Fuller House



I am quickly popping in to tell you about an awesome new Netflix original … Fuller House!  If you’re like me then you grew up enjoying the antics of the Tanner family.  It was one of those shows that they whole family could enjoy and was appropriate for everyone!  I was pretty pumped when Netflix announced they were bringing them back for a new series!


I watched the first couple of episodes this weekend while walking on the treadmill.  The show is now centered around DJ who is a widower with her three boys.  Stephanie and Kimmy end up moving in to help DJ with her brood.  Your other favorite characters make appearances too with their signature taglines.  While the show itself is a little corny (I mean so was the first) I found myself transported back in time to my childhood.  I enjoyed seeing where these characters ended up in life and I am excited to finish out the series!


Make sure to check it out on Netflix while it’s there!

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A Short White Coat

Today is the last day that I don the short white coat of a Physician Assistant student in the clinical setting. The next time I set food to work in a clinic will be as an actual, practicing PA. I am still waiting for this information to sink in.


I received my short white coat at the beginning of my PA school journey, before I started doing my once-per-quarter shift in an endocrine clinic during our white coat ceremony. The short white coat is a symbol of a medical professional in training. Medical students have worn the short coat for ages and the Physician Assistant profession adopted the same tradition due to the fact that our training mirrors that of doctors in the medical model. I was honored to receive my own short coat from my dad. Having my father, and Internal Medicine physician coat me was one of the highlights of my educational career. I think coating me was a personal highlight for him too.


Getting My White Coat


When I started PA school 26 months ago I felt like I was climbing an endless mountain. During the 15-month long didactic portion of PA school there was a constant feeling of drowning and gasping for air. The fact that Chris and I went through that with a newborn baby still kind of blows my mind. In those 15 months my classmates and I took 87 exams and too many quizzes to count as well as multiple hands-on practicums. We bonded over coffee and sleep deprivation and did our best to absorb and synthesis a tremendous amount of information. We got through it but then the unknown of the clinical year was upon us.

What's in my white coat


When I began my clinical rotations last April doing inpatient Internal Medicine at a teaching hospital it was trial by fire. From the first hour of my first shift the gears had shifted and I realized that I was part of the actual medical decision making for these patients. I was also acutely reminded how much I had yet to learn. And so I read … and read some more. And asked questions. And observed my preceptors. I continued to do this through rotations in OB/GYN, Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Health, General Surgery, Primary Care, Pediatrics and my elective. My short white coat began to be stuffed to the brim with books, pens, notebooks, information cards, random pieces of paper, extra gloves, and too many other things to count.




Along the way I began to get my bearings as a healthcare provider. I gained confidence in my clinical knowledge and my procedural skill. I developed a love and interest for areas of medicine while accepting that some were just not for me. I gained new friends and mentors and hours of invaluable experience.


As I head to the clinic for the last day of my clinical rotations I am humbled. My white coat is now stained in pen marks, coffee drips, sweat, and goodness knows what else but it has withstood through the most amazing 12 months of my professional life.  The sleeves now remain rolled up and there might be an unraveling seam or two but it has done its job and served me well.  It’s amazing how far someone can come in 12 short months.


Sitting here I realize I certainly didn’t get to this point on my own. I have the most amazing husband who allows me to dream big and supports me and loves me along the way. Chris has been the “go-to” in the parenting department and our little girls couldn’t have a better daddy. I have had both of our mothers dedicate literally months of their lives cumulatively to help us out. They always made themselves available for trips to Georgia when Chris was gone for work or I had a particularly rough load. They loved my children, made us dinner, and provided a shoulder to lean on when I felt like I couldn’t keep going. I have also had the support of the most amazing 68 people in my classmates. I am truly not entirely sure what I am going to do without seeing them regularly. We have become a family along this journey and I look forward to seeing all of them blossom into the amazing healthcare providers I know they will be.


White Coat


I know I still have a bit of a mountain to climb before this journey is officially over. I still have two weeks left of supplemental material at home followed by two weeks of board prep, final testing, and other stuff on campus. Not to mention the biggest test of my life in April for me to become board certified.  Even though I still have some things to tackle I am still relishing this moment today. It’s been a hard and challenging road. A road with obstacles, some that I expected and some that I did not, but one I learned to navigate as best I could.  It’s a true privilege to be able to practice medicine, one that I hope to never take lightly.


