Our Next Adventure

I’ve been putting off sharing this on the blog mainly because I am not quite ready for it to be true, but alas the time is coming quickly upon us for the Army to move our family out of our sweet Savannah and on to a new adventure.  We knew that another move was on the horizon but for months were waiting to see where we would end up.  At the beginning of the this month we got the official word that our family is Missouri bound!




Long-time readers might remember that we were actually stationed in Missouri before moving to Savannah so this assignment is one that is familiar to us!  In fact, Emmalyne was born there so I have fond memories of our time in MO.  However, there will be some big adjustments for our family in the months ahead.  We will have to re-adapt to small town living because our location is quite rural.  I am SO bummed to be saying goodbye to the delicious restaurants of Savannah and I foresee many weekends spent in St. Louis to get our foodie fix 😉


I am excited for this next step in our lives.  Chris is super pumped about his job as he will be instructing junior officers.  I am pumped to know where I can look for a job.  One of the pros in our minds too of small town life is the emphasis on family time and the friendships that you create when the outside world doesn’t sneak in.  Some of our very best friends from our time in Texas will be stationed there with us so I am envisioning BBQs, play dates, and lots of laughter in the months to come.


We don’t leave until April so in the meantime we have our work cut out for us.  Our house goes on the market in a week, I have 59 days (!!!) left of PA school, and boards will quickly follow.  We plan to make the most of our remaining time in Savannah and check off some of the restaurants that remain on our wish list too!


Any-who … I am excited to finally share this news with you all!  Positive thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated over these next few months because I have quite a bit on my plate!



5 Portable Careers for Military Spouses

This post is sponsored my Martinsburg College.

As many of my long-time readers know, I am a military spouse.  Chris commissioned into the Army from college and has been Active Duty for nearly 8 years.  In that time he has deployed to Afghanistan, attended his Career Course, executed his command time, and helps to train other units.  I am SO proud of his service to this country!  Serving one’s country though can prove problematic for military spouses.  You see, we uproot our lives every couple of years which leads to some serious career instability.  That’s why this post is so important to me!  I have this awesome blog as a platform for helping other spouses to learn about careers that can move WITH them when the military gives its orders.

I am extremely fortunate that the career I feel passionate about is one that can move with me.  I began my Physician Assistant school journey in January of 2014 and will be wrapping things up in about 7 months.  Forbes recently ranked becoming a Physician Assistant as the #1 master’s degrees to get with a projected job growth of 30% over the next 5 years.  Talk about job stability!  The best part is that PAs are in high demand all around the country so no matter where the Army sends us this spring I feel confident that I will have a solid career to build upon.


Tips for Establishing a Portable Career

  1. Advance your education – whether you’re just getting started and need to get your Associate’s degree or you’re aiming for your Master’s, furthering your education you will help make you a more competitive applicant.  Martinsburg College is one program to check out!
  2. Take advantage of MYCAA – if your spouse is an E5 or below, O1 to O2, or W1-W1 you are eligible for $4000 towards your education.  The money can be used for certificates, licenses, and Associates degrees.
  3. Choose strategically – when choosing what path you are going to take try to think about careers that are always in need!
  4. Check USAJobs.com – this is a great way to see what jobs are available on different military installations around the country.  You might see a trend in what is commonly in need!


5 Portable Military Careers for Military Spouses

portable careers for military spouses

  1. Dental Assistant – check out your local Red Cross!  Some offer this program for FREE.
  2. Transcription – transcriptionists are always in need and many times you can even work from home.
  3. Accounting – everywhere you go will be in need of a bookkeeper!
  4. Nursing – truly a versatile career and with options for both an Associates and Bachelors you can complete a program in the short time on location from one duty station.  Plus there’s the possibility of career advancement if you want to become a Nurse Practitioner
  5. Freelance writing/social media – if you are a passionate and good writer you can


However way you spin it with some creativity and planning you can create a career that you love that can go with you wherever your family is sent next!  Martinsburg College wants to help you do that for yourself AND your family.


Some of the benefits of Martinsburg College include:

  • Distance-based learning is available allowing you to learn wherever you are.
  • On-campus learning if you’re near one of their campuses.
  • Digital access to necessary textbooks saving tons of money
  • Martinsburg has been working with the military for over 10 years and understand the needs of a military family!
  • Martinsburg FaceBook Group  – the college has created a special Facebook group JUST for military spouses!

