Post Baby Body: 11 Months

I know that this update was due to you all last week but life happens ūüėČ ¬†I have to admit that I am SUPER excited that this is my second to last post-baby body update! ¬†I am SO over the scale … more on that another day though! ¬†Without further ado …


Post Baby Body 11 Months

I have to admit that I kind of hate these photos. ¬†My photographer was 5 inches shorter than me and I think it led to seriously unflattering images (hi mom … not you’re fault). ¬†Oh well! ¬†Just another excuse to get a tripod! ¬†Overall I am happy with how I am looking and content with where I am at currently.


How Am I Measuring?

11 Months Post Baby Measurements


Little to no change … and totally ok with it since these are pretty much my pre-pregnancy numbers. ¬†Notice the +1lb? ¬†Also totally ok with it. ¬†I was in Arizona for 3 weeks … 10 days of which was spent in/out of the hospital with my dad and snacking on super unhealthy foods when we were at his house. ¬†I am actually pretty relieved that the number isn’t higher. ¬†Taking the stress of my dad’s situation and taking 8 flights with Emmalyne in 3 weeks I will take that pound with pride.



Pretty much the same as always. ¬†I am eating when I am hungry and shooting for a diet that is 80% clean with 20% of fun purely devoted to buffalo wings and beer now that it’s football season. ¬†With Emmalyne turning 1 in a few weeks, and potential weaning from breastfeeding coming, I am going to have to figure out my new caloric needs. ¬†Until then I am going to keep on trucking.



Again, I was in Phoenix for 3 weeks this month. ¬†I was able to work out at the LA Fitness by my mom which helped me squeeze in some good treadmill runs and weight sessions. ¬†However, I wasn’t able to stick to my normal routine. ¬†Now that I am back in Goergia I am struggling getting back adjusted to the eastern time zone so I have taken the last couple days off to regroup. ¬†Hopefully I will be back in full force tomorrow and sharing my daily fitness photos on Instagram. ¬†I have some goals in the back of my mind for when I am done weaning Emmie … mainly wanting to build muscle. ¬†Like a decent amount of muscle. ¬†Fun times.


Overall I am totally content with my progress over these 11 months.  I look forward to sharing my reflections at my 1-year post baby body update next month :)  Until then, catch up from the beginning:

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Eight Months

Nine Months

Ten Months

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4 Ways to Make Working Out at Home Work for You

Emmalyne and I made it safely back home to Georgia last night. ¬†Let’s hope we get to stay here awhile ūüėČ ¬†It is SO nice to be back in our own beds, playing with the dogs, and slowly getting back into our routine. ¬†Today is all about that: routine. ¬†Luckily for me Heather sent me an awesome post about working out at home. ¬†I love Heather’s blog and her sweet baby boy to boot. ¬†Thanks Heather!


As a mom of an almost 8 month old that has yet to sleep more than 4 hours at a time, I’m the first to tell you that it’s a lot easier to skip a workout than to make it happen.

But as a reader of Madeline’s blog I don’t need to tell you the importance of fitting in fitness, even when it’s tough.

My baby has only recently gotten old enough for the daycare at my gym, but even with the daycare it’s still tough to make it to the gym since our schedule is so unpredictable. I spent a lot of time making excuses about not working out before I figured out how to make exercise work for me. Here are some of my favorite tips for working out at home


1.  Use what you have.

Ok, you don‚Äôt have a treadmill or a full set of weights. That‚Äôs not enough of a reason to throw in the towel on your workout. For at-home cardio, try jumping jacks, running up and down the stairs, burpees, jumping rope, or dancing around like a maniac. That last one doubles as pure entertainment for an on-looking baby. ūüėČ

dancing with baby


Add more reps to each set or lift slower to increase the difficulty if you only have a set of light weights. If you don’t have any weights, grab whatever you can- cans, milk jugs, textbooks, anything!


2.  Think outside the box.

At the gym you have access to a lot of things that can increase the difficulty or intensity of your workout: exercise balls, bands, steps, Bosu balls, blocks, etc. Look around your house to see what you can use to not only help you work harder, but to keep from getting bored. Use pillows, a folded up comforter, or stand on a bed to imitate using a Bosu ball or foam mat. Use a stair, step ladder, or chair to make lunges, squats, and step-ups harder.


