Cheers to 2016!

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Happy New Year!  As we ring in 2016 I can’t help but spend some time reflecting on 2015 and what it has meant for our little family.  It has truly been an exceptional year!  The girls are growing to be such amazing little people … girls with big hearts, loud laughs, and so much spunk.  Chris is continuing to flourish in his military career and I began (and have nearly finished) my clinical rotations.  Overall, life has been good.


Now it’s the dawn of a new year … a year full of adventure, hope, and so much possibility.  I am sitting here with nervous excitement to see what God has in store for us!  We know we will be moving (where?  to be determined) and in less than 100 days I will (hopefully) be a board-certified Physician Assistant.  It’s surreal to me to be sitting here mere months away from achieving one of my life’s greatest ambitions.  When I look at all the blessings I have in my life I feel like pinching myself and constantly ask, “is this real life”?  Because friends … I am truly happy and content.


Every New Year I sit down and dream about what I hope to accomplish in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  I am a firm believer in goal-setting and like to put my hopes and dreams to paper so I actively have motivation to strive towards achieving them.  This year is no different and I am excited to share my goals with you!  I always like to break them down into categories so here we go.


Family Goals

1.  MOVE!  Get established in our new home and find a school/church that suits our family upon arrival.

2.  Take one big family vacation.  Looking at ARIZONA in April!

3.  Save $xx,xxx of dollars.  Work towards being debt free.

4.  Find new ways to get outside and active as a family.  I am thinking BIKES.

5.  Regularly attend church and enroll Emmie into Sunday school.

6.  Find a volunteering opportunity that would be age-appropriate for Emmie that we can do together.


Marriage Goals

1.  Go on at least one date night every single month.

2.  Go on one trip without the kids.  Planning on HAWAII this fall.

3.  Spend more time together without technology.


Professional Goals

1.  Graduate PA school!  And subsequently pass my PANCE.

2.  Get my first PA job and begin my career.

3.  Advance to Level II in my Rodan+Fields business.

4.  Do more personal development.

5.  Blog consistently 3 times a week.


Personal Goals

1.  Get 4-5 quality workouts in every week.

2.  Continue to fuel my body with clean foods a majority of the time.

3.  Spend more time with Scripture and reading the word of God.

4.  Journal more.

5.  Organize the family photos into photo books.


There you have it!  I am keeping my goals short, sweet, and attainable.  I wrote these goals into my 2016 planner so I can keep track of them and check in on my progress!  I hope your New Year was FABULOUS and that you are as excited for 2016 as I am!


What is one of your goals for 2016?  Have any suggestions for preschool-freindly volunteer opportunities?

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Goals for 2015



Happy New Year!



And just like that here we are … a brand new year, a fresh start, and so many adventures waiting to happen!  As I reflected back on my 2014 goals I am mildly amused at how ambitious and naive I was to think I would have TIME in 2014 to do things other than PA school.  I am extremely proud though that the area where I succeeded was my family goals – I achieved those and ultimately those are the most important!  So for 2015 I am making only 3 goals per section :)


Health Goals

1.  Start and complete Insanity MAX30.  I know that this program can yield BIG results and I am excited to take this journey with my challengers.

2.  Get back into running.  No big race goals – just RUN.

3.  Focus more on diet.  When I get stressed my diet slips up majorly and I FEEL it.  I want to try some new recipes, work on cutting Diet Coke (still), and just clean things up.


Family Goals

1.  Take one family vacation.  This last year we got in a few … due to Chris’ travel schedule this year I am not sure what all will get fit in but I just want ONE trip with my family.

2.  Have a date night once a month.  Making our marriage a priority is very important to Chris and I and doing so is challenging with my schedule.  Keeping with one date night a month is attainable!

3.  Start a family night.  Emmie is getting really into games now and I want to start doing game nights and movie nights :)


Blog Goals

1.  Keep to a regular post schedule.  I am going to shoot for 3-5 posts a week and play it by ear.  Either way I want to be more consistent than I was in 2014 because I missed you guys :)

2.  Limit sponsored content.  This goes with #1 …. due to my inconsistency with MY OWN content it appeared as if I took on too much sponsored content.  I want to work on that.


Personal Goals

1.  Grow my Beachbody business.  Beachbody was a huge blessing in 2014 and I want to continue to help people reach their health goals!  I also want to grow my business in 2015.  If you’re interested in being part of my team and learning more shoot me an email at foodfitnessandfamily @ gmail . com

2.  Do personal development.  I want to spend some time working on ME.  Whether through a scripture study or listening to uplifting podcasts on my commute I want some ME time.

3.  Thrive during clinical rotations.  I start the clinical aspect of my Physician Assistant training in April and that will be a whole different adventure.  I want to enjoy them, learn as much as possible, and come out a better provider on the other end.


There you have it guys!  My 2015 goals in a nutshell :)  Here’s hoping I am more successful this year than last year 😉


What’s one goal you have set for yourself in 2015??

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Goals for 2014

Happy New Year friends!  Wishing you lots of happiness and love in the coming year!  Every year I like to sit down and make some goals for the year.  Many of my 2013 goals were put on the way-side when I found out I was pregnant.  My goals completely changed.  This year is different :)


2014 Goals




1.  Run a Half Marathon.  I have run 4 half marathons at this point but one of my goals after having Em was to run one.  I did and loved the feeling of accomplishment.  I am currently trying to find one in March to run :)  Hoping for a PR but we will see!

2.  Run 5 Other Races.  Savannah has a great racing scene and I would like to get more into it this year!

3.  Log 1000 miles.  Lofty goal here but what the heck … why not!

4.  Continue to grow my yoga practice.  

5.  Continue to try to limit my Diet Coke consumption.



1.  Have Monthly Date Night.  This doesn’t have to mean going out but I have written about how important dating your spouse is and working hard on that is a goal for the year.

