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MAXout in 2015

You guys … I have been in a rut.  A healthy living rut.  4th quarter nearly did me in …. emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I haven’t gotten in workouts, my diet has been lacking, and I FEEL it.  You know that crummy feeling you get when you’ve eaten too much junk?  Yup … I have had that for about a month.  Throw in 2 weeks of traveling and there you go.  So instead of focusing on my failures I am instead setting some goals.


Right before I left on vacation a very special package arrived … my Insanity MAX30 arrived!  Insanity MAX30 is the newest home workout program from ShaunT.  It has all the same killer moves from Insanity but it’s condensed into a 30 minute workout and only  5 days a week.  I am sharing this all with you because I am starting a challenge group on January 5th and there’s still time to get in on it!

Insanity MAX30


A little bit about the workouts … Insanity MAX30 uses high-intensity intervals to help shred fat.  I was able to do a full week of the workouts before vacation and oh my goodness it was nuts!  It pushed me harder than workouts have in awhile and the best part is zero equipment is needed because your body is your equipment.  Newish to working out?  Have no fear …. Insanity MAX30 has a modifier which is NEW to this program.  You can split screen the DVD so the modifier is always on.  Huzzah!  Here’s a quick video recap of my first day 😉



If you’re interested in hearing more checkout this page or email me at  If you’re ready to MAXOUTwithM then you can order here! You can also simply leave a comment on this post and I will email you directly.  Warning – it’s on sale until December 31.  Ordering now you can save $95!


I am super excited about this program and am already hooked.  It’s the perfect workout for busy moms, anyone with limited time, or if you just want to make a healthy change this year.  I will be there with you every step of the way too!  WEEE!! Let’s do this :)

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