Favorite Treadmill Workouts

It’s FRIDAY folks!  I survived my first test of the quarter … or at least I think I did since we haven’t gotten our grades back yet.  Fingers crossed because it was a doozy!  Today was are learning how to give injections … on each other.  So I imagine I am going to be stuck with a needle ALL morning.  It should be interesting since this is our first experience inflicting “pain” on each other ha.


This quarter I am trying really hard to keep up the fitness base I had built.  I have my PiYo challenge (starting soon if you still want to join!) but there is also the possibility of some fall/winter half-marathons looming on the horizon so running needs to happen to. The problem is is that I am a huge wuss and hate running in the heat.  SO I take it to the treadmill!  Since I am SURE I am not the only one who hates running in 95 degrees and 100% humidity I am sharing my favorite treadmill workouts with you today :)



Treadmill Pyramid Workout
5/5 Interval Workout

20 minute treadmill hiit
Tush Tamer Treadmill Workout
20 Minute Treadmill HIIT

Hope you have a great weekend and make sure to make it count and fit in some fitness too 😉


Do you have a favorite treadmill workout?

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Treadmill Pyramid Workout

Thanks for all your votes on whether or not Jellybean is a boy or girl!  We had our ultrasound yesterday and I am happy to report that everything is looking good!  The Jellybean was a little stubborn and didn’t give the tech a good shot of their spine so I have to go back for a repeat ultrasound in 4 weeks … DARN 😉  And before you ask … YES we know the gender and NO I am not spilling the beans yet!  We have our friends coming over tomorrow and will make the reveal after that.


Besides knowing what the baby is, one of the best parts about this week is that I have been getting some quality runs in!  Running pregnant is definitely different and I plan on sharing my experience soon but I am just happy to still be logging miles at 5 months pregnant.  So far this week I have ran 10 miles with still a few days left to go!


As part of Best Body Bootcamp Tina gave some guidelines as to how some cardio days could look.  I am a big fan of pyramid workouts because I get a boost of intensity while having time to recover … perfection for a preggo!  Since it has been FOR-EV-ER since I shared a workout with you, I thought I would share my version of a treadmill pyramid workout!  My speed has definitely slowed and this got me around 11:00/mile … or 2:00 slower than pre-pregnancy.  Adjust the speed as necessary to fit your needs :)


Treadmill Pyramid Workout


I hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend!  I can’t wait to share all about the Jellybean on Monday :)


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Giant Treadmill Hill Workout

I hope you guys had a great weekend!  We were pretty low key and spent most of it letting Emmalyne recover from whatever bug she had last week.  It is no fun dealing with a sick baby :(  Luckily I am happy to report that she seems to be doing MUCH better.  Her fever broke Friday night, she slept a lot Saturday, and was a tad cranky yesterday but definitely on the mend.  Thank you for all your kind words and well wishes.  We felt them!


Any-who, since moving to Savannah in April my running has changed.  How you ask?  In Missouri I was constantly running hills.  Anyone who has lived by the Lake of the Ozarks or Fort Leonard Wood can attest that there are rolling hills everywhere.  No matter where I ran there would be TONS of hills.  Here in Savannah?  Nary a hill to be seen.  While I totally love the flat terrain and the speed I feel when I run, I also know that not everywhere is this amazing.  Case and point?  The Augusta Half Marathon elevation chart:


Augusta Half Marathon Elevation Chart


Do you see what happens between miles 4-5?!?!  Thats a mile long uphill … aka death to Madeline’s legs.  Since the Augusta Half is my next big race I have taken matters into my own hands for training.  While I would love to be able to go run the Savannah Bridge every weekend, I just can’t.  Therefore, I have to make my own hills using the treadmill.  This is the workout I have been doing:


Giant Treadmill Hill


So far this is working for me.  I am honestly pretty winded at the end of the uphill portion.  Since I just started using it I am hoping that I get used to it ASAP.  Either way I know it’ll be good practice before conquering that monster (to me) hill in the race.


How do you train for hilly races?  Any good workouts you suggest?



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Fitness Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!  WOO!  Even though I have been in Phoenix this week with my dad I have still managed to squeeze in a couple quality workouts.  I am trying to stay on schedule so I am ready for my fall races.  I am super lucky that my mom’s gym is extremely accommodating and allows me to utilize their facilities while I am home.  Without further ado, a short version of Fitness Friday!