2.  Enroll Emmalyne in a sport.  Em can start dance at school this month and soccer soon!  I can’t wait :)

3.  Cut back on technology.  I am the first to admit that I am on my phone WAY too much and I need to be more mindful of that.

4.  Be more patient.  My patience has been a little thin lately and I need to work on that.  It isn’t always easy being a mom but patience is a virtue and Em and Bryn deserve that from me.

5.  Continue to explore as a family.  I would like to take 1-2 little trips with my little family this year.  We are lucky in that we have 2.5 more years here in the Deep South and I want to make the most of it.



1.  Be more present.  This goes with my cutting back on technology.  I also am one who likes to plan for the future.  I need to live in the now a little more.

2.  Survive didactic year.  I start PA school orientation on Tuesday and classes the following week.  In high school and college I put a lot of pressure on myself for perfect grades.  For PA school I want to learn as much as I can and pass.  If it’s a B instead of an A that’s fine.

3.  Quiet my mind.  I almost always have 1001 thoughts going through my head.  I would like to work on quieting that a little more with regular meditation.  My mom has meditated my entire life and I want to get into it.

4.  Take up a craft.  I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I want to put it to use!  Also, many of the women of my family crochet and I would like to learn.

5.  Do regular “random acts of kindness”.  I find myself absorbed in my own life more than I would like.  I want to make a dedicated effort to being more there for friends and strangers alike.  I grew up understanding the importance of random acts of kindness and I want to bring that into my family’s life.



I am not sure where blogging is going to fit into my life this coming year.  I know I do not want to stop because I love my little space on the Internet.  However, I also won’t have as much time as I did in the past.  Here are some goals that I think are realistic for me.

1.  Blog 3-5 times a week.  Right now I blog 5-6 times a week and cutting back may have to happen.  If I do I want to keep the blog on a schedule.

2.  Connect with new blogs.  I love our community and would like to expand my horizons.

3.  Attend a blogging conference.  HINT: FitBloggin’ is in Savannah this year!!  Come see me :)

4.  Organize the archives.


There you have it.  My goals for the year.  I hope to check in periodically and let you know where I am at!  Enjoy the first day of 2014.  I am off to run with one of my besties to start our year off right :)

What is one goal you have set for your year?

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New Year’s Resolutions: 2013

Happy New Year!!  We spent our evening hanging out at home with our friend Mike.  Now that we have a kiddo our nights are a little less crazy and a little more homebody but we had a great night complete with a surf and turf feast and some champagne bubbly.  After looking back at 2012 yesterday, I am super ready to jump into 2013 feet first with some new resolutions :)


Goodbye 2012 ... Hello 2013 (New Year's Resolutions)




  • Clean up my eats – this will probably forever be on my resolution list 😉
  • Limit to one Diet Coke a day – giving up soda has been an epic fail in the past so limiting it might be a good baby step
  • Run at least 5 races – Hate paying registration fees so logging at least 5 organized races would be an accomplishment
  • Log 700-ish miles – this is more than I logged this year so go big or go home
  • Do an unassisted forearm stand – can currently kick up on the wall but not off
  • Do an unassisted pull-up – dream big?
  • Do yoga 1-2 times a week minimum – in the class setting.



  • More date nights – once a month might be pushing it but we might just have negotiated a date swap with a friend of ours so stay tuned
  • Make a better point of showing appreciation to Chris – After being married for awhile it’s easy to take things for granted.
  • Buy Chris a present just because – I loved this one from last year so I’m bringing it back



  • Take Em for a walk 3-4 times a week
  • Enroll Em into a class of some sort
  • De-clutter our baby gear



  • Be more consistent with regular church mass and holy days
  • Organize our family photos
  • Walk the dogs 4-5 days a week
  • Read 10 books
  • Try 1 new recipe a month
  • Remember more family birthdays and actually send cards  – I tend to remember the birthday but forget the card … I blame mommy brain 😉


Any-who … I tend to add things to my list throughout the year and you never know what the year will bring that throws a kink in the plans.


What’s one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

Getting Back On Track

After an indulgent week of vacationing in Phoenix … and one too many dinners out.  It is time to get back on track.  For me, it’s necessary to take a minute to sit down and make a plan to getting back into my normal routine.  So how am I getting back on schedule?


1.  I’m chugging water.

Hello there old friend … While I was in Arizona my water consumption was seriously lacking.  I was on the go so much that I just wasn’t thinking enough about it.  I have been drinking water since walking in the door yesterday.


2.  I made my meal plan for the week.  I planned healthy meals AT HOME for us all week.  We also went to the grocery store and stocked our fridge full of yummy, healthy food.


3.  I prepped my food.

I find that if I take some time to chop all my fruits and veggies both Chris and I eat it more later!  Also, I stored my food in clear containers so I can easily see what is in it and make healthy choices when the munchies hit.


4.  I went for a run.  I had 7 miles on my 1/2 marathon training plan for yesterday but since we were in St. Louis I made it up today.  Chris went with me and we took turns pushing Emmie in our jogging stroller.  This was our first run with our BOB and it was SO smooth!  I plan on doing a full review of it later because I LOVE it.  My knee and hips definitely felt it on the run but I kept a respectable 10:20 minute pace while battling wind, conquering hills, and pushing the stroller.


5.  I scheduled my workouts for the week.  I schedule my workouts at the beginning of the week.  Doing so helps me stay on track and prioritize my time to make sure I fit them in.


By taking these steps I feel like I am ready for the week and ready to get back to my version of normal.  Of course there are a ton of chores thrown into the mix as well 😉

How do you get back on track after vacation?