Who’s FitBloggin’ With Me?

Happy Monday friends!  1 week down of Chris being gone … less than 3 to go!  WOO!  This weekend my appreciation for him was furthered when I had to take over his chores …. I mowed the yard and it was AWFUL  Totally counted it as my workout since my Polar told me I burned 337 calories 😉


In other news.  This is my last week of class before finals next week so posts may be sporadic at best.  I have some things planned but obviously studying takes precedence.  I seriously can’t believe that next Thursday I will be DONE with my 2nd quarter of PA school.  It’s seriously flying by!


What I really wanted to share with you guys is that I am going to be speaking at FitBloggin’!



Presley and I are teaming up with some other lovely ladies for a panel discussion and I couldn’t be more excited.  I am extremely fortunate that FitBloggin’ is coming to Savannah so I can actually attend since otherwise I know it wouldn’t have happened.  I am even more excited that Presley and her fam will be staying with me for 4 days.  Em and Maddux have hung out together a few times and it gets more fun as they get older.  I’ve already chatted with Katy and Lindsay too about get togethers and I am pumped.  The best part for me is that the conference is over my week off of school so I have no academic obligations whatsoever.  Can you say the stars aligned?


Now tell me …. I want to know if YOU are going to be coming to Savannah for FitBloggin’ because if you are I want to see you!


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