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Better Your Best

One of the most challenging aspects of going to PA school is finding time for working out.  Gone are the days where I had unlimited time to commit to the gym.  When I could go to whatever fitness classes I wanted.  What I consider to be a successful workout has also changed. What my “best” is right now is a world away from what it used to be.  However, being a “healthy living blogger” it can be hard not to fall into the comparison trap with other people I follow on social media.  Is my best as good as theirs?  I’ll answer that in a second.


better your best


The ASICS brand motto is “better your best” which really resonates with me right now.  What IS my current best?  Like most things in life there is a season and cycle of change.  What MY best is right now may be very different than what yours is.  That’s what I love about the motto – it’s about finding what’s best for YOU and identifying with that rather than focusing on comparing to others.  So IS my best as good as theirs?  My answer …. WHO CARES.  My current goal is to do the BEST I can in all things …. be the best mom I can be.  The best wife I can be.  The best student I can be.  And work the best I can towards achieving my fitness goals.  What everyone else is doing, while inspirational, is irrelevant.


So when ASICS invited me to try out their new Gel-Electro33 natural running shoe I was all over it.  I have to admit I’ve wanted to try a more natural running shoe for awhile but just hadn’t taken the plunge.  The Gel-Electro33 is a lightweight, flexible shoe with pronation support.  The fact that I seriously pronate my left foot has been one of the reasons I held out on a natural running shoe.  ASICS solved that problem for me!


According to ASICS:

By working with the natural mechanics and geometry of the foot, the execution of Fluidaxis™ for overpronators provides an incredibly natural but super stable ride.  The deep Fluidaxis flex grooves have been adjusted and moved more laterally to align with the subtalar joint of overpronators.  


ASICS Gel-Electro33


I have worn these shoes now for mid-distance runs, HIIT training, and weights and they are awesome and versatile shoes for all the above.  Here are some of the pros and cons for the shoes:



  • Super lightweight – definitely the lightest running shoes I own
  • Great support – didn’t feel like my ankle had any problems
  • Comfortable – they felt like running on a cloud
  • Stylish – awesome color … I love me some neon pink!



  • The only con I have is that without the right socks the back of the shoes rubbed on my Achilles.  However, once I wore the right socks this was a non-issue.


I really loved these shoes and they have been my “go-to” since I got them in the mail!  ASICS wants to help one lucky reader better their best too!  I’m giving away a pair of the ASICS Gel-Electro33 shoes to one lucky reader :)  Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!
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I am off to get ready for FitBloggin‘!  Hope you all have a great Thursday :)

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Disclaimer:  I did receive this pair of ASICS Gel-Electro33 running shoes for free but no other compensation was provided.  All opinions are my own :)

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154 thoughts on “Better Your Best”

  1. Right now, trying to become the best nurse I can be and transition from school to career!

  2. I am newly pregnant and in the first trimester sickness phase so this post really hits home for me. I’m in survival mode over here and just trying to do my best at still keeping active, having fun with my son and attempting to keep up with the house. It’s so hard but I’m looking forward to the second trimester and more energy. These shoes would help me get excited for more quality workouts once I’m not so sick!

  3. I’m trying to be the best example of positivity to my son (he’s 3) that I can be. It’s a little tough right now – I’m 36 weeks with our second! But I’m trying to not get frustrated because we are working through some challenges right now – sleep issues since he moved to his big boy room and potty training! And general 3 yr old independence – last night he wanted yogurt, milk and a smoothie – all at once and in separate containers! Mama’s patience is wearing, but I’m trying to take advantage of the precious weeks (or days) we have left with him as our only child!

  4. Just graduated PA school and finished my PANCE. I know exactly what u mean about ur best not necessarily being what it used to be. I love the motto and find it very applicable to life’s constant changes. Keep chugging through school – it’ll totally be worth it all in the end!

  5. Oh, I would love to try these out! Currently, on top of trying to be the best wife/mama/daughter I can be, I am trying to be a good friend. Although it’s been a little slower getting settled into the army life, I’ve been trying to go out of my comfort zone and get plugged into a community of women/fellow army mamas.

  6. These look great! I have been trying to find a minimal shoe that still helps with pronation!

  7. These look great! I have been trying to find a minimal shoe that still helps with pronation!

    I am trying to be my best at running with a 4 month old while working full time. Its hard to get my runs in!

  8. Being kind to my body. Resting when I need it, doing more yoga, eating what my body is craving, etc.

  9. I’m just trying to be the best wife and mama I can be at the moment– which can be hard with two young kids at home. I know you understand! I’m trying to meal plan for my family, have a healthy dinner ready for when my husband gets home, and focus on the right priorities.
    Jessica C recently posted..cows, chickens, pigs, and friends!My Profile

  10. Right now, it’s not running I am trying to be my best at. It’s my career. I am still running 25+ miles a week, but I am not focusing on it like I have in the past!

  11. Getting back into running and working off these last 11 lbs of baby weight! And laying off the dark chocolate peanut M&M’s… phew not easy!

  12. I’m trying to be the best wife and be in the best shape. I recently started taking yoga and would really love to be better at the poses!

  13. Oh, where to I start? Adjusting to life as mom of two has been challenging. Between having the husband gone for 3/4 weeks since January, a hospital visit for the littlest one and of course, the emotional rollercoaster that is post-partum life, running has been my salvation. It’s about getting out there to clear my head, get a few quiet minutes and of course, move my legs and get my sweat on. Today my best self makes sure my kids are fed, but tomorrow’s best self includes a little extra me time, a little more fun and a lot less jiggle. Here’s to embracing post-baby bodies!

