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Sometimes making fitness a priority as a stay-at-home mom can be challenging.  No doubt it is just as challenging for you working mama heroes out there.  Getting to the gym isn’t always a possibility so having options for getting sweaty at home are important.  When I heard that Gaiam TV was offering a subscription service to steam fitness videos online my ears perked up.  When they offered to let me try it out, I was STOKED.



Gaiam TV offered me a one-month membership to try out their service and I LOVE it.  Upon logging in, I saw some of my favorite fitness gurus were on there: Jillian Michaels, Rodney Yee, Mari Winsor, Kathryn Budig, and more!  With over 2,000 titles there is bound to be something for everyone.  I have been doing Jillian Michaels and Rodney Yee DVDs for years so I am extra excited to have access to even more of their workouts.  Inverted poses with Rodney Yee?  Yes please.


Fitness Videos


One of the cool things about the site is that it is SO user friendly and you can customize it to your specific needs.  Want to lose weight?  Sculpt?  Increase your power?  There are ways to narrow down your video selection to help you achieve your goals of overall health and wellness.  My absolute favorite thing though is that there is 24/7 access to the site.  No matter what your schedule is you have the power to make your workout happen in the comfort of your own home.  It’s been nice having access to Gaiam TV since being in Phoenix as well.  Having the power to tune in a yoga video at night to help me unwind on a stressful trip has been incredibly beneficial.



Gaiam TV is normally $9.95 / month.  This allows for unlimited streaming of the content.  There are no strings attached to your membership and you can cancel at any time.  Not sure if you’re interested?  Gaiam TV is offering a 10-day free trial!  plus the first 25 people that sign up for Gaiam TV will get a free yoga mat with their subscription.  To claim this offer click HERE.


Do you subscribe to any online fitness sites?  Does having access to workouts at home make a difference in your life?


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Gaiam TV, however, all opinions are my own.  As a busy SAHM I love having options for fitting in my workout at any time and anywhere.  I truly did LOVE this subscription service and plan on subscribing to it myself.

Fitness Friday #7

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Happy Fitness Friday everyone!  I seriously look forward to the weekends more and more.  Chris and I barely see each other throughout the week so I am starting to cherish our time on the weekends even more.  This week was another great week in workouts for me.  I took some of the frustrations and sadness I was feeling about my dad on the treadmill and earned some speed records for myself.  Without further ado … Check out my #FitnessFriday:




FitFluential Tank Top + 6 Mile Run

Awesome 6 mile run with Heather and Leslie Ann. We did it almost 7-minutes faster than our last 6 mile. Savannah Rock-N-Roll training is off and running!



Monday Workout


Monday I knocked out a Best Body Bootcamp strength workout. I skipped the cardio between super-sets because I didn’t have the extra time. After getting my lift on, I hit up an hour yoga class and felt awesome.



Tuesday Workout


A speed 3.5 mile training run. I averaged about 8:50/mile which is SUPER fast for me. I couldn’t believe that I broke into the 8’s and didn’t walk once. PROGRESS.



Wednesday Workout

I took my frustration over not being in Arizona to be there for my dad out on the treadmill. I did 5x400m repeats with 400m of recovery between each. I added an 800m at the end to reach the same distance of Tuesday but in a FASTER time. 8:42/mile. BOOM.




Today I am doing a Best Body Bootcamp workout and doing a 3 mile run.


I am really excited about my progress at this point in training.  Knocking out speedy runs makes my 2:10 goal seem like a possibility :)


Don’t forget about my kindness challenge!  How will you #BeKind today?


How was your week in workouts?  Have a favorite one?  Share the link!

Fitness Friday

On Facebook I dubbed yesterday “Thankful Thursday” … why you ask?  Because Emmalyne’s fever was GONE and I had my happy, sweet baby back :)  I am so THANKFUL that she is feeling better.  There is not much worse as a mother than when your baby is hurting.  So I am excited for a weekend full of fun family time :)


Even though our weekend started yesterday, today is still Friday and it’s time for another installment of Fitness Friday!  I am content with my workouts this week and week #3 of Best Body Bootcamp went swimmingly.  Every week Tina asks us to set goals for the week.  Mine are still to drink 100+ oz of water each day and to do yoga at least once a week.  I have hit the H2O consumption every day and am planning on going to a flow class tomorrow so CHECK!  Without further ado … here is what I did:





Circuit Intervals


Monday’s Best Body Bootcamp workout was circuit intervals.  The super sets focused on “push” exercises and were pretty awesome.  My goal was to do my 10 minutes of cardio at a faster pace per mile than I am used to.  It totaled 4.68 miles in the end.  This is what it looked like:

10 min warm-up -> super set 1 -> 10 min cardio -> super set 2 -> 10 min cardio -> super set 3 -> 10 min cardio




5/5 Intervals


Tuesday was 50 minutes of cardio intervals with 5 minutes easy followed by 5 minutes hard repeated.  I wanted to really push myself and I did!  After running I did 15 minutes of core work.  This is what my intervals looked like:


5/5 Interval Workout


Gym Workout


Emmie’s fever struck Wednesday morning so she stayed in her PJ’s and we skipped the gym.  Luckily we have some gym equipment in the garage so when she went down for her nap I hit the garage for Phase 2, Workout B.  It was a circuit style workout like Monday but these exercises were “pull” focused.  I did my cardio by running, high knee-ing, and butt-kicking up and down my LONG driveway.  Great workout and just a reminder that I don’t NEED the gym to sweat hard 😉



REST.  Decided to take it easy after a late/long night with Emmalyne.  Needed to regroup!



