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Fashion Friday // Game Day Style

A little known fact about me that you guys might not know is that I am originally from Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the land of cheese curds, frigid winters, Summerfest, Wisconsin Dells, beer, and of course the Greenbay Packers. I was born a Packers fan and raised a Packers fan. This is probably largely due to my brother-in-law who is a HUGE fan of the Pack and who has been in my life since I was three years old. My love for the Packers didn’t take full flight though until college, because that’s when I met Chris. You see if there were ever a Greenbay Packers fan it’s my husband.

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His senior year we made a trip to Lambeau Field for a weekend trip. We got to see Brett Favre play in his final season, even though we didn’t know it at the time. Chris was like a kid in the candy store and it’s one of my favorite memories of ours. Since then we have grown our family to include two tiny Packers fans. Emmalyne even went to her first fame at the ripe of age of 2 months old … and subsequently slept the entire time. Our Sundays in the fall revolve around when the Packers play and the whole family sports their green and yellow.
NFL Fan Style

When I got the opportunity to partner with the NFL Shop to bring you a game day fashion you better believed I jumped at it! I decided to go with the retro top and pair it with distressed shorts and simple white sneakers. Sometimes the cleanest of looks is the best! Plus when football is involved comfort is key 😉 I even got to include Chris in on the fun! Chris also went with a retro fashion and has been wearing his shirt out like crazy.
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You better believe we are ready to face The Chiefs on Monday Night Football this week! You can get your NFL Fan Style outfit through the NFL Shop and be ready for your own game day! And if you’re a Packers fan then we can be BFFs.
Happy Friday friends! Who is your favorite football team?

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