Hilton Head: Day 1

I can’t believe our first day in Hilton Head Island is already in the books and we are on to day 2!  Time flies when you’re having fun right?  😉  Yesterday we all slept in to 7:30AM and I made the mistake of going into Em’s room thinking she was up.  BIG FAT NO.  But my entering roused the beast haha.  Poor thing has 5 teeth coming in at once and woke up with a fever.  A dose of motrin later and she was good to go.  One of the best things about our house at HHI is that there is a full kitchen.  I whipped up some eggs, bacon, and bagels for a cheap and nutritious breakfast before we started our day.


After breakfast we loaded up the car and headed to shop.  I seriously LOVE shopping.  The fact that there are some awesome outlets up here helps my cause.  Since the Tanger outlets in Hilton Head are split between I and II we hit up Tanger I in the morning.  Em scored the most out of all of us haha.


Tanger Outlets - Hilton Head


After shopping for a few hours and emptying my wallet at Carter’s and Gap Kids it was time for lunch.  One of the nurses I work with the ER suggested we eat at Robert Irvine’s Nosh which is conveniently located in the Tanger II outlet center.  There were several craft burgers to choose from and a nice drink selection.  The atmosphere inside was nice and cozy with a lit fire.  Em though was at the end of her rope so Chris and I alternated playing outside with her until our food came.  I ordered the Augusta burger which have pimento cheese, braised bacon, lettuce, and tomato on it.  The pimento added a different but tasty flavor to the burger.


Robert Irvine's Nosh - Bluffton

By the time lunch was over Em was in meltdown mode so we went back to the house for her nap.  While she snoozed, I ran up to the fitness center for a quick workout while Chris watched March Madness.  I did a 2 mile run on the treadmill and a quick CrossFit WOD of 21-15-9 reps of push-ups, bench dips, and sit-ups.  It felt good to break a sweat and work off some of my burger 😉

When Em woke up we headed back to the Tanger I outlets so I could hit up J.Crew and BCBG.  I ended up scoring some awesome deals at both … Maybe a fashion post is in my future? 😉


For dinner we hit up one of the restaurants associated with Operation R&R.  Hudson’s on the Docks is located right on Port Royal Sound and has some killer views.  They also give 50% off of food to Operation R&R guests!  SCORE.  When we pulled up I was immediately impressed with the views and naturally insisted on taking some photos 😉


Hudson's on the Docks - Views

Madeline, Chris, and Em


 For starters, they bring out an entire basket of hush puppies and oh my goodness they were addicting!  We definitely had to watch ourselves so we didn’t eat them all.  In lieu of an appetizer, Chris and I shared 1/2 pound of snow crab legs.  Crab legs are one of our favorite foods and these were by far some of the best I have had.  For my main course I had blackened wild Alaskan cod with sautéed spinach, lump crab meat, and cheese served over a cheesy grit biscuit.  The sauce it came in made the dish.  Finally, for dessert we had bread pudding.  While the taste was there, I like my bread pudding warm and this was cold.  Intentionally?  Not sure.


Hudson's on the Docks - Hilton Head


After our meal we spoke with the manager and thanked him for providing that special to military families.  Turns out he is a former Marine so he gets it 😉


Unfortunately, Em’s fever returned with a vengeance as we got home.  After a quick bath she and I snuggled on one of the extra beds.  She actually fell asleep on me for about an hour which she never does.  Here’s to hoping that she is feeling better today and we can continue with the fun adventures we have planned!


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Savannah Tea Room

I have professed my love for my Army family before here on the blog.  When push comes to shove my Army family comes through.  And it comes through for my friends.  A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to celebrate Heather and Baby C at a baby shower in Savannah.  Leslie Ann, Cassie, and I had fun coming up with a plan for the lady of honor and we decided to hit up the Savannah Tea Room for lunch.  Bonus?  It was a 4-day weekend so Chris watched Em 😉


The Savannah Tea Room is in downtown Savannah on Broughton Street.  From the outside it doesn’t look like much but don’t let it fool you.  Inside is a cute and quaint little store and restaurant.  All of the lunches came with tea service, soup du jour, scone, and sweets.