7.5 mile run


A decent, treadmill bound 7.5 mile run.  My legs felt like absolute bricks.  I had worked out with my sister’s personal trainer 2 days before and she whooped our booties.  I had some major DOMS in my legs and struggled with the run.  I was hoping for 8, wanted to quit at 7, and compromised for 7.5.  The good news?  My legs felt tons better after.



4 mile #run

I did 4 miles in 35:53 for 8:59/mile.  I felt great for this run.  I followed up with Best Body Bootcamp core workout and threw in some planks and supermans for good measure.



35 minute tempo


I did a 5 minute warm-up followed by a 35 minute tempo run hovering around an average of 6.8 on the treadmill.  I did 4.3 miles in 40 minutes for an average of 9:01/mile.  Again, I followed up with some core work with an adapted version of BBB and some extra planks,



Friday: 3 miles + Best Body Bootcamp

Saturday: 8 miles

Sunday: 30 minute Run + Best Body Bootcamp



Overall I didn’t get to stick to my BBB plan too well this week.  I am just glad I have made it to the gym at all giving the circumstances.  It’s amazing how quickly you can feel “soft” when you don’t life weights like you normally do.  I don’t like it and can’t wait to get back to my normal routine next week to finish up the last week of BBB strong!


How was your week in workouts?  Post any fun ones?

**Edited to add:  Today would be the day I normally share my post-baby body progress.  I don’t have a scale or measuring tape here in Phoenix so I will be sharing my update next week when I get home :)  I also realized that I forgot to thank Erin yesterday too!  She gave me such an awesome guest post and I feel awful in not acknowledging it yesterday.  Sorry girl, you rock!

Fitness Friday

On Facebook I dubbed yesterday “Thankful Thursday” … why you ask?  Because Emmalyne’s fever was GONE and I had my happy, sweet baby back :)  I am so THANKFUL that she is feeling better.  There is not much worse as a mother than when your baby is hurting.  So I am excited for a weekend full of fun family time :)


Even though our weekend started yesterday, today is still Friday and it’s time for another installment of Fitness Friday!  I am content with my workouts this week and week #3 of Best Body Bootcamp went swimmingly.  Every week Tina asks us to set goals for the week.  Mine are still to drink 100+ oz of water each day and to do yoga at least once a week.  I have hit the H2O consumption every day and am planning on going to a flow class tomorrow so CHECK!  Without further ado … here is what I did:





Circuit Intervals


Monday’s Best Body Bootcamp workout was circuit intervals.  The super sets focused on “push” exercises and were pretty awesome.  My goal was to do my 10 minutes of cardio at a faster pace per mile than I am used to.  It totaled 4.68 miles in the end.  This is what it looked like:

10 min warm-up -> super set 1 -> 10 min cardio -> super set 2 -> 10 min cardio -> super set 3 -> 10 min cardio




5/5 Intervals


Tuesday was 50 minutes of cardio intervals with 5 minutes easy followed by 5 minutes hard repeated.  I wanted to really push myself and I did!  After running I did 15 minutes of core work.  This is what my intervals looked like:


5/5 Interval Workout


Gym Workout


Emmie’s fever struck Wednesday morning so she stayed in her PJ’s and we skipped the gym.  Luckily we have some gym equipment in the garage so when she went down for her nap I hit the garage for Phase 2, Workout B.  It was a circuit style workout like Monday but these exercises were “pull” focused.  I did my cardio by running, high knee-ing, and butt-kicking up and down my LONG driveway.  Great workout and just a reminder that I don’t NEED the gym to sweat hard 😉



REST.  Decided to take it easy after a late/long night with Emmalyne.  Needed to regroup!



I will be hitting the gym this morning for Phase 2, Workout C and a 30 minute run.


Overall I can’t complain!  We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Tomorrow night we are going to the Savannah Sand Gnats with Chris’ company and Sunday Heather and I have a 6-miler planned!  Woo Woo.  Have a great weekend!!  See you Sunday for the Top 10!


Did you have a great workout this week?  Share it in the comments!  I would love to hear about it … especially if it’s one I can pin 😉