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As a healthcare provider I find myself trying to help my patients achieve a healthier lifestyle every single day.  It’s amazing what a little education to can do on the matter for a patient.  How I approach it is to encourage my patients to make small steps towards bigger success.  It’s something I have to apply to myself as well.  As a busy working mom of two my own health can often can pushed to the wayside as I spend my day taking care of others.  When I need to re-focus on my own healthier lifestyle I take it one step at a time.  It can be overwhelming to tackle everything in a “right this very second or else” manner.  So I thought I would share some simple changes you can make to live a healthier lifestyle.


Get Adequate Sleep

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The average adult needs 7-8 quality hours of sleep a night.  Your brain needs sleep to function properly.  In fact, while you are sleeping your brain is processing information, forming new pathways, and helps you remember things.  Sleep also helps maintain the balance of your hunger hormones.  The less sleep you have the hungrier you often feel (which I can attest to personally haha).  


Exercise Regularly



Exercise is a fabulous way to stay healthy.  Making time for it can be the challenge.  Aiming for 30 minutes a day most days of the week is a pretty solid recommendation.  Even if it’s just walking the dog or doing a workout video finding time to move is important.  Exercise helps to improve mood (hello endorphins), decrease stress, and sleep better.


Drink More Water

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I can’t tell you how many times I ask how much water someone is drinking and I get “I drink a lot!  I drink at least 4 glasses a day!”  Water intake is something that most people can improve upon.  Our body is composed of about 60% water.  Take that in for a second.  Water helps you function better and flushes toxins out of your body.  Aiming for half your body weight in water a day is a great goal!


Take a Multivitamin



One of my friend’s introduced me to New Chapter vitamins awhile back and I am so glad she did!  When I had the chance to partner with them for this post I jumped.  They ferment the individual vitamins and minerals with beneficial probiotics and whole foods to transform the multivitamins into whole-food fermented nutrients.  Even better?  They are sustainable, vegetarian, and non-GMO.  I’ve been loving the New Chapter Woman’s One Daily Multivitamin for a number of reasons.  First, it contains nutrients for stress, energy, and immune and bone support*.  Goodness knows I need help in ALL those areas!  One thing I appreciate too is that the vitamins are gentle enough to take on an empty stomach.


Eat a Balanced Diet

Fresh Fruits and Veggies


I think eating a well-rounded diet kind is kind of a  no-brainer but it is still challenging for a lot of people.  I spend a lot of time educating my patients on proper nutrition and won’t hesitate to refer them to our dietitians if they need further help.  This is advice I could stand to take myself a little bit more often than I have been.


There you go!  Those are my 5 easiest tips for living a healthier lifestyle.  I’d love to hear yours in the comments!


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