Stitch Fix #17 Button

Stitch Fix #17

You guys … I have no concept of time.  I am not even sure when I got this Stitch Fix (<–affiliate link) but I “think” it was in January.  Like pretty sure.  Regardless life got crazy and I didn’t get a chance with you.  However, since I decided to keep all of it (spoiler) I figured I should!  I can’t believe this my seventeenth Stitch Fix.  I must like it or something 😉


Stitch Fix #17 Button


41Hawthorn – Shara Herringbone Vest ($68)

41Hawthorn - Shara Herringbone Vest


I love this vest.  I know the herringbone vest has been “in” for the last two winters and I am so happy it is.  I actually bought one of these last year but it is no where near so good of quality so I decided to keep this one for longevity.  I have worn it a number of times and seriously love it! (keep)


Mystery – Fred Mixed Material Pullover Sweater ($88)

Mystree - Fred Mixed Material Pullover Sweater


I am loving all the mixed material items this year and this sweater was no exception.  I love how chunky and thick it is but then the femininity also comes out with the chiffon shell underneath.  You can’t tell in the photo but there are actually big slits up the side of the sweater.  I wore the on my trip to Missouri and was quite warm and I know it will serve me well next winter while I freeze there.  (keep)



Kut From the Kloth – Raymond Bootcut Pant ($78)

Kut From the Cloth - Raymoon Bootcut Pant


I haven’t met a pair of pants from Kut from the Kloth that I didn’t like.  This was the first time though that I received a true dress pant from them and I was JUST as happy as my other pants.  These pants are crazy comfortable and super flattering.  There was no way they were going back.  (keep)


Moon Collection – Bailee Cowl Neck Knit Poncho ($58)

Moon Collection - Bailee Cowl Neck Knit Poncho


This was one item I just wasn’t too sure about.  I have never owned a poncho and am kind of indifferent towards the trend.  However, since I was already leaning towards keeping most of my fix I kept an open mind towards it since I would get a discount if I kept everything.  I ended up kind of liking it … I was kind of surprised.  It’s also super comfortable and more flattering than I thought it would be.  (keep)


Market & Spruce – Colibri Polka Dot Print Top ($48)

Market & Spruce - Colibri Polka Dot Print Top


I have a thing for polka dots so it was kind of a no-brainer that this top made its way into my closet once I tried it on and realized it’s flattering too.  (keep)


Overall I actually kept everything in my Fix for the first time ever.  While I wouldn’t say it was 100% spot on it was pretty darn close.  I am thankful to have these pieces as we round out the colder weather here in the south and in anticipation of a much colder winter in the midwest next year.  If you haven’t tried out Stitch Fix before I’d love for you to use my link here –> Try Stitch Fix.  Oh and bonus … one of my sorority sisters from college (my Grand-Big to be exact) is now a stylist! If you ask for Talia you will be SURE to have a great fix 😉


Do you love Stitch Fix?  What’s your take on the mixed media or poncho trends?



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