IMG_0003 IMG_0004 Savannah Tea Room - Lunch Tea

The tea special of the day was the Emperor’s Bride.  It has a base of Assam and Ceylon teas.Pineapple chunks and dried orange peel are added and it is enhanced with thistle petals and essence of quince and elder (source).

The soup du jour was potato and oh my goodness was it good!  It was perfectly creamy with huge potato chunks.  For my entry I got a ham and cheese quiche which was also delicious.  We all nibbled on the included sweets but saved room for dessert.


After eating we headed outside for some dessert and presents!  I had picked up cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes over the weekend.  I got us the following: birthday surprise, red velvet, midnight madness, and wedding cake.


Gigi's Cupcakes - Savannah


Before the “sprinkle” for Heather, we sent out a message to her girlfriends and mom back home to include them in the fun.  All of them sent Heather and Baby C a little something special.  The girls and I had a ton of fun spoiling Heather with love and gifts :)





Overall it was a perfect girls day.  The Savannah Tea Room is a wonderful place to lunch with your ladies.  I hope to take Em there when she’s a bit older and before we move again because it’s also a little girl’s perfect tea party!  I am so thankful and blessed that I have such amazing girlfriends in my life :)  I am now officially on “baby watch” for Baby C!  She can make her appearance any day now and I am on hospital duty … WEE!!



Have you ever been to a tea room?  What’s your favorite kind of tea?

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Weekend Recap

First things first … the winners of my “What To Expect” giveaway are:


Congatulations Nancy and Char!  Shoot me an email at foodfitnessandfamily {at} gmail {dot} com and I will get your books out to you!!


Another weekend that went by too fast!  I guess though I am on a perpetual weekend here in Arizona 😉  I have been super lucky that my time here has coincided with my grandmother’s visit from Texas and my Aunt Linda being in town from Minnesota!  It’s been FULL of family :)  In case you missed it, my posts from the weekend:



Saturday was a full day.  We all took turns getting our workout in so someone would always be home with grandma and Emmie.  I snuck off to the gym and did a 20 minute run on the treadmill and then lifted weights for my back.  Boy did I feel the burn!

#FitFluential Workout

That afternoon my friend Kelley picked me up for some lunch and retail therapy!  Kelley was one of my bridesmaids and it had been way too long since we got to hang out.  We headed to the Biltmore Fashion Park and hit of True Food Kitchen.

True Food Kitchen steak tacos

I got the steak tacos and they were AH-MAZING!  True Food seriously always impresses me and I love that they use natural and healthy ingredients in their food.  After that, Kelley and I hit up some of my favorite stores and I scored a couple cute new things along the way.  Fashion post coming this week 😉

After a fun day with Kelley it was time to head back to my mom’s house for a family dinner.  A simple family dinner in our house consists of 11 people and that’s not even everyone.  My grandma made her famous 7-minute frosting for a chocolate cake and my niece and nephew were excited to help my mom frost the cake.

Grandma's Frosting

We had an awesome dinner of my mom’s famous meat loaf, roasted potatoes, a brussle sprout and tomato salad, and corn bread.  My mom out-does herself every single time.  No one went hungry and everyone’s bellies were happy!



I started my day off with an awesome 4-mile run.  It was 81 degrees and humid which threw me for a loop because anyone who is from Arizona knows that humidity is a rather foreign concept here.  I thought I left it all behind me in Georgia.  My legs were pretty tired from a great week of workouts so I kept my pace slow and steady.  The view is very different here than it is in Savannah but it reminds me why I love the dessert.

4 Mile AZ run

The rest of the day I hung out over at my sister’s house.  She and I hit up Trader Joe’s and she helped stock me up on some of my favorite treats that I don’t have access to in Georgia.  Sunday night everyone came over for another family dinner.  My grandma is a puzzle queen and got the whole fam in on the action:

family puzzle

The other beauty of having grandma here is that there were 4-generations together.  Here is my grandmother with 4 of her great-grandchildren.

