Yesterday was a great day.  Let me start from the beginning though.


This summer was a hard summer for us.  Chris was gone the entire month of June and missed my 1 week break between clinicals.  When he came back I was in the Emergency Room and working bizarre hours and our family time was limited.  He left again for another 3 weeks and didn’t come back until mid-August.  Essentially our summer was completely missed.


We knew that I had some time off in September and so we planned ahead for Chris to take leave during my breaks and by the grace of the Army it was approved.  Cue the happiness.  Yesterday was Chris’ first official day of leave and we decided to make it ours.  We dropped the girls off at school and spent the entire day together.


Our day started off with a crazy sweaty workout in our garage.  I recently started Ashley Horner’s Valor (more on that another day!) and convinced him to join me in the trainer.  Let’s just say we almost died.


Couple Sweat Session

After we picked ourselves up off the floor and showered we headed to Tybee Island for an afternoon of fun.  We have been wanting to go to the Crab Shack since we moved here.  That was three years ago.  We finally made it yesterday and it did not disappoint.

Crab Shack

The Crab Shack is mainly an outdoor restaurant that has a very eclectic feel to it.  If you hate cats you may want to avoid it though because the roaming cats are kind of a thing for the restaurant.  The weather in Coastal GA was absolutely perfect with a nice breeze and mild temperatures.  Basically it called for a nice cold beer.

Beer Me

When we go out to new places Chris and I are big about sharing meals so we can taste more.  We split the she crab soup, creekside nachos, and local blue crab.

Crab Shack Food

Everything was SO good!  The she crab soup just tasted fresh and had huge chunks of crab in it.  The nachos had a delicious BBQ sauce on top that took it up a notch.  The crab was horrible messy and definitely not for a first date.  I guess it’s a good thing we’ve been married over 6 years 😉


After stuffing our faces we did the next most logical thing … put on bathing suits to strut our stuff on Tybee Beach. HA.

Tybee Island
Don’t get me wrong … I love taking my girls to the beach.  But there was something insanely relaxing about not having to worry about a little one drowning or running away.  I was able to shut my eyes which never happens any more.  We also only carried our beach chairs and a bag rather than enough stuff to go camping.  Pure bliss.  I even managed to study a bit.


By the time we went to get the girls from school I felt refreshed.  I have blogged a few times about how important it is to make your marriage a priority and I am proud of Chris and I for continuing to do that.  Our realator told us today that our marriage must be strong to survive Army life and PA school and I was able to smile and truthfully say YES.  It is strong.  It’s strong because we work hard at it.  But yesterday proved that it can be the most fun kind of work.


How often do you “date” your spouse?  When was the last time you went to the beach?


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Before getting into today’s post I want to pause for a second and remember the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.  It’s because of their selfless service and willingness to give all that we get to celebrate a long weekend and be FREE.  Say a prayer for the fallen and their families today!


When I found out early in this rotation that I would be off for four days due to the holiday I immediately suggested to Chris that we get out of town for a night.  It worked out because my sister Heather and her husband were going to be in Jacksonville for the weekend and it was a prime opportunity to see them.  So we loaded up the car and headed south!  Friday night Heather and Mark met us at our hotel and we all went to Maggiano’s for dinner and go sufficiently stuffed on calamari, pastas, and of course dessert.  Perfect pre-beach food, no?  Saturday morning we headed to Heather’s friend’s beach house for a fun day in the sun.




This was Bryn’s first trip to the beach and she absolutely LOVED it!  Em is a water baby at heart and had a blast also.  It was so much fun spending time with my sister and her friends.  I haven’t seen some of them since Heather got married 19 years ago and I was 8!


Girls Beach

Emmie Beach


Bryn Beach


One of the hardest parts of being a military wife is being so far from family.  Seeing the girls with their aunt and uncle this weekend reaffirmed my goal of getting us home within the next few years.  They thrived being surrounded by so many people who love them and I can see many family beach trips with my nephews and niece in the future too.