If you are a military spouse or know one looking for a new career please point them towards this post!  I would be happy to talk about my own journey.

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This post is sponsored my Martinsburg College.

Whole Again

I know I left you hanging the other day about why this week is amazing


Together Again


Our family is together again!  Chris has been gone playing Army a majority of the summer and it’s been challenging to say the least.  While I was fortunate enough to have both my mom and his mom helping me at different times there were still periods of time where me and the girls were on our own.  We had our own routine and things functioned fine but there was a huge piece of our hearts missing.


This is one aspect of being a military wife that doesn’t get easier, especially now that we have children.  When Chris was deployed it was hard for me but I was just fine.  I am a fairly independent woman.  I don’t NEED Chris … life is just better when he is in it.  Having little girls though that ADORE their father is another thing.  Explaining to tiny humans why daddy isn’t here was difficult because they didn’t quite understand.  Chris was exceptional both periods of time he was gone and Facetimed when he could but things just weren’t the same.


So another crazy summer is behind us and this will :hopefully: be his last long trip in this unit since we should be moving in the spring.  Juggling these missions of his, PA school, and two crazy kids isn’t for the faint of h

Pity Party for One

Goodbyes are really hard.  Yesterday the girls and I had to say goodbye to Chris for a MONTH.  As an Army wife separation isn’t new to me but this will be the first extended period of time apart since we’ve had children.


Chris and His Girls


Yesterday was my pity party.  You see, Chris is going to be be missing a lot of important things in June.  First, our 5 year anniversary is this Thursday.  Funny because he missed our first anniversary because he was deployed to Afghanistan.  I told him that he and the Army were in on it together to ensure that he misses our milestone anniversaries 😉  Second, he is missing my birthday.  We are about 50/50 on birthdays at this point.  Probably the point that I am MOST upset about is that he is missing my 1-week summer break.  With a break-neck schedule at school I LIVE for my time off.  Knowing he is missing that precious free-time makes my heart sad.  Oh, and I have finals in 2 weeks.  No big deal.


I’ve always told myself that when it came to distance I would allow myself one day to wallow in self pity and that was it.  Then it was time to suck it up, put my big girl panties on, and march on.  Today I am marching on.


I am very fortunate that my mom is able to be here until finals start.  I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t.  We are going to miss Chris a lot but I am extremely thankful that he is only in Kentucky attending Army “grad school” and not overseas in a war zone.  Perspective, right?  A quote that got me through his deployment was, “Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle to overcome, instead it is a beautiful reminder at how strong true love can be”.  Truer words have never been spoken.


Happy Monday friends!  Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a new week ahead :)

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The Price of Freedom

“Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours”  -William Bruce


That quote is from a poem entitled “Memorial Day” which is fitting for today.  While many people view Memorial Day as an excuse for a 3-day weekend, BBQs, and breach trips, the fact of the matter is that it is so much more.  Memorial Day has been celebrated in this country since 1868 and is a day to honor those that have died serving our great country.  While I am a VERY proud Army wife, and I am always appreciative when people honor Chris and thank him for his service, we both are in agreement that today is not about him.  Memorial Day is about remembering those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  It is their lives that marks the price of freedom.





Today is a hard day for many Servicemembers as their pause and remember their brothers and sisters that never got to come home.  Their exterior may be tough, but these grown men and women will have a lump in their throat as they remember.  My heart aches for the families that will never be whole again.  For the mothers, wives, and children who never got to attend a welcome home ceremony crying happy tears and instead had to lay the one they loved most to rest.





So today, go about your day, enjoy your time off, and laugh with friends at your neighborhood BBQ.  Life is too short not to relish in the happy memories.  However, I ask that at some point throughout the day you offer up a prayer of gratitude to the fallen.  For it is because of those Soldiers (Sailors, Marines, and Airmen too) that we get to enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day with friends without fear.  At the end of the day freedom isn’t free …. it’s been paid for.  And will continue to be paid for as long as there are brave men and women willing to wear the uniform.  While you’re at it … say a prayer for their families too because they are continue to pay the price every single day they live without their loved one.  And they do it with grace.


Happy Memorial Day.

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