Bryn: Month 6

This can’t be real life …. how is it possible that my sweet baby is HALF a year old?!  Didn’t I give birth to her yesterday?!  They say that time flies when you’re having fun and it’s so true.  Throw in a healthy dose of grad school and the days are gone in a blink.  I am seriously in denial that I am sharing this update with you guys today.

Bryn 6 Months


Grow, Baby, Grow!

No official height and weight for the month.  Her six month check-up is next week.  However, I think she is over 20lbs now and who knows how long.  I went to put on some 6-12 month rompers on her and she was too tall for them.  The buttons couldn’t reach.  OOPS.

Clothes: 9 months, 6-12 months

Diapers: Size 3


Bryn 6 Months


I shared my Q&A post on breastfeeding with you guys on Tuesday.  Thanks for your emails on it!  I am glad that it helped some of you out.  If you missed it, breastfeeding is still going strong.  Bryn is still being exclusively fed breastmilk either from the breast or via pumped milk in bottles.  She eats ~6-7 times a day right now.  We are probably going to be starting baby led weaning with her this month.  We used that method with Emmalyne and LOVED it so we are going to definitely try it with Bryn.


Bryn 6 Months 3


Sleeping is a little off/on with Bryn.  Across the board she is a really good sleeper … sometimes she is an exceptional sleeper.  For naps she currently takes her first nap by 9AM, one around lunch time, and then around 3PM.  She goes to bed for the night between 6:30-7PM.  Sometimes she’ll wake up around 10PM when I am going to bed so I nurse her quickly before putting her back down.  Most nights she doesn’t wake again until 4-5AM which is right before I am getting up anyway.  Sometimes she sleeps later.  The other night she slept from 7PM to 8AM.  SCORE.


Bryn 6 Months 1


My mother-in-law has nicknamed Bryn “Baby Buddah”.  First because of her amazing roles and belly.  Second because she is seriously the most content baby.  Her teachers at school tell me every time I pick her up how amazing she is.  That she doesn’t ever cry and is just all smiles all day.  That’s my girl!  Emmalyne was a VERY easy baby but Bryn is 1,000x easier.  She is just happy to BE and that’s a lesson I can definitely learn from her.


Bryn 6 Months 4


Play is becoming more fun with Bryn.  She loves her bouncer and her play mat.  Since she is rolling and scooting all around she more readily gets to the toys that she wants.  She is taking after her sister and has a love affair with Sophie the giraffe.


Bryn 6 Months 5


Every day I see the sisterly bond between my girls grow a little bit more.  Emmalyne loves to hold “her” baby and will constantly pat Bryn on the head and say ‘aww, baby cute!”.  Em is using Bryn’s name more often now (instead of just baby) and will tell people Bryn is her sister.  My favorite moments are when the girls hold hands or Emmie gets Bryn to crack up.  I can’t wait to see them start really playing together in the future.


I am so blessed beyond measure to get to call these sweet angels my daughters.  Motherhood is the best adventure I have been on … definitely the most challenging but certainly the most rewarding.


Dear sweet Bryn – I love you so very much.  You and Emmalyne are my sunshine.

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Bryn: Month 5

I’ve been a little behind on posting Bryn’s monthly updates and I want to kick myself.  However, I wasn’t a complete fail … I did actually manage to take her 4 month photos for my own personal memories but I didn’t get around to posting them.  OOPS.  But I am here today to share her 5 month update with you guys!



Bryn 5 Months



Grow Baby Grow!

At 4 1/2 months old Bryn went in for her check-up.  She weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs 1 oz!  She is also 26 inches long.  Girl has rolls for days and I love every single one of them!