Great Grandma and kids

We had another great spread of food which was made even better by the company.  It’s nights like this that makes me miss living here in Arizona and long for the day that Chris and I can make it our home again.  I love my family more than anything and seeing Emmalyne play with her cousins hit home to me.  One day … one day.

I have some fun things planned on the blog this week plus an announcement tomorrow so stay tuned 😉

How was your weekend?

Birthday Weekend Recap

We had QUITE the birthday weekend over here!  Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts on my birthday.  You sure know how to make a girl feel special 😉


Chris had a 4-day weekend (he is off today too) so our weekend actually started last Thursday with his Change of Command Ceremony.  I want to dedicate a whole post to this since it is such an important moment in his life and I am incredibly proud but I am waiting on the pictures from the photographer.  Here is a family pic my mother-in-law took though :)


Friday we met Ashley in Savannah for lunch at The Green Truck Pub.  I am a horrible blogger because I totally forgot to take pics!  I was just so excited to meet her haha.  Ashley is married to our friend Tim from college.  Time deployed right before we moved here so he didn’t have a chance to introduce us.  Well, we took matters into our own hands and got together.  I am super excited for the shopping adventures we have planned 😉  The food was awesome.  The Green Truck Pub gets all their meat from a local farm and all the beef is grass-fed.  The burgers are seriously awesome.  I am a ketchup fiend and am undecided about how I feel about theirs … they make it in house.  I think I’ll stick with Heinz 😉


As you know, Saturday was my 25th birthday.  I couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off than a family run in the park.  We loaded up the BOB and Emmie in to the car, and drove to J. F. Gregory park to get our workout in.  I am so in love with this park.  There are many things to do but we hit up the loop through the woods that I ran walked with Courtney last week.  We took turns pushing the BOB and ended up doing 3 miles in 27:38.  We took our time and just enjoyed the day.  The weather was perfect, the humidity low, and the sun shining.  I couldn’t have asked for more :)


Emmalyne napped for our entire run but work up right as we were finishing up our cool-down.  She looked mighty comfortable and happy in her chariot:


After our run we had to hurry home and shower before our babysitter showed up.  Chris and I haven’t seen a movie in goodness knows how long so it was about time.  We hired a friend’s daughter to sit with Em while we hit up the matinee for The Avengers.  Yes I know it has been out forever.  We have been DYING to see it and haven’t had the chance until now.  I am really glad it lived up to my expectations and I can’t wait to see what else they do with potential sequels.


After the movie we took a break for me to open my presents.  They were all fitness related and deserve their own post because I got some pretty awesome #FitGear that I can’t wait to show you 😉


Before we knew it, it was time to head downtown again to meet Victoria at The Distillery for dinner.


I love me some good beer, food, and company and this evening was the perfect trifecta.  The Distillery boasts 21 beers on tap and 99 different bottled beers.  Their motto is “no crap, just craft” and they don’t serve Bud, Miller, Blue Moon, etc.  The only obvious thing to do in this situation is enjoy an ice cold one:


To go with our tasty beverages, we also had awesome food.  Victoria ordered a hummus appetizer that is was delicious!  Chris and I continued our tradition of ordering buffalo wings.  I give theirs an 8 out of 10.  You know how much we love our buffalo sauce 😉  For dinner I got the Savannah Chicken Salad and it was quite tasty.


It was really hard deciding what to get because everything looked so dang good.  Chris and I both have a list of things we want to try next time and we are both thoroughly intrigued by their beer club.  Needless to say we will be back 😉


Yesterday we got to celebrate Chris and what a wonderful Daddy he is.  Emmie got him a framed picture of the two of them for his new office at work.  We also made him a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and bacon.  He hung out with Emmie the rest of the day while I studied for my GRE … fun times 😉


Any-who … today I am actually taking the GRE and I am super excited to have it behind me.  Standardized tests don’t really make me nervous but I don’t necessarily feel as a prepared for this one as I would like.  Moving, getting settled, etc. has made preparing a little more difficult than I imagined.  Oh well!  Wish me luck 😉


How are your weekend?  How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!  This week is INSANE for us.  Chris’ parents get to Georgia tomorrow and will be with us until Friday for Chris’ Change of Command ceremony on Thursday!  I am so flipping proud of my husband I can’t stand it.  :)  Before the chaos of the week hits I have to share our amazing weekend with you!


