Thanks for all the love on Bryn’s update!  I seriously can’t believe that she is three months old.  Sometimes I am thankful that time is going but most of the time I want to curl up in a fetal position snuggling my sweet baby and hold on to every second 😉


It’s been awhile but I am linking up with Jenn today at Peas and Crayons for a What I Ate Wednesday.  I actually remembered to photograph my eats.  Trust me … right now that it was quite the feat.  HA.



WIAW Breakfast



I honestly pretty much live on my baked apple cinnamon oatmeal throughout the weak.  I fill it with goodies like ground flax, chia seeds, and brewer’s yeast.  Not only is it healthy and ready in a flash, it is also a good way to boost milk production 😉



WIAW Lunch



Lunch was leftovers … chicken, sweet potatoes, and leeks.  It’s a recipe I found awhile ago in Clean Eating magazine and it’s one of my favorite one skillet dishes.  Leftovers are even better.





Since I head to campus about 2 hours after eating breakfast I always pack a “snack” or second breakfast if you will 😉  I stick with a smoothie with fruit, protein powder, and spinach.  Throughout the day I had a Stonyfield organic Greek yogurt and Larabar.  Ended my night with a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.


Did you link up for WIAW?

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