20-15-10-5 WOD

Happy Thursday!  Gosh I have been a busy bee and this week is almost over.  I still have a mile-long to-do list so the next two days are going to be jam packed.  UGH.  It’s been awhile since I shared a workout with you guys but when we were back in Vegas we had the chance to go to Nellis Air Force base and use their new gym.  And I got inspired.


Nellis AF Base Gym


This gym is amazing.  There is a huge CrossFit area, a ton of cardio machines, group fitness, free weights, basketball courts, and pool.  There is also this neat track that’s right by the CrossFit area with a door to it for sprints and there is artificial turf for sled pushes etc.  I wish I could work out there all the time.


For this workout you do 20 reps of each exercise for the first round, then 15 reps the second, and so on down to 5.  You can substitute 3 single jumps for 1 double under and modify the pull-ups as needed (I used a pull up band).  It’s a good one and left my muscles shaking!




Let me know if you try it!

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Building Our Home Gym

Ever since moving to Savannah Chris and I have been slowly but surely building our home gym.  It’s always been a priority to us but until this move it wasn’t practical.  Now, it’s almost essential.  Since I started PA school I haven’t been making it to the gym as often as I would like.  While I still have the gym membership, getting in quality workouts at home has been essential.  I either get up before the kids to workout or sneak one in after putting Bryn down for the night.  Same thing goes for Chris – he is working out at home more and more often.


I thought I would share our progress with you guys today because it’s something we are really proud of!  Some things we have found for cheap and other things we have invested in.  First, one of our recent BIG purchases!  We had some extra money leftover and Chris did something he rarely ever does … he splurged on something he wants.  My husband hates spending money so when there was actually something he wanted I was all over it.


Squat Rack



The squat rack and pull-up bar was Chris’ big splurge.  He ordered it from a company in Jacksonville that supplied the CrossFit box in our town.  We also recently got the bumper plats and flooring from a tractor supply company.  I bought Chris the rings for Valentine’s Day and now we have somewhere to put them!  To go with the bumper plates we have both a 45lb and a 30lb bar.





The kettlebells are some of my favorite things.  I am still working with the 20lb one but hope to move up soon!  I currently have 5, 8, 10, and 12lb dumbbells but want to get some 15lb and 20lb ones too.  Upstairs in our “man cave” we also have a treadmill that we got for a steal from some friends and a set of resistance bands.


For the most part we feel like the “gym” is complete.  I did some bands for pull-ups and would love a pylo box.  Chris mentioned some things he wants to he is going to have to hold his horses for awhile.  I did the first workout of my new program at home yesterday and I have to say it felt great to lift heavy at home!


This is kind of a crazy week for me so I hope to check in often with you guys!  I have 2 tests and another round of giving tours to applicants during their interviews PLUS mom-duties.  Whew.  Happy Monday friends!  Hope you had a great weekend :)


What’s your favorite home workouts?

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At Home WOD

Good morning!  Today is my “Monday” since we had yesterday off for MLK Day and it’s going to be a long one since we have to be to class early and have a make-up class this afternoon.  On top of that I think Bryn is hitting a growth spurt because little miss was up multiple times last night HUNGRY.  #StudentMom problems 😉


Anyway, the yesterday I shared my workouts from last week.  So far I am feeling pretty good about making sure to fit in time to exercise and ensuring that it doesn’t take away too much time from the family.  I am lucky in that I have a lot of equipment at my disposal here at home including an awesome set of kettle bells.  Since it’s been FOR-EV-ER since I shared a workout with you guys I thought it was time to end that drought.  Here is one of my favorite workouts from last week that just requires either a kettle bell or some sort of weight.


At Home WOD



The loop around our house is exactly 1/2 a mile so I did the loop twice before setting my interval timer on my phone for the exercises.  All of my miles were sub-9 minutes which made me feel pretty good and hopeful that I just might be getting my speed back.


