Favorite Uses for Almond Milk

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Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post!  Loved reading them on social media and the blog.  We are REALLY excited about this next adventure and will be slowly tackling our “to do” list over the coming months!  In the meantime, I am excited to share some of my favorite uses for almond milk with you all today!


Almond Breeze


I am a converted almond-milk fan.  I have to admit for a long time I didn’t get what the excitement was over.  Then I had some Almond Breeze for the first time and I got it.  I mean one cup of Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk has only 30 calories but packs in 45% of your daily calcium and 25% of your daily vitamin D.  Plus it tastes great!  I have found myself using almond milk in some way each and every day and thought I would share with you how today!


In My Oatmeal

Strawberry Coconut Oatmeal 2


I mix almond milk into my oatmeal on the regular.  I simply use 1/3 cup oats and 2/3 cups Almond Breeze and then add in any topping you want!  I love peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries, or coconut!


In Smoothies

Snack - Shakeology


I love packing smoothies for work in my thermos because they are quick and nutritious way to get in some food.  I love using 8oz of Almond Breeze + chocolate protein powder + 1/2 a banana.  Also delicious is throwing in 1 tablespoon of PB!


In My Coffee

coffee talk


Fun fact – I use a splash of almond milk in my coffee every morning in place of creamer.  I add in 2 packets of Stevia and I am good to go!  Delicious.


There are obviously an unlimited number of ways to incorporate almond milk into your diet.  You can bake with it, make soups and sauces, or drink it whole.  You pretty much can’t go wrong!  So if you’re looking into a dairy-free way of getting in some calcium and vitamin D definitely check out Almond Breeze by Blue Diamond!



How do YOU use almond milk?


Happy Monday folks! Today is pretty bitter sweet because I am officially off of vacation on on to surgery.  We had an amazing three weeks of slower paces (minus my on-campus week), vacations, and quality family time.  Now it’s time to put my nose to the grindstone and rock out these final four rotations because graduation is less than 6 months away!  Holy cow.  Any-who, I thought I would start this fine Monday off with a little survey for you guys with a current glimpse into my life 😉


Reading: First Aid for the Surgery Clerkship.  The First Aid series has been a favorite of mine throughout clinical rotations and so far my surgery book is proving to be just as good.  The physicians I am working with do a lot of reflux surgeries, hernia repairs, and gallbladder removals so I have been trying to learn more about those before starting today.  I am super nervous about this rotation!

First Aid for Surgery
Doing: As I am writing this Sunday night I just finished up our meal prep for the week.  I am not sure what my schedule is so at least having dinners prepared gives me some sense of calm.  We are having lasagna rolls, crockpot chicken taco chili, grilled chicken, and beef stew this week.


Meal Prep Sunday
Working On: My fitness!  I have been doing really well with my recent trainer from Ashley Horner.  I started doing Valor with Chris a couple weeks ago.  I got a little derailed last week due to a wicked head cold but I am hoping to get back on track this week.  My gym bag is ready to go after work today!


Watching: Who else is SO glad TV shows are back?!  I watched Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal already.  Once Upon a Time came back last night and I have to figure out what other shows my DVR is going to be recording.  It’s a nice break between all the football Chris is watching 😉


Loving: My girls!  Cliche I know but everyday they teach me something new.  This weekend Emmie found a pair of My Little Pony pajamas that were supposed to be for her birthday.  I couldn’t keep them from her and she instantly got attached to the Pinkie Pie sleep mask.  And actually slept in it for awhile!  I mean seriously … it’s just too cute!  Bryn is a little rascal and is constantly getting into things.  She’s my wild child and has wild hair sometimes to go with it.  #MessyHairDontCare.


Pinkie Pie Sleep Mask

Messy Hair

What’s one thing you’re currently doing?  How was your weekend?

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Treating my Adult Acne with UNBLEMISH

Hi my name is Madeline and I am 28 years old and have acne.  Or at I should say had acne.  For the last 10+ years of my life I have been battling adult acne and it has been terrible.  I suffered with multiple breakouts, painful cysts, and just a terrible complexion.  I cried more times than I would like to admit and lathered on make-up anytime I left the house.  It was miserable.


Over the years I have tried nearly everything under the sun to help improve my skin … I did over-the-counter treatments, prescription creams, oral and topical antibiotics, natural fixes … you name it, I tried it.  The only thing that ever worked was when I got chemical peels every week for 6 weeks leading up to my wedding.  But within a month of my last peel the breakouts were back.  I think that was $500 down the drain right there!
About a year ago my friend Nikki started posting on FB about her new business venture with this great skin line.  I saw the before/afters and didn’t think it could possibly be true.  So I watched … and I waited … and after four months and another failed attempt at clearing my skin I ordered UNBLEMISH.  Since there was a 60-day money back guarantee I figured what did I have to lose?




Rodan+Fields is brought to you by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the same great creators of Proactiv.  They wanted to taylor a premiere skincare line tailored directly for adult skin.  They created four unique skincare lines that focus on using the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order.  UNBLEMISH is their line for adult acne and they guarantee results.


The UNBLEMISH kit comes with a 60-day supply of four full size products:

  • Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash
  • Spot Fading Toner  OR Clarifying Toner
  • Dual Intensive Acne Treatment
  • Oil Control Lotion SPF 20


The first time I washed my skin and followed the regimen my skin just FELT different and better.  I don’t know if it’s something I can actually describe.  Within 2-3 I started noticing improvements.  My 2-3 months my acne was GONE.



I now leave the house make-up regularly.  I no longer feel self-conscious about my skin. The people in my life SEE a visible difference and comment on it.  I am 100% happier and the painful cystic acne is gone.


