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Master Bedroom Makeover

It’s been a few months since we moved to Missouri and we have been hard at work doing some fun room updates.  Our first project was our master bedroom.  Chris and I have had the same bedroom set for 9 years.  I bought it when I was a senior in college and the mattress he bought when he commissioned into the Army.  Unfortunately, it’s been a queen bed and since we have two tiny humans that somehow make their way into our room at any hour of the night, and we haven’t figured out how to kick them out, we needed something bigger.  I have been dreaming about a king bed for YEARS and it was the #1 item on my list of things to get as a new PA.


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We bought our mattress from Haverty’s when they had a sweet deal.  And I have to say that it’s like sleeping on a cloud.  I swear I am sleeping SO much better and the amount of extra room we have is unbelievable.  Somestimes I feel like Chris is just SO far away but it’s been a life-saver when Emmalyne makes her way in.


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We also got rid of our dark brown furniture in favor of white from IKEA.  I am obsessed with the Hemnes line and I feel like the weight of it is stronger than you would expect from IKEA.  Chris had a load of fun (insert sarcasm) putting it all together but the final outcome was worth it.  Since we also upgraded our sofa I was able to sneak our oversized chair into our room.  I’ve really enjoyed having a place to read that is NOT the bed.


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Hanging up our art pieces completed the room.  The drawing was done by my niece Grace when Chris and I got married.  It’s a prized possession.  It makes me weepy to think about the fact that the little girl who so lovingly drew that picture and was our sweet flower girl is now starting high school.  Some black and white wedding photos had to make their way in too!


Finally, I made some new above the bed art.  I used PicMonkey to create our wedding date in a more modern way.  I love how it all came together!

Master Bedroom 6


I absolutely love how our bedroom came together and it makes me so happy every time I come home to it.  I love the white and black contrast with the pops of color and it just feels relaxing and fresh.  Below is a list of where things came from:


Winslow Metal Bed from Wayfair

Threshold White Seersucker Duvet from Target

Simply Shabby Chic® Snow White Bed Skirt from Target

Water Color Pillows from Target

Hemnes Collection from IKEA

Gold Lamps from Target

Sheer White Curtains from WalMart


There you have it!  Our new and improved master bedroom!

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  1. I like it! I want to exchange our darker furniture at some point.. but who knows when. We are DEFINITELY getting a King though.

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