Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

It’s been awhile since I shared a fashion post with you guys!  Luckily for me Nordstrom is hosting their half-yearly sale right now and I am excited to share some of my favorite finds with you guys!


Nordstrom Half Yearly Favorites

Ella Moss ‘Bella’ Scoop Neck Tank

I love this tank for summer.  The color is to die for and I love the front.  This will be super cute with denim shorts or white jeans like the model is wearing.


Lush Knit Maxi Dress

Lush Knit Maxi Dress

I scored this dress in blue and I can’t wait for it to get here.  I am a big fan of maxi dresses – you put it on and instantly looked like you put effort into your outfit!  We have a trip back to Savannah in June and this will be the perfect travel dress.


Paige Denim ‘Transcend’ Hoxton High-Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans


Paige Denim Transcend
I put these on my birthday list because I am looking for a good high-rise jean.  This deal is seriously SO good!  I love the Paige Denim that I have so I am hoping these come wrapped up for my 29th in a few weeks.


Franco Sarto ‘Montage’ Leather Sandal

Franco Sarto 'Montage' Leather Sandal
I got these for my trip to Savannah and because I needed a good summer sandal with a bit of a heel.  Everything I currently have is flat and I wanted something a little dressier.  The reviews are great so I am crossing my fingers!


Street Level Stripe Tote

Street Level Stripe Tote
This would be a great carry-all bag for summer!  I am a sucker for stripes and the price on this is pretty sweet.


I am anxiously awaiting my order to get here and can’t wait to put together some new outfits for you with my favorite pieces!  There are still some amazing things available on the Nordstrom website and the sale runs through June 5!


Do you shop the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale?  What’s your “go-to” fashion piece for the summer?

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Latest Netflix Obsession

This post is brought to you as part of my partnership with Netflix as a member of their #StreamTeam.


Y’all … my kids have a new obsession and it’s NOT My Little Pony!  I am kind of pumped to be taking a break from Twilight Sparkle for a little bit.  Fortunately our Netflix subscription allows them to branch out occasionally and experience new programming.  While we have cut back on screen time significantly since I finished school and we moved to Missouri the girls have found themselves a tad obsessed with their new favorite show.  Bryn will bring us the remote and say, ‘Dragons?’ in the sweetest little voice.


Dragons Race to the Edge


That’s right … we are officially in a “How to Train Your Dragon” phase.  Fortunately Netflix has both the first and the second movie available and their own original series, Dragons: Race to the Edge.  Even though the series has been out for awhile it’s fairly new to us.  I have to say I am pretty impressed!


Chris and I have found ourselves watching right along with the kids which is kind of unusual since normally we can’t stand what they choose.  The plot line is fun and the story itself entertaining.  It’s been nice having a show the entire family can sit down and enjoy together!


If you’re looking for a show to enjoy with your kids I highly recommend this one.  The movies are pretty sweet too so make sure to watch them along with it!


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Weekend Snapshots 3

Happy Memorial Day!  While we enjoy having an extra day off work please remember to take a second and say a quick prayer to the brave men and women who selflessly gave their lives for our country.  Their sacrifice is what helps keep us free and we forever owe them gratitude.  Say a prayer for the loved ones left behind because everyday for them is Memorial Day.

Another Monday but this time I am not back at work thanks to a long holiday weekend!  I can’t begin to describe how much I needed an extra day.  I am still adjusting to being back in the clinic full-time and my mind was blown a bit last week being on my own as a provider (eek!).  I am soaking up some extra time with the family and preparing to have some friends over this afternoon!

Yesterday was a pretty great day if I do say so myself and I am dedicating my weekend recap to it.  We got up early and decided to hit up the garage gym for a workout.  One of the reasons I love having a home gym is that Chris and I can workout while the girls play outside.  It’s a win-win!  The weather was beautiful and we all had a great time.



After getting a few things done around the house and Bryn nap-evading we hit up the local water park for the first time.  Oh my goodness – the girls had a blast!  We are probably going to get a family pass because it is very close to our house (benefits of small town living) and I can see us spending a lot of time here this summer.

Water Park



Today I am going to get a quick workout in before Chris hits the gold course.  Tonight one of his work friends is coming over with his family so we are sure to have a good time!  I hope you have something fun planned today and get to enjoy it with the people you care most about.  See you back tomorrow!

