Kentucky Derby Party

Another weekend come and gone my friends!  This one went by too fast … but then again most of them seem to don’t they?  Chris was out of town for work Friday night and until Saturday afternoon so I was flying solo.  Man it was exhausting!  Further proof that the only way I am able to do everything I do is largely due to his support and help!  While I had quite a bit of studying to tackle over the weekend, we still made time for some play too :)


Our friends held a Kentucky Derby party Saturday night and we had a blast.  We lucked out with absolutely beautiful weather down here in the Deep South.  It wasn’t too cold and not too hot.  A perfect night to be outside.  We had so much fun dressing up, eating Southern food, and sipping on mint juleps.  Emmie loved running around and hanging out with everything.  Bryn was the star of the show, naturally 😉  While Chris and I both lost our bets on who would win, all 30 seconds of the actual derby was fun too 😉








The Girls

The Boys


We also did mommy-and-me photos this weekend and hit up the ice cream shop.  I think Em made out like a bandit in the fun department 😉  Have a great day friends!


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