3.  Do double duty.

Dancing like nobody‚Äôs watching isn‚Äôt the only way to squeeze in a workout while also entertaining a baby {or dog or husband}. Use your baby as a weight. Bonus? You‚Äôll have to keep lifting more and more weight as time goes on even if you don‚Äôt want to. ūüėČ Use a baby for bench presses or shoulder work. Do pushups and planks over your baby and sneak in a few extra kisses on the way down. Balance baby in your lap as you teasers or other core work.

Push Ups With Baby

Baby Chest Press

Baby Boat


4.  Don’t go easy on yourself.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t end up dripping sweat or huffing and puffing. Be your own trainer and push yourself. Being short on time isn’t an excuse for a wimpy workout. Instead, use that to your advantage by keeping the intensity up and powering through your workout.


What’s your favorite way to work out at home? How do you fit in workouts when you’re short on time?


Heather is a registered dietitian, new{ish} mom, and hardcore cinnamon dolce latte addict. She writes    about healthy yet yummy eats and overcoming injury and illness at with a Side of Sneakers, and about all things life-with-baby at tiny sneakers. Come say hi!


Emmalyne: Month Ten

Emmalyne 10 Months
Double digits. ¬†What has happened? ¬†Yesterday she was a defenseless newborn and now she is a precocious and busy baby on the brink of toddlerhood. ¬†Sigh. ¬†If you’re new to Emmalyne’s updates here’s where you can catch up:

Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Month Four

Month Five

Month Six

Month Seven

Month Eight

Month Nine


This month we are changing things up. ¬†Chris has graciously agreed to give his two cents on all of Emmalyne’s updates! ¬†Without further ado … I turn it over to the hubs.

Emmalyne Month 10



Emmie’s about 2 1/2 footballs long (unverified). ¬†Not sure if her feet are growing longer, but they are chunkier. Finally, she’s now rocking a certified buddah belly. ¬†Pretty sure she has an innie belly button when she hasn’t eaten and an outie afterwards.


Emmalyne Month 10

Emmalyne Month 10



¬†Emmie now knows what she wants and is willing to talk about it, even if you can’t understand. She’s also much more abusive to her loving father using hand strikes to the face and eye scratching. ¬†Pretty sure she’s have no trouble kicking the crap out of boyfriends in the future.


Emmalyne Month 10



I (Madeline) am going to take this one on since I am the one ahem doing it. ¬†Breastfeeding is still going. ¬†Emmie is nursing about 4 times a day with 1 bottle at night that Chris feeds her that we supplement with formula. ¬†She nurses like a champ first thing in the morning. ¬†Two of her nursing sessions are getting kind of lazy during the day and 1 of the afternoon ones is a good one. ¬†I think she is just too busy to nurse during the day! ¬†I am SO CLOSE to making my goal of a year and am contemplating going beyond that. ¬†But that’s another post ūüėČ

Emmalyne Month 10

Emmalyne Month 10



Probably the easiest way to do it, since she can pretty much eat anything and enjoy it. ¬†I don’t appreciate the fact however, that she’s already costing me money when I take her out. ¬†I figured mom’s boob milk would suffice as nutrition for at least a little while. ¬†Instead I’m stuck ordering her chicken and fruit.


Emmalyne Month 10



I’m settling on the fact she will be a volleyball player because she refuses to kick a soccer ball, but she’s already throwing it around like a rag doll. ¬†Her favorite game of late is called “let’s open a drawer, bag, or cabinet, and pull everything out for the heck of it.”


The debate is on trying to decipher her words. ¬†She says what sounds like BAE!! in reference to Bailey but she also yells it at Trigger so not quite sure. ¬†Most of everything else is blah blah blah, ¬†to which my reply is usually “really??”

I (Madeline) have to add that Emmie clearly says daddy, mama, uh-oh, and hi.  I am convinced Bae is Bailey since she chases Bailey while saying it.  She said Trigger (tree tree) too.

Emmalyne Month 10



Emmie’s top two teeth came in the day after Maddy left for Phoenix with Emmie. ¬†Kinda happy I didn’t have to deal with that. I can verify that the top two teeth are on the way down, and they’re big, and they hurt.