Clothes: 6 months, 9 months, 6-12 months

Diapers: Size 3


Bryn 5 Months 3



I am super excited to report that Bryn is still exclusively receiving breastmilk.  I am nearing 6 months of pumping for her and my supply hasn’t decreased at all.  Currently she nurses first thing in the morning around 5AM and then takes 4 40z bottles of breastmilk at school throughout the day.  I am currently pumping around 7AM, 10:15AM, and 3PM.  At home she nurses 1-2 times before bed and occasionally around 10PM for a late night snack but that is less frequent these days.  I am so very thankful that our breastfeeding relationship is going strong and my supply is obviously meeting her needs.  You don’t get that chunky when you’re underfed 😉


Bryn 5 Months 2




Oh goodness!  Bryn has blessed me this month.  She currently goes to bed between 6:30-7:30PM.  Sometimes she is pretty wiped when she gets home from “school” and it’s closer to 6:30PM.  Other nights, like bath nights, we push it a little later.  She has recently started sleeping from bedtime until right around 5AM when I wake up.  I am LOVING the uninterrupted sleep!  Her naps at school are a little sporadic but when she is home she is typically ready to sleep around 9AM, 12:30PM, and 3:30PM.  Fingers crossed she keeps it up!


Bryn 5 Months 1



Oh my goodness friends, Bryn is seriously just the sweetest baby.  I could gush on and on about her because she is truly a wonder.  She is ALWAYS happy.  My friends have even started picking up on it.  One of them was over (hi Jessica!) and went to get Bryn from her nap.  When she went up to get her Bryn was all smiles and Jessica asked “is she always this way?”.  I can honestly say yes!  Bryn gives her smiles frequently and freely (now if that could rub off on Emmie …).  She has this deep belly laugh that Chris can elicit out of he.  At the same time she  is calm, gentle, and observant.  The only times she is even a little fussy is when she’s hungry, tired, or wet.  I feel like God knew I could only handle SO much with our current situation and blessed me with an amazingly loving and easy baby.  #Blessed

Bryn 5 Months 4



We had some big firsts this last month!  For starters, Bryn is now rolling from back-to-front with ease.  This also means that she has taken to sleeping on her belly which makes me nervous but I got over it.  Em was the same way.  Once they can roll you just can’t keep them off of it!  She also cut two teeth!  She got her two bottom teeth in before hitting 5 months old.  And wouldn’t you know it … my sweet girl didn’t even make a peep.  In fact, Chris only realized she had them when she bit him on the nose!  HA.  We also went to the zoo, celebrated her first Easter, and have made some great family memories.


Bryn 5 Months 5



Oh sisters.  Every single day Emmalyne embraces her role as big sister a little bit more.  She loves to pat Bryn on the head and say, “aww baby cute!”.  She is also the first one to alert us when Bryn is unhappy with ‘mommy, baby is crying!”.  She is referring to Bryn as baby less and calling her by her name more.  She tells people how Bryn is her baby sister.  Em is incredibly gentle with B for the most part but I have definitely had to swoop in a few times 😉  My heart feels like it’s going to explode when I see them together.  They don’t even know how lucky they are to have their best friend already.


Bryn 5 Months 6


I am reminded every single day about how very blessed I am.  I have the two best girls a mother could hope for.  Mother’s Day is this weekend and I am so very thankful that these are the two beauties who made ME a mommy.


Dear sweet Bryn – I love you so very much.  You and Emmalyne are my sunshine.

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Emmalyne: Month Six

I can’t believe I am sitting here writing my baby’s six month update.  Where has time gone?  I am in awe and fully understand what my mom meant all these years when she said that time flies.  I know a lot of you are new readers so if you’re just catching up here are the last few months of updates:


Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Month Four

Month Five




Height: 27 3/4 in (99&)

Weight: 17lb 2oz (85%)

Clothes: 6-9 month, 9 month


Baby girl is TALL.  She is growing like a weed!  Her pediatrician said that she is right on track with growth and development … and is in fact reaching some milestones ahead of schedule!  Chris was off work Monday and got to go with us to the 6-month check-up and held her during her shots.  He took it harder than she did 😉




Little-Miss-Thing is still quite the firecracker.  She makes the most amazing facial expressions and is starting to try to communicate more of what she wants.  She doesn’t hold back her giggles and often goes in to full on laughing fits when she is playing with Chris.  My favorite moment is when I go into her room after she’s been sleeping/napping and she sees me and cracks the biggest smile.  Melts.  My.  Heart.



