Meal Plan // 08.17.15

Mixing things up a bit this Monday friends! We had a great weekend over here but I failed to capture any of it because I LIVED it. So rather than a weekend recap I thought I would share my meal plan for the week instead!


Meal Plan Aug 17


Monday: Parmesan Crusted Tilapia + Veggies

Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili

Wednesday: Sausage, potatoes, and veggies

Thursday: Salmon burgers + sweet potato fries

Friday: Grilled Pizza

Saturday: Pork tenderloin + Veggies

Sunday: Wine-Braised Beef Shepherd’s Pie


There you go!  Hope it helps to inspire you for the week.  All of our meals Monday-Friday are fairly simple and quick to throw together to accommodate our crazy busy schedule :)


Do you meal plan?  What’s one meal you’re looking forward to this week? 

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Whole Again

I know I left you hanging the other day about why this week is amazing


Together Again


Our family is together again!  Chris has been gone playing Army a majority of the summer and it’s been challenging to say the least.  While I was fortunate enough to have both my mom and his mom helping me at different times there were still periods of time where me and the girls were on our own.  We had our own routine and things functioned fine but there was a huge piece of our hearts missing.


This is one aspect of being a military wife that doesn’t get easier, especially now that we have children.  When Chris was deployed it was hard for me but I was just fine.  I am a fairly independent woman.  I don’t NEED Chris … life is just better when he is in it.  Having little girls though that ADORE their father is another thing.  Explaining to tiny humans why daddy isn’t here was difficult because they didn’t quite understand.  Chris was exceptional both periods of time he was gone and Facetimed when he could but things just weren’t the same.


So another crazy summer is behind us and this will :hopefully: be his last long trip in this unit since we should be moving in the spring.  Juggling these missions of his, PA school, and two crazy kids isn’t for the faint of h

Rotation Wrap Up: Emergency Medicine

I wrapped up my Emergency Medicine rotation two weeks ago and finally got the opportunity to sit down and write a little bit of a “guide to” post for ER like I did for my Internal Medicine and OB/GYN rotations. While I know many of my readers are NOT students in the medical field, I am also aware that many of you ARE and that you have found these types of posts helpful! So without further ado … here is my Emergency Medicine wrap up post!

rotation wrap up EM

What I Thought of Emergency Medicine

I found my calling you guys. Like seriously. Every since volunteering at the Rock’N’Roll last year and just knowing how my mind works I always thought I would want to end up in an ER as a provider. However, I was a little nervous too that I would get to the ER and end up hating it. Fortunately that wasn’t the case and I fell even deeper in love. I love the acuity, the pace, the patients, the procedures, and the mind set. I found myself dreading leaving my rotation because I loved it SO much! Sure the hours were crazy long when I was at work but they were all worth it!


Favorite Products that were Helpful

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine –OR– Rosen’s Emergency Medicine
Either of these resources will serve you well. We used Tintinalli’s during didactic but my preceptors were partial to Rosen’s. Either way they are a solid, evidenced-based guide for practicing Emergency Medicine.


Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopeia
My ER was notorious for having terrible cell phone service so I had a pocked pharm reference on me at all times. I found it incredibly useful for medications I wasn’t as familiar with etc.


I actually purchased a student subscription to UptoDate and have the entire database downloaded on my phone so I can access it without WiFi connection. I love it! I often got “pimped” on things I had never heard of so having a comprehensive resource was essential.


Sleep Mask
A random thing huh? But when you work nightshift a good sleep mask for the next day is super important. I ordered this one from Amazon and it worked like a charm. In fact, I still sleep with it and have noticed that my quality of sleep has increased!


Stethoscope Holder
I got tired of having my stethoscope around my neck and my white coat pockets were too heavy so I got this handy holder and loved it.


EM Basic
This podcast is free and AMAZING. It is produced by a military Emergency Physician and it is spot on. I scheduled out which episode I would listen to when so I got through all of them on my commute to work. It is very basic but thorough in how to approach different chief complaints.



