Behavioral Health Rotation

Rotation Wrap Up: Behavioral Health

It’s hard to believe but it’s time for another rotation wrap up! I finished my behavioral health/psychiatry rotation for Physician Assistant school a couple weeks ago and am ready to share what I liked, what I didn’t, and what resources helped me!


Behavioral Health Rotation

What I liked

Behavior health isn’t for everyone but everyone is going to have to deal with behavioral health patients at some point or another in their clinical practice. I can honestly say that I have had patients with some sort of behavioral health complaint on every single rotation so far, so if psych isn’t your jam (spoiler – it’s not mine), embracing your psych rotation is important because you’re going to use the things you learn. Some things that I enjoyed:

  • In psychiatry/behavior health it’s all about talking with your patients. I am someone who truly enjoys listening to other people’s stories. And bot did some of my patients have stories!
  • Sometimes you are actually able to identify a medical cause for their symptoms which. It’s nice to be able to give them answers.
  • The changes in people once the right treatment is optimized is profound. Seeing someone come out of a deep depression and enjoying life again is extremely rewarding.
  • I worked with military members and their families. Helping the men and women who serve us deal with their behavior health issues was a real privilege.


What I Didn’t Like

Psych is not my jam. While I tried to make the most out of it I could tell that this was not the specialty for me. And that’s ok to feel that way about a rotation. Finding your “home” in medicine is important! You want to feel inspired and excited to go to work each day. I didn’t feel inspired and while I enjoyed the people I worked with I didn’t enjoy the actual work every day. Some of the cons for me:

  • I didn’t get to use my hands. I have found that I really enjoy doing procedures and I never even used my stethoscope.
  • Some of the patients made me uncomfortable. It’s hard to keep a straight face and be supportive with some of the stories I was hearing.
  • It was draining. Hearing about other people’s problems all day was emotionally taxing.
  • It was slow. I like the pace of the ER or a busy practice and I saw 6-7 patients a day for long appointment times.
  • I was never moving. Because the appointments were long and there weren’t many of them I found myself sedentary most of the day which is hard for me.


Resources I liked


  1. First Aid for the Psychiatry Clerkship – loved this book and used it a lot especially when studying for my EOR.
  2. Physician Assistant Exam Review – great comprehensive review and hits everything on the PANCE blueprint
  3. PANCE Prep Pearls – quickly becoming one of my favorite books, the PANCE Prep Pearls laid out the psychiatric illnesses in ways I understood and remembered
  4. Interview Guide for DSM-V Psychiatric Disorders – if you’re not sure how to interview a psych patient this is a great book of questions!  It definitely opened my mind and broadened my perspective.
  5. Behavior Health EOR Blueprint – great list of things to study!


Pointers for Psych Rotation

  • Go into it open reminded. Soak up everything you can. You will use it at some point so you might as well learn it!
  • Put your listening ears on. Your patients will tell you what you need to hear and you can tailor your questions accordingly.
  • Figuring out the right questions to ask can be hard. Watch how your preceptor does it.
  • Wear a smile. You have no idea how much a friendly face can help someone when they are feeling down. Smiling releases endorphins in your brain that work a lot like some of the psychotropic medications. Smiling has been shown to truly be contagious so when you smile you might help your patient smile too so they can reap a little bit of those benefits 😉



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  1. Great post! Im in my Behavioral health rotation right now. I was wondering if the comprehensive review book and the pance prep pearls were sufficient enough for the EOR exam?

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