Spring Break

Hey there friends!  Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week is going smashingly so far … mine is!  I officially finished my first quarter of PA school last Thursday and have spent the last 5 days soaking up my FREEDOM!  What have I been doing with myself you ask?


I’ve been soaking up these sweet smiles.


Cheered on my Wildcats even though they lost :(




Organized ALL the closets in my house.




And ordered my favorite local crab cake sandwich.

Crab Sandwich



So far it’s been an amazing few days … and I still have 5 more!  Today we are heading down to Jacksonville for a mini-vacay.  We have to hit the Apple store today because my MacBook is on the fritz which is not good for blogging (hence part of my absence) or for students.  The trackpad essentially has a mind of its own!  Crazy!  Then tomorrow we are taking the girls to the zoo. :)


I also sat down last night and brainstormed all the things I have to share with you guys!  Expect more out of me soon because I know I have been slack-a-lacking lately and I miss you!


Fill me in – what’s one of the highlights of your last couple of weeks??


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12 thoughts on “Spring Break”

  1. It’s so awesome that you get a well deserved break! My macbook died last summer, and I hadn’t backed up my photos in a year! So make sure you back yours up because I lost 90% of my photos! :(
    Also, did I ever thank you for giving me the advice on breast-feeding + exercise?I totally appreciated it, I just don’t think I tweeted you back! Thanks! 😀
    Heidi @ Idlehide recently posted..Getting/Staying Out Of DebtMy Profile

  2. Whee, breaks! So much fun :) Yours sounds like it’s off to a great start!

    The highlight of my last couple weeks was starting freelancing full-time this week. BIG CHANGE from working full-time in an office. But feels awesome. Super happy. Change can be great!
    Sagan recently posted..Jabra Sport Wireless+ Product ReviewMy Profile

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