  14. I’m a first year PA student as well, and am struggling to find the time to workout in between classes and exams. I absolutely love Asics and think a new pair of shoes would really jump start my routine again!

  15. I recently started a new job so I’m trying my darndest to be the very best co-worker and team player that I can be as I learn everything there is to know within the role. With that I’m also trying to keep up my effort as the best wife I can be while also maintaining my workout goals. Life sure is a balancing act! Ultimately, as you said it’s all about being your very own best! :-)

  16. I am just trying to be the best mom I can. Teaching my older two and nursing my infant. I have to eat a ton and can’t workout too much while nursing or my supply goes down. I’d love some longer runs but she’s more important right now!
    Lindsay @ fuelmyfamily recently posted..Honey Vanilla PuddingMy Profile

  17. I am trying to be my best at being healthy—not just physically, but mentally as well. I love healthy food and fitness, but I often struggle with finding an inner peace. I recently created a blog in honor of my best friend who passed away in May while running a half-marathon. I am currently training for a half marathon so I can finish it for her. Her family gave me her shoelaces and they now adorn my Asics. But alas, my shoes are over two years old and my knee is starting to beg me for new shoes to lace with my best friend’s laces. I am trying my best to inspire others with Jessi’s story as I carry on her legacy throughout my own life with heart, health, and happiness.
    Emily recently posted..cherry vanilla smoothieMy Profile

  18. I am trying to be the best person I can be. I have some stressful issues that I am trying to deal with. I am trying to be the best wife I can be. I am trying to be the best triathlete I can be.

  19. I want to win these SO bad! As you already can relate, you and I are doing our best right now in PA school! I got straight A’s, and one B this semester, but as a result, I let my weight suffer… It’s my goal to lose some serious weight before rotations this upcoming November… And I can’t do it confidently if my white coat we received last year doesn’t even for me anymore :(

    I hope I win!!!!

  20. I want to win these SO bad! As you already can relate, you and I are doing our best right now in PA school! I got straight A’s, and one B this semester, but as a result, I let my weight suffer… It’s my goal to lose some serious weight before rotations this upcoming November… And I can’t do it confidently if my white coat we received last year doesn’t even for me anymore :(

    I hope I win!!!!

  21. I’m trying to do my best to be consistent. I really struggle with rollercoaster eating and exercise.

  22. Im trying my best to regain my running fitness after having our first baby! Hoping to start training for a fall 1/2 marathon-these shoes would be awesome for that!

  23. After a lull in meal planning I’m doing my best to get back to it so we have healthy meal prepared every night.

  24. I feel the same way as you. I want to be the best wife and mother. And since I am living at home with parents right now I want to be a better daughter to my parents. I would love to try these shoes out since I’m running a lot now. :)

  25. I am trying to be the best SAHM I can be, it’s a new phase for me and I want to balance being productive around the house, enjoying my sweet girl and meeting some of my personal wellness goals

  26. I’m recovering from surgery and can only walk a little bit every day. I’m doing everything I can to do my best given my situation, so that when I’m better I can resume other fun activities again.

  27. These sound great – I wonder how long they will last? I burn through outdoor running shoes in about 10-12 months, but I guess that gives me an excuse to get new ones :)

  28. I’m trying my best to get back into a routine at the gym. After finishing NP school, it’s hard to find my new normal!!

  29. Im trying my best to be my best at being a great mom. I try to stay fit and I need to lose weight still from after having 2 babies. I take my kids for walk and I dance with them to work out almost everyday when I can. I want to set good examples for them.

  30. Im trying my best at being a great wife and momma. Excited to run my first half marathon this coming october- these would be a great start!

  31. I am trying to be the best mom and wife I can with the added chanllege of working the night shift at a nursing home.

  32. Being a better cook! I get so tired and end up making the same meals. I’ve stopped caring. But that changes now! Need to give it my all

  33. I don’t feel like I have a “best” but what I’m enjoying most right now is spending my evenings at the playground chasing my 3 year old. Sometimes it’s good just to play and not take myself too seriously!

  34. I’m working on listening to my body and am learning a new definition of health and what that means for MY body.

  35. I love ASICS! I’ve been wearing them for running the past 14 years! I’m trying to be the best mom I can to my now two precious little girls!

  36. I’m doing my best not to compare myself to others and BE ME! I love fitness and I may not be the best, but I enjoy it :-)

    1. I have always worn Asics but have not tried these! Cute shoes & love the extra support! I’m trying to be my best at balancing my to do list with what God is wanting me to do in the big and the little things in life. This is a daily struggle but as my faith grows I am finding a better balance.

  37. I love Asics! They are the only running shoes I wear. Right now, I’m trying to be the best daughter and sister as my family goes through a bit of a rough patch.

  38. I’m doing my best to continue losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve lost 28 pounds to date and I’m over halfway there!

  39. I absolutely love Asics running shoes! I don’t think I could ever wear a different type of running shoe. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I’m back to pre-pregnancy weight, but I’m not up for running again quite yet. Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and get toned up again.

  40. With a new baby and being a first time mom, I am my best my remembering not to compare myself to others!

  41. I am trying to be my best at being a good, loving, kind, caring supportive mother to my 9 children.

  42. I’m trying to commit to 30 minutes of physical exercise a day all summer! It makes me feel amazing and helps me overcome other obstacles!

  43. I’m trying to better my best at listening to my body and not being so hard on myself! I tend to “punish” myself for not being productive or even active alot, and I need to tune in more and listen to myself if I need a break!

  44. Trying to balance it all! Parenting my 3 month old, working FT, keeping up with training…it’s tough!

  45. I am trying to learn to be happy with what i have, and not focus on what I don’t have.

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