Thank you for joining me these last two years as I worked hard to achieve this dream. Your constant support has been amazing and I am truly grateful.

Stitch Fix #17

You guys … I have no concept of time.  I am not even sure when I got this Stitch Fix (<–affiliate link) but I “think” it was in January.  Like pretty sure.  Regardless life got crazy and I didn’t get a chance with you.  However, since I decided to keep all of it (spoiler) I figured I should!  I can’t believe this my seventeenth Stitch Fix.  I must like it or something 😉


Stitch Fix #17 Button


41Hawthorn – Shara Herringbone Vest ($68)

41Hawthorn - Shara Herringbone Vest


I love this vest.  I know the herringbone vest has been “in” for the last two winters and I am so happy it is.  I actually bought one of these last year but it is no where near so good of quality so I decided to keep this one for longevity.  I have worn it a number of times and seriously love it! (keep)


Mystery – Fred Mixed Material Pullover Sweater ($88)

Mystree - Fred Mixed Material Pullover Sweater


I am loving all the mixed material items this year and this sweater was no exception.  I love how chunky and thick it is but then the femininity also comes out with the chiffon shell underneath.  You can’t tell in the photo but there are actually big slits up the side of the sweater.  I wore the on my trip to Missouri and was quite warm and I know it will serve me well next winter while I freeze there.  (keep)



Kut From the Kloth – Raymond Bootcut Pant ($78)

Kut From the Cloth - Raymoon Bootcut Pant


I haven’t met a pair of pants from Kut from the Kloth that I didn’t like.  This was the first time though that I received a true dress pant from them and I was JUST as happy as my other pants.  These pants are crazy comfortable and super flattering.  There was no way they were going back.  (keep)


Moon Collection – Bailee Cowl Neck Knit Poncho ($58)

Moon Collection - Bailee Cowl Neck Knit Poncho


This was one item I just wasn’t too sure about.  I have never owned a poncho and am kind of indifferent towards the trend.  However, since I was already leaning towards keeping most of my fix I kept an open mind towards it since I would get a discount if I kept everything.  I ended up kind of liking it … I was kind of surprised.  It’s also super comfortable and more flattering than I thought it would be.  (keep)


Market & Spruce – Colibri Polka Dot Print Top ($48)

Market & Spruce - Colibri Polka Dot Print Top


I have a thing for polka dots so it was kind of a no-brainer that this top made its way into my closet once I tried it on and realized it’s flattering too.  (keep)


Overall I actually kept everything in my Fix for the first time ever.  While I wouldn’t say it was 100% spot on it was pretty darn close.  I am thankful to have these pieces as we round out the colder weather here in the south and in anticipation of a much colder winter in the midwest next year.  If you haven’t tried out Stitch Fix before I’d love for you to use my link here –> Try Stitch Fix.  Oh and bonus … one of my sorority sisters from college (my Grand-Big to be exact) is now a stylist! If you ask for Talia you will be SURE to have a great fix 😉


Do you love Stitch Fix?  What’s your take on the mixed media or poncho trends?



My Favorite Vitamins

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.


Let’s talk vitamins today shall we?  As you guys know I try really hard to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, however, when life gets busy I sometimes find myself slacking.  This is why I have been supplementing my fairly healthy diet with vitamins for years now.  When I had the opportunity to work with Nature Made again I jumped at the chance!  Why?  Because Nature Made is the nation’s #1 best-selling brand for quality vitamins, minerals and supplements* to help support nutritional gaps.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorites today!

Nature Made Vitamins


Prenatal + DHA

Nature Made Prenatal


First off NO, I am not pregnant.  But I do take a Prenatal Multivitamin every single day.  It’s often recommended that women of childbearing years take a prenatal vitamin due to the addition of folic acid and iron.  Folic acid is extremely important in the early days of pregnancy in the prevention of neural tube defects.  Often times a woman doesn’t even know she’s pregnant until after a critical period of development.  I personally choose to take a prenatal so that on the off-chance I were to become pregnant I would already be taking the recommend amounts of folic acid.  DHA is a bonus for this reason as it helps to build baby’s brain, nervous system, and eyes.