Thankfully she still sleeps through most of the night. ¬†But no baby hates getting ready for bed more than her. ¬†It’s a fight to the death, which she loses every time.


Emmalyne Month 10


Oh Chris … Emmie is lucky to have you as her daddy! ¬†Thanks for taking the time and writing this for me :)


As always baby girl … we don’t know how we got so lucky to call you ours. ¬†You make every day brighter, happier, and more fulfilling. ¬†Thank you for giving us the privilege of being your parents. ¬†We hope to only screw you up a little ūüėČ


We love you baby girl.  You are our sunshine.

What To Expect {Giveaway}

Being pregnant is scary. ¬†That is a fact that I realized the moment I found out I was expecting Emmalyne. ¬†The fear of the unknown, the path ahead, and the need to protect your baby is overwhelming. ¬†Lucky for me I was given What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

What To Expect When You're Expecting


This book was a lifesaver and gave me access to so much valuable information whenever I needed reassurance.  So when the awesome people over at What To Expect contacted me the other week I was beyond shocked and excited.  They sent me three of their books and I have loved all of them!


What To Expect Books #newmom


I have been reading a lot of What To Expect: The First Year since I got it and I wish I had had it sooner! ¬†It details all the different stages and developmental milestones along with helpful advice for new moms. ¬†You better believe that What To Expect: The Second Year is going to be a well-read book come October ūüėČ


The best part of all of this?  What To Expect wants to share their goodies with you!  They will be giving away all three books to two (2) lucky Food, Fitness, and Family readers!  All you need to do is leave me a comment on this post about what you wish you had known when you were expecting. You can also send this tweet for an additional entry:


@FoodFitandFam is giving away a set of @whattoexpect books and I want to win! #newmom 


The giveaway will start Tuesday, July 10 and close Sunday, July 15 at 5PM EST.  Winner will be announce Monday, July 16 on the blog.


**What To Expect compensated me for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Post Baby Body: 9 Months

Yesterday was all about Emmalyne and the rock star that she is. ¬†She is seriously the light of my world and my favorite, littlest person. ¬†However, today is about me and my progress in losing the baby weight and reaching my fitness goals! ¬†New to my updates? ¬†Here’s a blast from the past:


1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

Whew … that is a lot of months of progress! ¬†Here’s a trip down memory lane …

3 Months Post-Baby Body

3 Months Post Baby Body

6 Months Post-Baby Body

6 Months Post-Baby Body

9 Months Post- Baby Body

9 months post baby body

Still doing good!  I think my stomach gets a little flatter and my abs slightly more defined as time is going on.  My legs are definitely toning up also.  My focus points in the coming months are my sides, inner thighs, and back.  Any words of wisdom for shredding fat on your sides and inner thighs?!


9 months post baby body measurements

I am excited to see some progress in the weight department. ¬†While I don’t live and die by the scale I do have a goal weight in mind. ¬†However a friend kindly reminded me that those are some vanity pounds which I don’t deny. ¬†However, my biggest indicator of progress is how my clothes fit and how everything looks in the mirror. ¬†I would happily be 150 lbs and toned/ripped any day. ¬†:) ¬†The number on the scale is just that … a number. ¬†I refuse to let it define me.


I came clean with you all this week and told you about my battle with my sweet tooth. ¬†It’s been a little difficult this week with company in town and so many fun things going on for the 4th of July. ¬†I would love to say I kicked the habit overnight but that isn’t the case. ¬†My other concern is that I am going home to Arizona next week for 2 full weeks and I am a little nervous about keeping up with my clean eating. ¬†My family are healthy eaters but it’s totally different when you’re not doing the grocery shopping. ¬†I am going to work hard to make good choices but I know this will be a hard month. ¬†Clean eating detox will ensue when I get home that’s for sure!


I have kept up with consistently working out 5-6 days a week and it feels great.  If there is one word that I would like to use to describe my fitness goals it would be STRONG.  I want to grow and develop muscles.  I want my arms, legs, back, and abs to be well-defined.  I am still trying to figure out how to get there though.

SO any ideas for gaining muscle and cutting fat would be greatly appreciated!  What I am doing has worked up until this point but I want to get to the next level.  Maybe some fresh ideas and new thoughts are just what I need.  :)