Courtney was in town visiting us from Chicago and we had an absolute blast.  Friday morning we laced up our sneakers and hit up a new-to-me trail in J. F. Gregory Park in Richmond Hill.  The trail was a 3.5 mile loop which will be PERFECT to run for half-marathon training this fall.  Half of the path is paved with workout stations along the way.  After awhile it cuts over into gravel.  The whole thing is shaded which is nice in this Georgia heat.


Courtney was rather disappointed that we didn’t see an alligator.  Emmie and I were thrilled haha.  I asked one of the park workers what we should do if we saw one and he said to just go the opposite direction.  That the gator would be more scared of us.  I think the gator would see Em as lunch.  We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and prepping a yummy dinner of roasted chicken (for us), salmon (Court) and veggies.

We got up bright and early Saturday to hit the road to Hilton Head Island for a day of sun, sand, and shopping.  We got to Coligny Beach around 10AM which was perfect timing.  Coligny is SO nice.  There is free beach parking literally a 3 minute walk from the sand.  The showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms are all amazing.  I was seriously impressed.  We were still able to claim prime beach real estate and get our fortress set up.


Our beach tent was a life saver.  When I was prepping for our trip I called Maria and asked what she uses for Caleb and she recommended getting a tent over an umbrella so I went on Amazon and did.  Luckily I ended up getting the same one she has and it’s AWESOME.  I highly recommend it for anyone with kids.  You can find it HERE.

Emmie was pretty content hanging out in her palace.


After a bit we thought it was time to see what baby girl thought of the ocean.

Verdict is … she likes the beach but is undecided about the ocean.  She wasn’t too happy putting her feet in it.  I think it was a little cold for her.  The princess likes her water bath tub warm.  But please tell me that those chunky thighs aren’t the cutest thing you’ve seen today??


Victoria met us for the day and we all had SO much fun!  I am so glad to have such a FitFluential friend in town.  She has been so warm and welcoming and I LOVE it :)


We spent about 3.5 hours at the beach which was more than enough for the day.  We dropped off our gear at the car and walked a short distance to Market Street Cafe.  I know Presley LOVES Hilton Head so I hit her up for a lunch suggestion and that’s where she sent us.  She was right … it was GREAT!  I had the Greek steak pita and it was delish.


After lunch it was time to SHOP.  Hilton Head has a pretty good set of Tanger Outlets.  The only downfall is that they are broken into two sections and are a couple miles apart so we had to move locations to hit all the stores we wanted.  Courtney and I did some heavy damage at Banana Republic, J. Crew and Nike.  My BEST find of the day was a dress for the military ball in September.  It is amazing and was way too good of a deal to pass up.  I’m obsessed.


We shopped til we dropped and then we were hungry.  Again.  Haha.  We made our way back to Savannah and met with Victoria and her hubs at Vinnie Van Go-Gos for some pizza.


Yesterday wrapped up the weekend.  We said good-bye to Court and headed downtown again for lunch at the Crystal Beer Parlor.  Some of our best friends from Texas were in town visiting with their family and we jumped at the chance to see them.  The last time we saw Wed and Rachel we were high-fiving as they were leaving and we were moving to Missouri.  The only disappointing thing is that their sweet boys weren’t with them.  Next time 😉


We seriously had such an awesome weekend.  It was great to see so many good friends :)  Here’s to the week!

**In case you missed it, the final blog of my wedding series was up this weekend!  Check out our honeymoon in the Bahamas :)


What did you do this weekend?