Food + Fitness: January 20, 2014

Happy Monday friends!  I am enjoying the fact that I have today off and I get to enjoy a long weekend with my sweet family.  Catching up with my girls this weekend has been the absolute highlight.  Chris and I snuck some fun in too between going out with my cohort Friday night and celebrating our friend’s 30th birthday last night.  Needless to say I am mentally rejuvenated by some fun and I am ready to tackle another crazy week of school!  I have some fun things coming at you this week including an awesome giveaway tomorrow but today I am sharing our meal plan for the week and last week’s workouts :)


FOOD and Fitness



Monday: Korean food courtesy of my mother-in-law

Tuesday: Spinach and artichoke chicken with roasted veggies

Wednesday: Mom’s spaghetti

Thursday: Oven baked chicken tacos

Friday: Greek pitas



Sunday: 2 mile run

Monday: 3 mile run + upper body

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: 20 minute HIIT (2 miles)

Thursday: Home WOD (3 miles)

Friday: REST

Saturday: 4 mile run


I am spending today studying my sweet little booty off.  My head is swimming with A&P, CBC info, and so much more. Poor Chris has been my guinea pig with relentless blood pressure testing.  I also have to meal prep for the week and we are hoping to sneak off to see Lone Survivor during nap time.  Needless to say it’s going to be a full day!  If you have today off I hope you get to spend it doing something fun :)

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Food + Fitness: 1/13/14

Hey there friends!  I officially start classes today and therefore spent the entire weekend preparing and didn’t get around to posting this week’s meal plan and last week’s workouts until this now.


FOOD and Fitness




Sunday: Chicken Over Warm Kale and Asparagus Salad

Monday: Whole Chicken and Roasted Vegetables

Tuesday: Quinoa Chili

Wednesday: Crockpot Lasagna

Thursday: Salmon and Roasted Vegetables

Friday: Out



Sunday (1/5): Power Yoga

Monday (1/6): 4 mile run + Fit Test

Tuesday (1/7): Carrots’N’Cake Workout (2.5 miles total)

Wednesday (1/8): 3 mile run

Thursday (1/9): 3 mile incline run + FitMiss Workout

Friday (1/10); REST

Saturday (1/11): 5 mile run

Sunday (1/12): 2 mile run


As far as workouts go I am pretty happy with this week.  This was my first week waking up at 5:00AM to workout and so I managed to get some good ones in.  I wish I had more strength training in there and am working on that for this week.  On my 2 mile run I also hit my post-baby mile PR of 8:51.  Slowly getting my speed back!


Today is my first official day of classes so wish me luck!  I have three ahead of me: Professional Seminar, Medical Interviewing & Documentation, and Medical Anatomy & Physiology.  Basically a full plate 😉

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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Food + Fitness: 1/5/14

Happy Sunday friends!  My mother-in-law got into town last night and will be staying with us for the rest of the month to help with Bryn while I start PA school.  I feel REALLY blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that are willing and able to help us out :)  Makes this mama feel a lot better knowing that my sweet baby will be in Grandma’s care for another month.


Anyway … time to share my meal plan for the week and last week’s workouts with you guys!


FOOD and Fitness



Sunday: Chris and I are out

Monday: Chicken & Rice Casserole

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Thursday: Whole Chicken + Roasted Veggies

Friday: Grilled Pizza



Sunday: Hot Vinyasa Flow

Monday: 2 mile run + CrossFit WOD (included 1 mile of running)

Tuesday: 4 mile run + Firm Upper Body Workout

Wednesday: 4 mile run

Thursday: 5x400m repeats for 3 miles + Leg WOD

Friday: FitMiss Workout (included 2.17 miles of running)

Saturday: 4 mile run with my friends


I felt GREAT this week with working out and feel 100% back in the game.  I got in yoga, 20 miles of running (!!), and 4 strength workouts.  This was MY week.


Tonight Chris and I are meeting about 20 of the members of my PA school cohort to celebrate one of our last free weekends for the next 27 months.  I am excited to meet some of the people I have been communicating with for the last 6 months in person and start to establish some friendships that will no doubt be important throughout the program. Weee!!  Enjoy your Sunday!

Food + Fitness: 12/29/13

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far.  I’ve been pretty unplugged with Chris and the girls and it’s been great!  As I sit here this morning typing this up I am enjoying a hot cup of coffee and listening to the rain while the rest of the family is still in bed.  I love these few precious moments of quiet before the day starts :)


FOOD and Fitness




Sunday: Lasagna Rolls

Monday: Chunky Beef Stew (freezer)

Tuesday (NYE): Rib roast with gorgonzola sauce, gruyere mashed potatoes, asparagus, and champagne 😉

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili (freezer)

Friday: Salmon burgers



Sunday (12/22): Power Yoga

Monday (12/23): 3 mile run + upper body workout

Tuesday (12/24): 3 mile run + leg WOD

Wednesday (12/25): 20 minute HIIT + 10 minute incline walking + Ab workout

Thursday (12/26): REST

Friday (12/27): 3 mile run + full body circuit

Saturday (12/28): 4 mile run



I felt great this week with my workouts.  I got in yoga, strength training, and logged 16 miles miles!  Yesterday’s 4-miler boosted my confidence.  It literally took me MONTHS to get back to sub-10 minute miles after having Emmalyne and yesterday on Bryn’s one month birthday I did the 4 miles and averaged 9:35/mile with no walking.  I have some big goals for 2014 and this makes me feel ready :)


Any-who … I hear little feet coming down the stairs so my day is getting started!  Enjoy your Sunday.

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Food + Fitness: 12/22/13

I love when other bloggers share their meal plans for the week and their fitness goals.  The meal plans often give me ideas for my own and when I see some of the other workouts my own get inspiration.  So I thought it would be fun to join in!  Instead though I am going to share my meals for the upcoming week and workouts from the last week … I’d rather show what I actually did than what I hope to do :)


FOOD and Fitness



Sunday: Oven Baked Chicken Tacos

Monday: Beef stew (from the freezer)

Tuesday: Roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole, and

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Chipotle Bowls

Friday: Pasta Fagioli (from the freezer)



Sunday (12/15): Power Yoga

Monday (12/16): 2.5 mile run

Tuesday (12/17): 3 mile run

Wednesday (12/18): 2.5 mile treadmill run + CrossFit Mom WOD

Thursday (12/19): Rest

Friday (12/20): 3 mile run

Saturday (12/21): Jingle Bell Asana Yoga


Overall I had a great week of workouts.  I managed 12 miles, one strength, and two yoga classes.  I am hoping to make my Sunday morning power class my “go to” class for the week and hopefully fit in one more.  This week my goal is to get in some more strength training and start getting my core a little stronger again :)


This week my plan looks like this:

Su: Power Yoga (Check!  I went this morning)

M: Run + Upper Body

 T: Run + Full Body


Th: Run + Legs

F: Run + Abs



Any-who … I am super excited that Christmas is in just a few days!  We are pretty much all good to go over here. I can’t wait for Emmalyne to see all the presents under the Christmas tree this year.


What is your workout plan for the week?

Are you all ready for Christmas?


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