What I Carried in my White Coat

What goes into my pockets is tailored by which rotation I am on. This is what was in my pockets for this one:

  • Multiple pens
  • Highlighter
  • A notebook
  • A “cheat sheet” with my current patients on it
  • Tarascon Pharmacopeia
  • iPhone
  • Reflex hammer
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Maxwell


Things to Brush Up On

Sticking with topics like I did for OB/GYN that would be great to review before starting. Create a differential and how you would work them up:

  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Suturing, field blocks, I&Ds
  • Female GU complaints
  • STIs


Some Tips for Success

1. Always include at least 3 things on your differential that will kill your patient if you were to miss them. Even if you don’t think that’s what’s going on.
2. Biggest thing to learn is “sick vs. not sick”. If you go into a room and your gut says “sick” go get your preceptor. Valuable time will be lost if you wait.
3. Think about the probable disposition for your patient up front. It may guide your decision-making.
4. Always have a reason for ordering each diagnostic test. Be able to articulate why you are ordering it and what you’re looking for.
5. Don’t skip the crappy charts. Take every patient that you can even if they aren’t the most exciting in the rack. You’ll learn something from all of them and your preceptor wil notice that you’re not above the grunt work.
6. Make friends with the staff. The techs and nurses will be your greatest resources if you are kind to them and use them wisely. Always offer to help them out if you have the time. They will be more likely to help you later if you do.


That pretty much sums things up! If you have specific questions let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at footfitnessandfamily (at) Gmail (dot) com.

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Weekend Recap

Another weekend down and another Monday upon us.  This weekend seemed TOO short and I am not quite ready to face another week.  Le sigh.  I did however manage to make the most out of our weekend though and thought I would share!


Emmie and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to the grocery store together.  She had a ton of fun helping me find what I needed from shelves, counting produce, and riding on the side of the cart.  It was a fun experience for the two of us to have together since normally groceries are a family affair with ALL of us or I try to sneak out alone.  I might have to make this our regular weekend date!  Later that night we loaded up the car and headed out to one of our favorite local restaurants – Marker 107.  It’s a great place situated right on the water with boat-up capabilities.  The view is only second to the food.  Everythign I have ever had there is delicious but their seafood dip appetizer is by far my favorite.  Since it was sundown Em got to enjoy seeing the dolphins!


Marker 107

After dropping off the rest of the family I headed out with a couple of my girlfriends from school for a much needed girls’ night.  We got a couple of desserts to share and washed the chocolate down with grapefruit beer and just caught up.  It’s a weird feeling to have gone from spending ~40 hours a week with the same people in didactic to being on rotation and rarely seeing them!



Sunday was spent getting ready for another week.  I finalized my meal plan and did some prepping and realized that my tired brain doesn’t do so great spelling.  Did you catch my error?


Meal Plan

We wrapped up the weekend by folding plenty of laundry and enlisting the help of tiny hands.  Fortunately for me the girls think that folding towels is still a game.  HA.



Here’s to another week!  This week is extra special but I will leave you hanging and fill you in later 😉  Happy Monday!


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Chores for a Three Year Old

For the last few months or so we have been implementing something new in our house for Emmalyne. For those of you that don’t know, Emmie attends a Montessori style preschool. One of the things I love most about Montessori is that they are big about enforcing independence as well as helpfulness. From an early age kids are expected to help clear tables, help the teacher, and learn how to become self sufficient in many ways. It’s unstructured, structured learning and it has been AMAZING for both of my girls.


So we wanted to continue that push at home as well in implementing a “chore” list for Em. Simply asking her to do things wasn’t cutting it so I knew we needed a method. When I saw my friend Kay post about chore magnets she got her son I knew it would be perfect for Emmie!

Emmie's chores


I ordered my set from UsefulButtons on Etsy. I was able to customize 25 magnets that fit our family. The owner made them quickly and I got them in less than a week!


Each week Emmie chooses three of the chores to do and when she does them she places them on this chore chart I made.  At the end of the week if she has completed her designated chores she will get a My Little Pony surprise bag. It works out well because the bag is $2 at our grocery store but Em is NUTS for them due to her obsession! Em has truly enjoyed being able to move the magnets to her chart and this method has made it a fun process for all of us!


There are a few non-negotiables though that she has to do every day. Bedtime had been a bit of a challenge so I added a magnet board in her bathroom with all the steps for bed on it. It has worked like a charm! Now she can visually see what tasks are left for her to do before she gets in bed and our nights are drama free.  Since picking out her clothes for the next day is on the list our mornings have seen an improvement as well.


bedtime tasks


I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you what has worked for us since I know some of you have “spirited” children as well 😉


Do you have your toddlers/preschoolers help around the house?  What is your method?

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