014!


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  1. Wow lady, you are back at it so fast- looking so fit already! Good for you :) I can’t wait to hear an update on sweet Bryn and Id also love to hear how you handle nursing and fitness classes (yoga). Do you nurse, then go right to class? Does Chris watch the girls? Trying to get somewhat of a game plan formulated by May 😉
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  2. Great work keeping it all balanced and in perspective! How are you planning to juggle school? Is it full time? Best wishes :)

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