I will be hitting the gym this morning for Phase 2, Workout C and a 30 minute run.


Overall I can’t complain!  We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Tomorrow night we are going to the Savannah Sand Gnats with Chris’ company and Sunday Heather and I have a 6-miler planned!  Woo Woo.  Have a great weekend!!  See you Sunday for the Top 10!


Did you have a great workout this week?  Share it in the comments!  I would love to hear about it … especially if it’s one I can pin 😉

Back To Boot Camp

So yesterday marked the start of something special …


Best Body Bootcamp


That’s right everyone!  I am BACK to bootcamp!  I had SO much fun last time when Tina did Best Body Bootcamp.  I was thrilled when she announced round 2 and signed up immediately.  I am even more excited that some of my best bloggie friends are doing it too :)


Bootcamp start yesterday with a 20 minute HIIT workout.  I did mine on the treadmill and was a hot sweaty mess at the end.  Therefore I knew I had to share it with you!


20 Minute Treadmill HIIT

After getting hot and sweaty on the treadmill I tackled the weights.  This week’s workouts focuses on super sets.  Super sets are one of my favorite ways to train my muscles and I had a lot of fun with yesterday’s workout!


My goals for bootcamp are pretty simple … I want to get stronger.  At this point in my fitness journey I want to build muscle and strength.  I am still deciding how I will measure my progress for bootcamp … I think it will be a combination of body measurements and some sort of fitness test.  I will not be reporting my weight because weight loss isn’t one of my goals.


I also will be adapting bootcamp to meet my needs.  I start training for some fall races during bootcamp so some of the workouts and cardio will be changed to fit in with my program.  That is what I did back in the spring and it worked out well for me :)


Any-who … Emmie and I are en route back to Georgia today.  We are anxious to get home to Chris and the puppies.  Chris’ mom comes into town tomorrow and we have a full agenda coming up!  No rest for the weary 😉


Are you going to boot camp??

Fitness Friday + Basketball Court Workout

WOO!!!  It’s Friday!  I am on a perpetual weekend here in Arizona but I still get excited for the actual weekend 😉  It’s been another great week of workouts.  I have been definitely enjoying time with my family but it has been nice being able to sneak off and get a good sweat session in :)  Without further ado, another Fitness Friday is here!

Fitness Friday


Sunday 4-Mile Run

Sunday I did a 4-mile run around my parent’s home in central Phoenix.  There is an awesome canal path that runs for miles!  The interesting thing to note in the above picture is the humidity … do you see it??  It was 65% humidity in PHOENIX.  That is so rare and I was hot.  I thought I had left the moisture back in Georgia but boy was I wrong!


MONDAY Scheduled rest day.  I had to work Monday morning so I was on my feet most of the day.  My legs were pretty heavy from going hard last week so I knew it was time for a rest.


TUESDAY Unschedule rest day.  My aunt and grandmother left early Tuesday morning so my normal gym time went out the window.  I had planned on taking a CrossFit class at the local Lululemon with my friend Kelley but she had to cancel last minute.  I was kind of relieved 😉



Wednesday Workout


Wednesday I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill and felt pretty good.  I almost got to 3.3 miles for an average of 9:10/mile.  After running I did Meg’s “Butt Kicker Leg Workout” and it did just that 😉 I am STILL feeling it today!



Thursday Workout


I started with a slow, easy mile on the treadmill to warm-up my legs.  Then I hit the basketball court for an AWESOME workout!  After smoking my legs and knocking out some cardio I did some planks to help keep the core tight 😉


AND here is the workout I promised you…

Basketball Court Workout


Do each move for the length of the basketball court.  Backpedal your way back to the start.

Butt Kicks

Carioca (right)

Carioca (left)

Side Shuffle (Right)

Side Shuffle (Left)

High Knees

Bear Crawl

Straight Legs


Broad Jumps

**Rest 1-2 Minutes


Do 4 there-and-back sprints.  Rest 3o seconds between each sprint.

Rest 2 minutes.


**Do the whole thing 2 times through!


Today is another busy and fabulous day in Arizona!  My niece has a play this afternoon and Emmie and I are spending the evening with my dad.  Happy Friday friends!

What was your favorite workout this week?