Being a second time mom is a funny thing.  Yesterday I dropped Emmalyne off at school and it was just Bryn and me all day long.  It was the easiest day ever!  When I had brought Emmie home from the hospital I felt pretty in control but still overwhelmed.  I was always “busy” with her during the day and it was hard to eat, shower, or do whatever.  This time?  Not so much.  I made Em and I breakfast and nursed Bryn.  I also managed to get both kids in the car and Em to school on time.  Throughout the day I got everything done I had hoped to while still interacting with my sweet baby.  Oh the glory of being an experienced mom :)  Since I did manage a full day of eats, I thought I would share them for What I Ate Wednesday!  Don’t forget to link up with Jenn!





A pretty standard for me breakfast – scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon on a whole wheat English muffin and fresh fruit.  A big cup of coffee on the side.



trail mix


Didn’t get all my snacks pictured but I did munch on homemade trail mix in the morning,  I had some cheese and crackers in the afternoon and a couple of chocolate chip cookies my mom made before she left.



EVOL burrito



One of my favorite grab and go options – an EVOL chicken burrito!  Lots of smashed avocado on the side.






I have REALLY good friends who offered to bring me a couple of dinners.  Last night Leslie Ann brought over this delicious feast.  Pork loin, veggies, salad, brown rice, and croissants.  Got to love it :)



cranberry cake



My mom also made this cranberry cake for our last dinner together on Monday.  Chris and I are enjoying the leftovers and had a slice while snuggling Em on the couch last night before bath time.



Overall I feel pretty good about my eats.  There is definitely some “cleaning up” to do in this area when I start trying to lose the last few pounds of pregnancy weight.  I was cleared to start working out after a visit to the OB Monday as long as I ease back into things.  SO – I am hoping over the next week or so I start working on getting back into shape.


Happy Wednesday friends!  I’ll be back tomorrow sharing how I am recovering from baby :)


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  1. I love EVOL burritos. I could probably eat them every day for lunch – tasty and easy. I’m happy to hear you say that it’s easier the second time around because I have a 9 month old now and I feel like I don’t get much done. I was beginning to have a hard time understanding how I would do anything with two kids.
    Ali recently posted..White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch CookiesMy Profile

  2. I don’t know about any cleaning needed, this all looks well balanced and great to me! Your breakfasts especially always make me envious. English muffins mmmmm.

  3. I am so envious! Caleb has his nights and days mixed up, so we have a party at night and then wake up to my 18 month old! I haven’t even blogged since I had him! Sheesh. Do you prep any of your food ahead of time? And where is Em going to school? Like a pre k?
    Thank you!!
    Samantha recently posted..Maternity PicturesMy Profile

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