Anyway I am off to get the girls ready for the day, enjoy some apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, and hit the road.  Have a great Tuesday!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for an awesome giveaway 😉

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Happy 4th of July friends!!  Today is a day about celebrating this amazing place I call home :)  A HUGE thank you to the men and women proudly wearing the uniform of the United States of America.  Your commitment to freedom and the sacrifices you make is not lost on me.  Today I will drink a beer for many of our friends fighting in the name of freedom overseas.  Stay safe and hurry home!


We will be celebrating the 4th at Tybee Island with a bunch of great people including this girl.  Our friends Melanie and Alan are driving in from Virginia too.  Melanie is one of my best friends from our time at Fort Hood and it has been over a year since we saw each other.  I can’t wait for some quality girl time and chats :)


Since it is Wednesday, it’s time for another “What I Ate Wednesday” with Jenn from Peas and Crayons :)  This month WIAW is all about fun, food, AND fitness!  Three things I can totally get behind!


#WIAW breakfast

1 egg+egg whites scrambled with spinach and nutritional yeast, organic whole-wheat Rudi’s English muffin with PB and chia seeds, and a banana.



After an awesome FitFluential twitter chat the other night I was inspired to get back into my CrossFit WODs.  They had taken a hiatus the last couple of months and I have been thinking about how much I missed them!  I got back into it today by going “Barbara”:

CrossFit Barbara


I only had time to do 3 rounds even though it called for 5.  I would have loved to finish all 5 but I definitely felt the burn though!  I also did assisted pull-ups because I can’t do full ones quite yet 😉



#WIAW Lunch

Two slices of Kashi Mediterranean pizza.  It was DELICIOUS and quick!


Chris got off work early yesterday so he got to go with Emmie and I to the farmer’s market in J.F. Gregory park.  We picked up local produce and some grass-fed beef for burgers this week.  I seriously LOVE that this market is so close to us.  If you are in the Savannah or Richmond Hill area I highly recommend it.  The farmer’s market is every Tuesday from 3-7PM.

J.F. Gregory farmers market

Mom and Baby


#WIAW Dinner

New England style pot roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots.


Thank you for all your tips and tricks in regards to battling my sweet tooth.  It is heartening to know that I am not alone!  FYI … the Dots went in the trash 😉  I don’t plan on eliminating sweets completely because I truly believe everything in moderation is the way that works for me.  I just have to make better conscious decisions :)


How are you celebrating the 4th?

Post Baby Body Update: Month 4

You can months 1, 2, and 3 here, here, and here.

Quick glance back ….

Two Months Post-Partum

And here I am today …


This by far has been my biggest month of change since posting my 1-week post baby body update.  It feels SO GOOD to see progress.  :)  I also was able to zip my pre-pregnancy jeans comfortably which is an AMAZING feeling!

I am no longer counting calories.  After doing so for 2 months I feel like I have a really good grasp of what 2300 calories is.  I truly attribute my current success to counting calories.  Not eating enough is no joke.  You need to determine your own caloric needs into order to fuel your body appropriately.  Once I started fueling properly the weight started to come off.  I also drink 104oz of water a day.  Maintaining proper hydration is not only essential for weight loss and general well-being, it is also super important for breastfeeding (which I am still doing).  I am also doing my “plank a day” and I am already starting to notice a difference in my core!

Working Out
I started my 1/2 marathon training last week so I am running 4-5 days per week.  I am still weight-training 3-4 times a week as well.  I try to mix up traditional weight training with CrossFit as well.  The one thing I am sorely lacking is more yoga, which is something I plan on working on this month.  Some days I also have to get creative and do circuits in my garage if Emmie is having a rough day 😉  

This is the CrossFit workout I did on Monday …

Pin It

I recently posted about how I learned to love my mom body.  My goal right now is to continue to be positive :)  I am seeing changes which motivates me to work hard.  I am comfortable the way I am so everything from here on out is the cherry on top of a pretty awesome sundae :)