Day in the Life: Internal Medicine Rotation

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for the well wishes for Chris yesterday – he is recovering nicely :)  Today I thought I would share a glimpse into my day since I am about to change rotations and my daily schedule will change too!  Since I happened to capture my eats I can double up and link with Jenn for WIAW too! So here is a glimpse into a day in the life on an internal medicine rotation.





Wakeup and hit snooze 1 or 2 times.  Finally get up at 5:20.  Head downstairs and make a quick breakfast of coffee, scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, and some banana bread.  Pull myself together, pack up my bags, and leave the house by 6:15AM.





Round on my patients.  For me that means talk to them about their night, do a physical exam, and write my note for the chart.  I finished with my patients by 8:00 so I used the extra time to check out the charts of our other patients to catch up on anything I missed yesterday.



Snack 2


Head to the conference room for morning report.  Morning report is when different IM teams put together a patient case presentation.  It’s a great exercise of working through a differential diagnosis as a team.  As a student this is a good way to think outside the box and see how senior providers work through a patient’s presentation to their diagnosis and management.



Rounds! On this rotation we were assigned to a “team”.  Our team consists of an attending physician, a resident, an intern, 2 medical students, and a PA student.  On rounds we go around as a team and discuss and see all of our patients.  Throughout the process there are teaching moments and plenty of opportunities for the attending to “pimp” us.  Pimping is when they start asking you a bunch of questions and you pray you know an answer or two 😉





Thank goodness it’s lunch time!  Unfortunately we don’t get a real lunch break.  Instead we eat lunch while sitting through an hour long lecture.  Yesterday it was a lecture on radiology and imaging.  I didn’t have time to pack a lunch so I hit the salad bar in the cafeteria.



After noon conference we meet as a team and “run our list”.  This means we sit down together and make sure that everything that needed to be done for each patient got done.  This could be new orders put into the computer, follow-up appointments made, and our patient list updated.  Once that was done we sat down with our intern and went over some teaching points!





Since I got off work a little earlier than normal I had time to hit the gym!  I snuck in a great upper body workout and some abs.  Breaking a good sweat took a lot of the tension out of my body and I left feeling SO much better.






Leave the gym to pick the girls up from school.  Sneak in a quick snack on my way.  I found these awesome nut and cranberry trail mix packs at Sam’s Club thanks to the recommendation of a friend.  They are the perfect portion and keep me from eating an entire HUGE bag of trail mix.  Both girls had a good day at school which is always a plus too!  On our way home we pick up my dry cleaning.  When we get home they catch up with daddy and we read the books we bought at the book fair.





Chris put together my crockpot lasagna for dinner which is a family favorite.  Everyone chows down.  I put Bryn down at 6:30PM and get to work on logging my patients from the day into our school’s tracking system.  Emmie and Chris snuggle in the recliner until he puts her to bed at 8:00PM.






Once Emmie is upstairs I get a Yasso Greek yogurt bar out for dessert.  The chocolate chip cookie dough is SO good!  Then I wrote this blog post and took a look at my schedule for my next rotation.  Then I spent some time watching Jill’s birth episode on 19 Kids and Counting … that counts as preparing for my OB rotation right?


That’s one of my days in a nutshell!  Some days at work were 8 hours … others were 14.  Overall I have truly loved this rotation and have a few more IM posts up my sleeves!



Hope your Wednesday is FAB!

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