Bryn 7 Months

Bryn: Seven Months

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post about my post baby body progress!  It’s a long road but I am thankful to be enjoying the journey.  Now it’s time for Bryn’s turn!


Bryn 7 Months

Grow, Baby, Grow!

Bryn is growing like a weed just like her big sister.  At 6 1/2 months she weight in at 19lbs 12oz!  Not sure about height but she was in the 70%.

Clothes: 6-12 months, 9 months

Diapers: Size 3


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Breastfeeding is still going strong!  Bryn is sticking with the same schedule that she had at 6 months.  She nurses first thing in the morning and then takes 4, 4oz bottles throughout the day at “school”.  She nurses before bed.  I pump 2-3 times a day depending on the day itself and get plenty of milk to keep her exclusively on breastmilk.  Still working on my pumping posts so if you have specific questions let me know!


Baby Led Weaning

We did baby led weaning with Emmalyne and I was excited to start with Bryn.  So far she has had sweet potato sticks, roasted zucchini, roasted carrots, bananas, and avocados.  Her favorite snack is Mum-Mums.  We haven’t exactly been following the “4 day” rule for introducing solids but I am ok with it.  So far Bryn hasn’t met a food she doesn’t love and destroys her lunch.  Right now she is getting lunch and a snack at school and some dinner at home.


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So far sleeping is still going ok for the most part. Bryn wakes up for the day between 6:30-7:30AM depending on what time we have to get out the door. She takes two solid naps throughout the day and sometimes a catnap before dinner. I put her down for the evening between 6:30-7:00PM. Sometimes she wakes up during the night. Sometimes she doesn’t. It’s a gamble at this point!

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I think sometimes people think I am making up how relaxed Bryn is but Presley, Lindsay, and Erin all met her over the weekend and I think they know what I am talking about! Bryn is really one of the happiest babies I have ever met. She is rarely fussy and only gets mad if she’s overtired or hungry. Bryn is free with her smiles and snuggles into your shoulder. The only naughty thing she has started to do is gnaw on anything and everything … including arms, legs, shoulders, and thighs.



Playing is getting more fun with Bryn. She has discovered her reflection and loves the play mirror she has. I put a basket full of her toys in the middle of the floor and she will happily sit there and go through all of them. Considering the fact she is starting to “scoot” she can easily get to whatever she wants. I have set up the pack-and-play permanently downstairs for her to safely play in while we do things int he kitchen etc. I no longer trust her around Emmie’s toys.


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My favorite thing about this month is that Emmalyne has started to play with Bryn.  No one can make Bryn laugh the way that Emmie can.  Emmie constantly says, “aww the baby’s cute!”.  She will show off Bryn as her sister too to anyone who will listen.  I love watching them sit together on the floor and play.  It is giving me a glimpse into the near future and them giggling away in the playroom playing dress-up and cooking in their kitchen.


I couldn’t be luckier when it comes to being a mom.  If there was a role I feel I was meant to play it is being their mom.  Chris and I are both very very blessed to get to learn about the world through the eyes of our daughters!  If you want to catch up on Bryn’s updates you can see them all HERE.


Dear sweet Bryn – I love you so very much!  You and Emmalyne are my sunshine.

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  1. She is SO cute! I’d still love to see your pumping post. I just went back to work and am pumping now so it’s helpful to see how others manage it. My main question right now is how you handle a pump schedule and transition back to breastfeeding when you’re together. Do you pump at the same time as she would be feeding? Is your body all messed up on weekends based on when you pump vs. when she eats?

  2. Awwww, she is so sweet!!! My youngest will be 3 months next week and the one above her is 6, so I seriously have forgotten everything about this stage! I will say she is finally getting easier and is SO much more relaxed and happy lately, if she’s crying it’s because she’s hungry or ready for a nap/bed.
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