The best part is is that if adult acne isn’t your primary concern there is likely a R+F product that will help YOU feel like I do.  You can try out my solutions tool to see which one that might be.  The other R+F regimens include:

  • REVERSE – erase the appearance of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness, and discoloration
  • REDEFINE – defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for firmer and smoother skin
  • SOOTHE – shield against biologic and environmental stressors that can cause inflammation, help to fortify you skin’s natural moisture barrier, calm redness, an reduce irritation.


These products have literally changed my skin and I passionately stand behind them.  So much so that after one year of using them on my own I have finally decided to become a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.  I want to help women (and men) like me regain their confidence.  If you are interested in hearing more or want to know how you can get these products for free shoot me an email today at foodfitnessandfamily@gmail.com.



Anyone that signs up as a preferred customer and places an order will be their enrollment fee waived!  This is just to celebrate the launch of my business.  So now you can get great skin AND an extra $20 in your pocket!  Check out all the products here –> https://madelineglasser.myrandf.biz.


Have you dealt with adult acne?  Do you have any skin woes?

Things I’m Loving Friday // 1

**Before getting into my post this morning I want to take a second and remember September 11, 2001.  It’s a day I hope we never forget and always take pause to remember.  Teenagers entering HS were babies when the tragedy happened so it’s our job to remember and teach along the way.  


It’s Fri-YAY!  Cheers to the weekend my friends.  It’s been a long time but I am excited to bring back “things I’m loving Friday” here on the blog!

things I'm loving friday

Kiss My Face Deodorant

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock
I’ve been thinking about trying a natural deodorant that didn’t have aluminum in it for awhile now and finally just grabbed one when I was at Publix.  I have been a fan of the Kiss My Face brand for awhile so I was excited to see they had a deodorant.  So far it’s been pretty good!  Chris and I have been working out together and I told him to let me know if I smelled more than usual and it passed the test 😉 

Kroger White Grape Sparkling Water

Kroger White Grape
I am working really hard on cutting back on my Diet Coke and so far have been doing great.  It kind of got out of control when I was in the Emergency Room and I needed to get it together.  This white grape sparkling water from Kroger tastes JUST like grape soda and totally satisfy my need for bubbles.


Pumpkin Puffins

Pumpkin Puffins

I saw these on Instagram and knew I had to have them.  I went to Target the next day and grabbed them.  I am definitely going back for more before they are out of season because they are bomb.


Rodan and Fields Sunless Tan

Rodan and Fields Sunless Tan

I used to be a huge tanning bed girl in high school and I regret it all the time.  I mean hello … skin cancer much?  I lather on the sunscreen like whoa now but I still love the look of tanned skin.  I’ve tried numerous sunless tanners over the years and finally found this one from Rodan and Fields that is amazing.  Totally natural looking with no speaking.  Grab some before it sells out again!  It is consistently out of stock.


My Happy Planner

Happy Planner


Erica introduced my to the Happy Planner and I am so glad she did!  I love decorating in my planner and may be a tad planner obsessed (don’t ask how many I have bought this year) but this one takes the cake.  I’ll be sharing more about it soon but you can find it here, on Amazon, or at your local Hobby Lobby.

Happiest of Fridays! I hope that your day goes fast and your weekend comes quick :)

What is something you’re loving today?

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How I Got Rid of Cystic Acne

This post has been a long-time coming.  Y’all … for YEARS I have been in a never-ending battle with cystic acne.  My skin has been problematic since high school and it was embarrassing to still be having issues in my late 20s.  Not only was it cosmetically unsettling for me, cystic acne is also incredibly painful.  The only time I can remember having somewhat clear skin was after doing a series of chemical peels before my wedding.  I have tried topical medications, oral antibiotics, natural regimens, etc. and nothing seemed to work.  That is until my friend Nikki introduced me to Rodan+Fields Unblemish.



I want to start right off the bat by saying I do not sell Rodan+Fields nor do I earn anything at all for this post.  I simply want to share my story about what has worked for me because it has been life-changing.  Life-changing in the fact that I:

  • No longer deal with large painful cysts
  • I can go out in public without ANY make-up and feel comfortable and confident


I started using R+F in November of last year right after Bryn weaned from nursing.  I had been on the fence for a number of months because quite frankly it is expensive.  However after product after product continued to fail me I sat down with Chris and we decided enough was enough and it was time to give something else a shot.  Since they have a complete empty-bottle money back guarantee I felt comfortable with taking the gamble.  And I have never looked back.  Within one month of using the products I noticed an amazing difference.  My skin was smoother, my tone was more even, and my acne disappeared.  NO JOKE.  Here is a bit of before/after.  Both are without make-up.


Before and After


I have been getting SO many compliments on my skin from friends who have known the struggle I have.  And it feels amazing.  Rodan+Fields is brought to you by the same dermatologists that created Proactiv however the R+F line is a step above.  For example, in the Unblemish regimen they include ingredients that are anti-bacterial.  Since most acne is caused by a bacteria this addition is vital for success.  I am a preferred customer to save a little $$ and honestly can say I don’t even always have to order the entire kit again.  Sometimes I get by with just a couple of products.  I also am OBSESSED with their sunless tanner 😉


If you are dealing with acne in your 20s (or later!) like I was an you’re looking for a solution I really encourage you to try this out.  You can contact Nikki at nikki.quaid@gmail.com or visit her website to determine which regimen is right for you!


Happy Monday friends 😉  Wish me luck on my 4PM-2AM shift.  GAH!

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