The Best “C” I’ve Ever Earned

Oh hello there my friends!  I am SO excited to be writing on here today!  First, I have missed you.  This last month or so has been CRAZY in so many different ways.  I graduated PA school, took my boards, moved to Missouri, and am now on vacation in Phoenix.  All in a span of about 4 weeks.  Basically I have a huge amount of things to update you on.  Starting with the most important update of all … I PASSED MY BOARDS!  I am now a PA-C  and a REAL Physician Assistant.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.15.26 PM


I took my PANCE on April 4th and got my results April 14th.  I plan on writing an entire post (or two) about my PANCE experience and how I prepared since I know many of you are in PA school or hope to be in the near future.  Let’s just say it was a doozy.  The 10 day wait for results though was miserable.  When I finally did get the email that my results were ready I suddenly was super nervous.  My heart was beating out of my chest as I logged into my NCCPA account.  BUT I PASSED!


I am so so so happy and grateful that it is behind me.  I actually also received my Missouri state license that same day so I am all set to start work in just over 2 weeks.  NUTS RIGHT?!  I have been sitting on cloud nine since.


That’s all I have for you today but I figured it was the most important life update of all.  I will be back with some Arizona fun tomorrow!

Senior Seminar

Yesterday I started my senior seminar of PA school and it feels really surreal.  It’s hard for me to fully comprehend that this journey is coming to an end.  Our cohort is on campus through next Thursday doing an intensive boards preparation.  This is my awesome study notebook and we will literally go through the entire thing in just about a week.


Senior Seminar


So needless to say I might be a little more absent in the coming two weeks.  My PANCE is in 20 days (!!!) so things are getting real in here.  I am basically eating, drinking, sleeping, and breathing medicine for the next 3 weeks.  The PANCE is a national examination that lasts 5 hours and 300 questions.  It’s pretty daunting to think that ALL of medicine is condensed to only 300 things.


I appreciate any positive thoughts and vibes over the coming weeks.  My anxiety is fairly high and although I have been preparing for 2 years for this test a lot is riding on the next couple of weeks!  Wish me and my classmates luck!

Recent Snapshots

Oh hey there Tuesday … you snuck up on me.  You guys … I feel like I am living in a time-sucking vortex these days.  In the next 28 days I finish PA school, take my boards, AND our family moves across the country.  We are in the throws of trying to sell our house (another post for another day) and keeping it “model home” ready has been exhausting.  Throw in two kids who suddenly sleep sleep is for the weak and never-ending studying and you can imagine I lose track of my days and maybe my mind too haha.  I wanted to pop in here though and share some recent snapshots from our life and maybe catch-up a bit because, well, I miss you!


Techno Bryn


Bryn is suddenly turning into a little girl.  She’s no longer a little baby … except when she pretends to be one and has me feed her her sippy-cup.  She loves to color, watch “Elsa”, and provoke her sister.  She is also in a pretty solid mommy-phase right now.  Which is both awesome and not at the same time.  She is a firecracker this one and I can’t wait to see what she becomes!


DaddyDaughter Time


While Bryn was napping on Saturday Chris and and Emmie spent some time snuggling on the couch while I studied.  When I looked over and saw this view I knew I HAD to capture it.  Technology much?  I am fine with it because Emmie was taking some quiet time and it was just too sweet.


Dr Seuss Bryn


Emmie made this Cat in the Hat hat for school last week and Bryn has stolen it.  She wears it throughout the house and thinks she’s hilarious.  I agree.




I recently discovered the LuLaRoe clothing line and I am a bit obsessed.  Chris and I had a meeting with our financial planner yesterday (adulting yo’) and I sported my first ever Julia dress.  Now I need at least 10 more.  I have a Facebook pop-up tonight for a consultant if you want to join in!  Email me at


heart and coffee


And because I love the awkward yeti … and coffee … this meme had to make an appearance.  Haha.  Tis mom is RUNNING on coffee these days!


I hope your week is off to a fantastic start!  I have so many things I want to share with you guys so stick with me over the next few weeks because after April 4 I will have SO much more time on my hands I won’t know what to do with myself 😉

Trigger’s Doggy Diet

For the last 4 years I have been talking about healthy living, sharing recipes, and blogging about my workouts along with my family.  However, during that time there was one person in my family whose weight was getting out of control.  Trigger.  Trigger is our 8 year old Puggle (pug + beagle) and homeboy has been packing on the points.  Chris and I have noticed it from time to time but truthfully were just trying to survive ourselves.  And Trigger is a Puggle of leisure and really loves his naps.  No longer.  Trigger has officially started doggy bootcamp.


Trigger and Bailey


It’s almost embarrassing to admit how much time I spent Googling “weight loss for dogs” the other night but surprisingly there isn’t much information out there.  I mean we are hyper-focused  on weight as a culture but our furry friends get fairly neglected.  I was kind of hoping someone had created a workout plan for dogs but alas that niche in blogging apparently doesn’t exist.


What I was able to do though was research various weight-loss formulas of dog food and ordered Trigger the Purina ProPlan Adult Weight Loss blend due to a good ingredient list and great reviews.  I am hoping to combine better nutrition (and fewer snacks from the kids) with and increase in exercise to hopefully narrow down his girth.  We are shooting for 30 minute walks at least 5 days a week for now and see what happens.




If you have any suggestions about how to help your animal lose weight I am all ears.  Obesity in pets is as detrimental to health as it is for humans and I am sad that we let Trigger get so overweight.  I am hoping that by helping him shed a little we will get more years of his snuggle-puggle love in our lives.

Fuller House



I am quickly popping in to tell you about an awesome new Netflix original … Fuller House!  If you’re like me then you grew up enjoying the antics of the Tanner family.  It was one of those shows that they whole family could enjoy and was appropriate for everyone!  I was pretty pumped when Netflix announced they were bringing them back for a new series!


I watched the first couple of episodes this weekend while walking on the treadmill.  The show is now centered around DJ who is a widower with her three boys.  Stephanie and Kimmy end up moving in to help DJ with her brood.  Your other favorite characters make appearances too with their signature taglines.  While the show itself is a little corny (I mean so was the first) I found myself transported back in time to my childhood.  I enjoyed seeing where these characters ended up in life and I am excited to finish out the series!


Make sure to check it out on Netflix while it’s there!

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