Breastfeeding is still going strong … 6 months in, 6 months to go!  We are still nursing every 3 hours during the day.  Nursing can get quite interesting if Em gets distracted by anything.  I tend to nurse her up in her room with minimal interference … otherwise it’s a wrestle fest!  The biggest change this month was introducing more solid food.  We are leaning more toward Baby Led Weaning at this point and I’ll do a more specific post on that soon.




Em’s favorite thing to do is bounce in her activity center.  She seriously goes nuts.  I only let her in there a few times a day but she loves every second of it.  We also go on walks almost every day and Emmie absolutely loves to be outside.  No matter how cranky she is, the second we head out for our walk she is a happy camper.  Emmalyne also still loves her play mat, her Sophie giraffe, and any tag she can find.  Her FAVORITE toy though?  Her spit rag.  Go figure.  Her best friend?  Bailey.  Em LOVES Bailey.  Bailey has been so incredible with Em and lets her pretty pull, tug, bite, and yank every bit of her.  She also follows Em wherever she goes.



Em has been rolling over both ways since she was 3 months.  Now she has mastered the art of scooting on her belly where she wants to go.  She tends to turn complete circles on her play mat and log rolls around the living room.  She hasn’t figured out Army crawling yet but it’s only a matter of time.  She is starting to realize that she wants to move … just needs to figure out how.  She kicks like she’s swimming when she is wanting to try to move haha.




Still happening.  We can see the bottom tooth.  The white is coming in and it’s rough.  It just hasn’t completely popped thru yet.  Needless to say anything and everything finds its way into Em’s mouth.



I am totally going to jinx myself for saying this but Em has been sleeping thru the night.  She goes down every night at 7PM sharp.  If we wait a few minutes longer … chaos ensues.  She will typically sleep until 6:30ish.  Sometimes 7 … sometimes 5.  If she wakes up at 5 she nurses for 5 minutes and goes back to sleep.  We spent half the month on nap strike but her union has since apparently reached an agreement with us and has since continued napping.  She’ll normally take around a 45 minute nap in the morning, 1 to 1.5 hours after lunch, and sometimes a shorter nap in the late afternoon.  I’ll take it.



I thank God every day for allowing me to be Emmalyne’s mother.  It is a privilege beyond compare.  I do my best every day to be the best mother I can possibly be.  She deserves the best.


I love you baby girl, you are my sunshine!


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Starting Solids

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I had a request yesterday to do a post on how we started solids with Emmie.  Since this is a post I have been intending to do for awhile, I thought what better time than the present!  :)  We have been introducing solids now for just over a month and Emmalyne LOVES to eat!  We got the go ahead from our pediatrician at her 4-month appointment.  I waited until we came back our trip to Phoenix to start so Em was actually closer to 5 months when we started.  In the weeks leading up to our decision to start solids we started watching for the “signs” that Em was ready.



Signs We Noticed:

  • Em was increasingly interested in our food and would “chew” as she watched us eat
  • She could sit with minimal support
  • She turns away when she is full
  • She started waking up more at night and nursing more frequently during the day


Purees vs. Baby Led Weaning

There are a couple methods you can use when introducing solids.  The first is my introducing pureed baby food and spoon-feeding your child.  The second, is baby led weaning.  Baby led weaning is essentially allowing your baby to experience food in their “whole” form … this allows them to experience the actual texture of food.  The baby also feeds themselves and dictates how much they eat, hence being “baby-led”.