Weekend Snapshots 2

Another Monday!  We had a pretty great weekend over here.  Last week it was pretty rainy here in Missouri so I was thrilled that the sun was shining all weekend long.  I am totally digging these family-filled weekends and when it’s beautiful weather it’s an added bonus.


Saturday we got up and headed to the gym as a family.  One of the gyms we frequent doesn’t have child care but does have “kids in sight” with a special room for exercising parents.  The girls played while Chris and I broke a sweat!  We hit the grocery store on our way home and officially knocked out the chores for the day.  Bryn decided she was too cool for school and lounged on my bed wearing my shades.




Chris and I had a date night lined up to try out our new babysitter.  We headed a bit out of town to Public House Brewing Company to try out their craft beer before heading to dinner.  It was SUCH a fun place!  The weather was perfect for a beer flight outside and some corn hole.  They also had bocci ball and a giant chess set.  I foresee many more trips out there this summer.  We headed to a local restaurant after and it was absolutely delicious with probably the best spinach artichoke dip we’ve ever had.

Public House Brewing Company

Beer Flight

Corn hole

Date Night Outfit


Sunday morning was beautiful and called for coffee on our back deck.  We have a wooded area behind our house and I really love the peacefulness of the greenery.  One of the benefits for living in the middle of the woods I guess!  We packed up and headed to church mid-morning and I am happy to say that both girls were wonderful.  It’s been a change not having a nursery but the girls are adapting nicely!

Sunday morning



The rest of the day was spent gearing up for another week!  I am starting to do a little homeschooling at night for Emmalyne until she starts a private school this fall.  I got our notebook ready for the week and she is pretty pumped for her “homework”.  We also spent awhile at the park where Bryn attempted to give me no less than 1000 heart attacks.  She’s quite the tiny ninja!


Before signing off for the day I had to share Emmie’s “friends” with you.  Em came and got me after her quiet time and said she had to show me something.  She preceded to tell me how she tucked all of her friends in for THEIR nap.  I can’t get enough of this kid!


tucked in

I hope you have a fabulous start to the week and that your weekend was enjoyable.  What was one thing you did this weekend?

Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday friends! I spent some time this weekend planning out when and how I am going to share some updates with you guys so I am excited to hopefully be back on track in this space.  Something I am still adjusting to is how my weekends are officially my own again.  For the last 2.5 years I always had something I needed to be doing on the weekend like studying.  Well, that’s all behind me now and I can officially relax when I leave the clinic on Friday afternoons.  I am still getting used to it but I have to say it feels pretty flipping awesome!


This past weekend was seriously perfect.  Saturday morning Chris and I divided and conquered; he took Bryn to the vet for Bailey (more on that later) and Em and I did the grocery shopping. I couldn’t resist these stunning tulips to light up our kitchen table.



Later that day our amazing friends came over for a BBQ and the kids had a blast.  It was perfect weather so we set up the bounce house and other toys outside and the kids went at it.  It felt so good to be reunited with some of our very best friends and to have our kids playing together outside.  Once they left and the house was cleaned up the girls decided they wanted to snuggle in for the night on the floor with Chris.  Be still my heart.


Dog Pile on Chris


Sunday morning we got up bright and early for a family workout in the garage.  The girls played on their trampoline and drew with chalk which Chris and I broke a sweat.  Bryn saw me doing ring rows and wanted to get it on the action.  We need to get this girl into gymnastics!

Monkey Bryn


After a quick shower we headed to church.  I think we are going to really like our new church home!  It’s a sweet little parish and our friends go there too.  The only downside is that there isn’t a nursery so the kiddos are with us for mass.  If you have any good suggestions for quiet activities to keep a two year old entertained please send them my way!


It was another beautiful day yesterday so we took the dogs to the dog park and let the girls burn some energy on the playground.  Emmie found a friend right away and played her heart out while Bryn climbed everything in sight.

Emmie playground


I love this next photo because it captures Bailey’s personality so clearly.  While you only see her ears you get the sense that she is very in tune with what is happening on the playground.  She is our protector and seriously the best dog ever (along with Trigger).

Bailey watching


I hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours!  I am excited to be back in the clinic this week.  I am starting to get my bearings a bit and can’t wait to share more with you about my first week as a real PA!  Happy Monday :)