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Post-Baby Running Come Back

Hey there!  Hope your week is going well.  Thinking about everyone in the Northeast as you get a ton of snow.  We were under a freezing rand advisory here but nothing happened.  I am getting tired of our “cold” weather and am super excited for the forecast since I see 70’s on the horizon 😉


I am really excited to share with you guys today that I am officially signed up for my first post-baby races!  The last race I ran was the Augusta Half Marathon almost exactly a year ago.  I found out I was pregnant just a few weeks later.  While I ran until 36 weeks during my pregnancy I just didn’t race.  Therefore I am STOKED to get back to it.


My first race is actually this weekend.  I am running the Savannah Hot Cocoa 10K.  I mean what mom WOULDN’T sign up for a race knowing that there was chocolate at the end?  Sounds like it’s right up my alley.  My BFF here is running the half marathon so I get to stick with her the first 3ish miles before finishing up.  I am confident in my mileage and am ready for the distance.  Not sure what my time goals are … I would love to go sub-60 minutes but I am ok if that doesn’t happen too.  I have to remind myself sometimes that Bryn is only 10 weeks old 😉


Hot Cocoa 10K


I am also signed up for the “Get Your Rear in Gear 5K” on March 1st in Savannah with the rest of my cohort from PA school.  I have some bigger goals for this race 😉



I have a busy day studying for my A&P lab practicum tomorrow and physical assessment lab today.  We have to know the bones and their markings/features tomorrow as well as the ligaments of the major joints.  Normally it wouldn’t seem so daunting but it’s 50% of our grade and also smack dab in the middle of the test storm of the quarter.  Wish me luck! 😉


Do you have any races coming up?

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  1. A Hot Chocolate race sounds like so much fun! Aiden is almost a year now and I feel like I’ve battled one injury after the next since he has been born. I was finally injury free a couple weeks ago and now my achilles tendon is bothering me. It’s frustrating because I want to get out and race really bad!
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