Vitamin C

Nature Made Vitamin C

It’s no secret that Vitamin C helps to fortify the body’s natural immune system.  Given my “job” in healthcare I am exposed to all sorts of nasty things every single day.  Making sure I have enough Vitamin C on board helps me feel like I am protecting myself from illness.  Vitamin C functions in the body to help neutralize damaging free radicals and also plays a critical role in the synthesis of collagen.  Collagen is the substance that helps give you firmer, smoother skin but its production also begins to slow after the age of the 30.


Fish Oil

Nature Made Fish Oil


I think at this point we have all heard about fish oil but let me tell you a little bit about it.  Fish oil contains EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids that help to support heart health.  While research hasn’t conclusively shown it to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease it has shown to support this theory.  With my dad’s heart attack and subsequent quadruple bypass surgery a few years ago I have come to take heart health very seriously.  What I like about the Nature Made brand is that the fish oil comes from deep ocean fish and not fish that is farm raised.  They use super fancy purification processes to remove the mercury.


Other vitamins that I use frequently include:

  • Calcium – I have a pretty significant family history of osteoporosis and am at increased risk of developing it later in life.  Calcium plays an essential role in bone strength and health.  Calcium remains in careful balance in our body with about 99% staying in the bones and 1% circulating in the blood.  If our diet is inadequate then this balance, or homeostasis, is disrupted and our body can pull calcium from our bones to supplement the levels in our blood.
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D goes hand-in-hand with calcium because Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium in your body.  Therefore Vitamin D also supports bone health.  Since Vitamin D is synthesized by the skin when exposed to UV light many people find themselves Vitamin D deficient in the winter months.


You can find Nature Made at most stores but I prefer to get mine from Walmart.  Walmart has an excellent selection at fabulous prices so there’s no need to wait for a sale.  There are also coupons frequently available online for you to save even more money!  Important to note – this is not to supplant your own healthcare provider’s advice.  Always talk to your PCP before starting any new vitamins/supplements and make sure to include them in your list of “medications” when asked!


I-C is giving you the chance though to win one of twenty $50 Walmart gift cards.  That would give you a lot of Nature Made vitamins!  The contest is open from February 10-March 4 and you can enter below.  I-C will randomly select the 20 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the prize!  You can also connect with Nature Made on Facebook and Twitter!

Nature Made Wellness 2

Do you take vitamins?  What is one that you find essential to your daily routine?


*Based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Scantrack Service for the Vitamins Category for 52-week period ending 9/26/2015, for the xAOC, FDM, and FM Markets. Copyright © 2015 Nielsen

Hello … It’s Me

Well …. it’s been awhile has it not?  I had no intention of going silent for so long but you know life happens.  I thought it was time though for a quick catch up!  I have TONS to tell you about!  First, I finished my time in the ER and it’s bittersweet.  Bitter because I love the ED and everything about that job.  Sweet because the hours are tough and I frequently didn’t know what day it was and my nights/days got all screwed up.  I am finishing up my elective rotation in primary care and am enjoying the hours!  Let’s just say though that my coffee consumption has been record breaking recently.


Instagram Photo


If you want to know what I have been up to though this photo is a quick glimpse of my life.  My PANCE (PA boards) is in 42 days (!!!) and I have been studying every chance I get.  I am nearly through all the material for the 2nd time which is right on track to take the month of March to hammer it home.  Studying for boards on top of other school responsibilities and life in general has been hard and the amount of material is immense.  I will be sharing my favorite board prep tools though soon!




On a crazy amazing note … I got the job!  Pending passing my PANCE I will officially be employed after graduation.  I accepted a position in Family Medicine with PRN Urgent Care.  Since it’s rural medicine I will be responsible for doing a ton of procedures like skin biopsies, laceration repairs, interpreting x-rays, joint injections, etc.  I am super pumped!  The physicians in the practice want to train which is the ideal for a new grad.  I couldn’t be more thrilled and have a tentative start date of May 9!


Everything is coming together for our move and I am so grateful.  We have a house waiting for us, a job for me, and graduation is a mere 32 days away.  Now all that’s left is passing the boards and hopefully selling our house!


That pretty much sums up this quick update!  Tell me something interesting that’s going on in your life :)

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