January Meal Plan

I am trying something new in 2016 and I am hoping you might join me!  The last couple of months our grocery bill has been steadily climbing while at the same time we have been spending more money on eating out.  And it MUST change, if not for waistlines but for our finances.  I attribute the increase in spending with an increase in my stress levels.  I recently started hard-core board prepping on top of working 40-50 hours a week in the clinic.  I am exhausted by the end of the day and often times that led to not wanting to cook what was on my meal plan, picking up something fast, and wasting food and money.  SO I made good use of some of my extra time on this break and created a meal plan for the month of January and prepped our freezer FULL of healthy meals.


I am hoping that by having half our meals for the month ready and waiting in the freezer will help reduce our spending and keep us on track nutritionally.  Yesterday I spent less than 3 hours in the kitchen and prepped 14 full meals.  And you can too!  Below is my calendar for the month.  You’ll notice a couple of repeating meals.  Every Friday we like to grill pizza as a family and Sundays will be a day of grilling which will help in preparing our lunches for the week too.  I threw in a day for leftovers because many times leftovers go to waste.  I am hopeful that this will be a plan that not only sticks for us but helps reduce waste.


January Meal Plan

January Meal Plan Recipes

CrockPot Chicken Taco Chili*

Grilled Pizza

Turkey Meatloaf Muffins*

Turkey Sausage, Mushroom, and Potato Gratin


Chicken and Cheesy Rice*

Hearty Chicken Soup*


Mexican Bowls

Baked Penne


Anything marked with an asterix is a meal that is currently residing in my freezer.  Everything else requires minimal prep work and was put on nights that go with my work schedule.  I was able to make the 13 meals above by spending less than $200 which is GREAT for us.


Here’s hoping that this method works well and helps us prosper more in 2016 😉



How do you meal plan?  What works best for you/your family?

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Food + Fitness // 09.06.15

Happy Sunday folks!  I have been getting quite a few requests about sharing our weekly meal plan with you guys so I am going to try to do that every Sunday!  I also really miss doing Fitness Friday and recapping my week in workouts so I am going to combine the two into a Food + Fitness post each week.  These posts will feature my workouts from the last week and what we ate!  Hope you enjoy!

Food + Fitness



M    Sausage, rice, and veggie skillet (recipe to come!)

T     Homemade Chipotle bowls

W    Korean chicken + brown rice + veggies

Th    Out

Fr    Tilapia + Alexia harvest skillet

Sa    Grilled pizza

Su    Turkey burgers






M       3 Miles + Chest/Triceps + Abs

T        5 X 400m Repeats + Back + Abs

W      Off

Th     Off

F        Legs

Sa     3 miles + 1 mile walk

Su     Off



Hope your weekend is extra long and that you get to enjoy your Labor Day!  See you back tomorrow to talk all about smiling more!

Weekend Recap // 01

Another weekend gone too soon but happy Monday my friends!  I hope your weekend left you recharged and full of joy … I know mine did!  I truly feel like there aren’t enough hours each and every weekend which is true to the homage “time flies when you’re having fun!”


My weekend was actually off to a rocky start … I was home sick with a migraine all day Friday but fortunately pulled out of the funk by mid-afternoon which was just in time to grill pizza.  However, Mother Nature wanted to derail our plans but I was not to be deterred.  I threw on my rain coat and grilled in the rain.  Fortunately there wasn’t any lightning and we got to enjoy one of our favorite meals.


Rainy Pizza


Saturday we were up and at ’em because we have a list of errands we needed to run.  We stopped by Target and Home Depot before heading down to Fleet Feet for Chris to try on some new running shoes.  He found some that he liked and I got to run into Victoria so everyone was happy!  After that we owed the girls some FUN and headed to Forsyth Park.  Chris and I grabbed Chipotle to go and we had a picnic at the park with the organic lunchables I found at Kroger.


Picnic Lunch


Then it was time to PLAY.  And play they did.  So hard that Bryn wore a glazed over look the entire way home.




Yesterday we played some more and conquered our chores around the house.  Laundry was done, sheets got switched out, and books upon books were read.


We wrapped up the weekend with getting our meals prepped for the week.

Meal Prep



>>On the Menu<<

Chicken and (cauliflower) rice casserole

Slow Cooker Chicken and Pinto Beans Burritos

Parmesan Crusted Tlipia + Veggies

Spaghetti with Zoodles



Enjoy your Monday friends!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a yummy salad recipe :)


How was your weekend?


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Meal Plan // 08.17.15

Mixing things up a bit this Monday friends! We had a great weekend over here but I failed to capture any of it because I LIVED it. So rather than a weekend recap I thought I would share my meal plan for the week instead!


Meal Plan Aug 17


Monday: Parmesan Crusted Tilapia + Veggies

Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili

Wednesday: Sausage, potatoes, and veggies

Thursday: Salmon burgers + sweet potato fries

Friday: Grilled Pizza

Saturday: Pork tenderloin + Veggies

Sunday: Wine-Braised Beef Shepherd’s Pie


There you go!  Hope it helps to inspire you for the week.  All of our meals Monday-Friday are fairly simple and quick to throw together to accommodate our crazy busy schedule :)


Do you meal plan?  What’s one meal you’re looking forward to this week? 

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5 Days of Clean Eating

Today marks the beginning of my free clean eating challenge and I am SO pumped for the  95 (!!!) people taking the challenge.  While the challenge has a lot more accountability I thought I would share my personal meal plan for 5 days of clean eating with all of YOU!

5 Days of Clean Eating



Breakfast: Eggs scrambled with spinach and mushrooms + fruit

Lunch: Buffalo chicken salad + paleo homemade ranch <–the ranch, not the wings 😉

Dinner: Paleo BBQ chicken + sweet potatoes + bacon green beans



Breakfast: oatmeal + fruit

Lunch: Mexican brown rice bowl

Dinner: Sweet potato, spinach, and chicken hash –> I am subbing sweet potatoes for the regular in this

chipotle bowl



Breakfast: Eggs scrambled with spinach and mushrooms + fruit

Lunch: BBQ chicken salad (leftovers)

Dinner: Homemade chipotle bowls + cilantro lime cauliflower rice



Breakfast: oatmeal + fruit

Lunch: Mexican rice bowl

Dinner: Salmon burgers wrapped in lettuce + sweet potato fries


Salmon Burgers



Breakfast: Eggs scrambled with spinach and mushrooms + fruit

Lunch: Salmon burger on spinach (leftover)

Dinner: Out


Snacks for the Week



Apples + almond butter

Cheese stick


Boiled eggs


Hoping that this week goes well since I am back at school today.  I feel better knowing I have a plan to stick to which will hopefully make the transition off of break a little bit easier.


What’s your favorite clean eating recipe?

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