We opted to do a combination of sorts.  I am a little hesitant to completely skip purees (not sure why really) but intrigued by the concepts of baby-led weaning.  Therefore I am kind of doing both?  Haha.  For example, in the morning I slice up bananas and allow Emmie to feed herself while I eat breakfast with her.  Lunch is typically a puree mixed with oatmeal.  Dinner can be one or the other.  I will say that she is having a BLAST feeding herself and it is definitely helping with her hand-eye coordination.  At the same time, girl LOVES her purees.  SO I think we will stick to doing a little of both for the time being 😉

Pureed Peas Please


Bananas for the win :)


*Interested in Baby-Led Weaning?  Check out Brittany’s blog!  She’s doing it with her daughter :)


First Foods

I bought the book 201 Organic Baby Purees and I highly recommend it.  The book breaks down its chapters into age and provides recipes appropriate for each stage.  There are a ton of run combinations in there and I am excited to introduce Em to some of them.  Wholesome Baby Food is also an incredible online resource.  It is REALLY important to wait at least 3 days after introducing a new food so you can watch for an allergic reaction. As you know, I have multiple allergies so I am really playing by this rule for Em.  She has had the following foods … in this order:

Organic Oatmeal





Sweet Potatoes


Making Baby Food

I am making all of Emmie’s purees at home and I plan on doing a more detailed post on our adventures of baby food making in the near future.  In regards to ingredients, I am trying to buy organic when it comes to “The Dirty Dozen“.  I buy either frozen or fresh vegetables and either steam or roast them until tender.  Then into my food processor they go, add some nursery water, and combine until smooth.  Easy peasy :)


Traveling/Eating Out

We do have a few jars of Earth’s Best baby food for our move to Savannah.  We are going to try to salvage my stash of homemade baby food via a cooler but we wanted a back-up plan in case the cubes turn to mush en route.  When we go out to dinner I either order her a plain sweet potato or a side of avocado and she is good to go :)


Unrelated Side Note

Chris found a Sophie giraffe at the track last night and he immediately recalled my Sophie incident.  Turns out it belonged to his friend’s wife who got hurt while working out and left without grabbing the giraffe.  Sophie has since been returned to her rightful owner.  :)


What kinds of “Emmie’s Eats” posts would you like to see?  Do you have any questions you want me to talk about?

Sweat to Street

Happy Sunday y’all!  I’m working on my southern dialect to get ready for Savannah 😉  I hope you all enjoyed some Irish beer last night and maybe danced a jig or two.  Did you see Ellen on Friday?  If not, check out her Irish jig dare 😉


Anyways … since it’s Sunday it’s time for another Sweat to Street link-up!


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Sweat to Street has been created as a place to link up your favorite outfits of the week as a new Sunday blog feature. The idea is to have some fun and change it up!Each week we encourage you to post one workout outfit and one outfit you wore that isn’t fitness related.


This week’s featured blogger is my good friend Maria from A Life to Bragg About!  She is one hot and stylish mama and her baby Caleb is 1 month younger than the Emster and ADORABLE.


Top: Nike

Shorts: Lululemon Speed Short (similar)


The unbelievably beautiful weather has allowed me to wear SHORTS this week!  The Arizona girl in me is singing HALLELUJAH!!



Top: J. Crew perfect shirt

Shorts: Joes Jeans (similar)

Shoes: Toms University Red

The only downside about the weather is that I have absolutely NO 3-6 month clothing for the Emster that is appropriate for these warm temps.  This is so atypical for March in Missouri so I thought I would be in the clear.  So not the case.  She is a little small for them but I am dressing her in her 6-9 month summer-wear to beat the heat.


Emmalyne’s Fashions

Romper: Carters


Yes we are matching.  No I didn’t plan it.  In fact, I didn’t even realize it until Chris got home and pointed it out.  Oops.  Like mother like daughter?  😉


Hope you are having a fabulous weekend full of laughter, fun, and family/friends :)


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