Family Beach

Auntie Heather


In the meantime I am just thankful that we got to make these precious memories together as a family!  And to many more beach days ahead of us this summer.  Got to soak up the proximity to the ocean while we still can!


How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?


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St. Simons Island

I am a beach lover.  I always have been.  I am happiest and most relaxed when I am by the water.  I grew up making trips out to San Diego to get my ocean fix since Arizona is obviously mainly desert and water is a relatively foreign concept.  Therefore I am absolutely thrilled to be living near the ocean for the first time in my life.  When we found out we were moving to Savannah, Chris and I made a pact that we would do our best to really EXPERIENCE as much of the area as possible.  I am glad to say that in the year we have lived here we have been doing just that.


This last weekend we visited a new-to-us beach in southern Georgia on St. Simons Island.  St. Simons Island is about an hour away from where we live just outside of Savannah.  With it being Interstate the whole way down there it didn’t take long at all.  Before we knew it we were on the beach and setting up for a beautiful day.


St. Simon's Island 3 St. Simon's Island


We got down to the beach around 10:30 AM before it was too crowded.  The tide was out which made for some awesome wading pools that were right up Emmie’s alley!  We set up camp with our friends and got down to business.


Beach Set Up



Emmie is truly a beach baby.  If she could be playing in the sand and jumping in the waves all day every day she would.  She is just like her mama and is her happiest when by the water.

Emmalyne St. Simon's Island



Pretty quickly we started getting hungry.  Emmalyne signaled that she was hungry by raiding our cooler.

Cooler Thief


Sometimes we pack our lunch for the beach but often times we are going somewhere new Chris and I like to try out a local restaurant.  We decided on ordering take-out from Gnat’s Landing Bar and Girll (yes – that’s how they spell it).  I ordered the grouper sandwich and it didn’t disappoint.  Their tartar sauce was among the best I have ever had!  The fries left something to be desired but the sandwich made up for it.


Gnat's Landing - Grouper Sandwich



Emmie is fearless when it comes to the ocean.  She will literally walk right out into the waves.  She also loved sitting down in the waves and having them hit her in the face.  When we had enough of that, we would go sit in the wading pools and play with her bucket and shovel.  Chris laid down at one point and confused the heck out of Em.  She just kept saying “Daddy – what doing?”.  HA.


Saint Simons Island Family Day



This is probably one of our favorite beaches so far and may become or new norm.  While Tybee Island is less miles from us, the amount of time in the car is about the same.  Plus, this beach seemed more laid back and family oriented.  Also, there were bathrooms, showers, and parking was free.  Can’t beat any of that.


We ended up staying at the beach until about 3PM when a small rain shower rolled in.  Since Em hadn’t napped yet we figured it was a good time to load up and head home.  As soon as Emmalyne was in Chris’ arms heading to the car she started to fall asleep.  She was OUT within 5 minutes of being strapped in.  I call that a successful day 😉


These are the moments I live for and never want to forget.  At one point Chris and I realized that next summer we will get to bring both our girls to the beach and I just can’t wait for the memories.

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Weekend Recap

This weekend FLEW by … yikes!  Chris’ mom is in town so we jammed a ton into two days.  First, if you are just rejoining the blogsophere, here is some reading you might have missed:



Tybee Island Beach


We started our weekend off at my happy place … AKA Tybee Island!  It was a perfect beach day … not TOO hot and a nice breeze.  We scored parking by the pier for the first time too.  Yon (MIL) hadn’t been to the beach and ages so we were excited to show her our favorite weekend spot.  Emmie was a beach bum as usual 😉


Now that Emmalyne is mobile, taking her to the beach is even more interesting.  She is on the go from the moment we get there and we have to watch her like a hawk to see what she puts in her mouth next.  Needless to say sand gets consumed.  She also has a new affinity for sea shells.


Emmie Sells Sea Shells


Since we were out there during lunch we decided to pick some up “to go” from our favorite, Fannie’s!  I skipped my fish tacos (we had maid some the night before) in favor of a grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich!  It was SO good!  There is something to be said about having seafood on the beach … I think it is a must.


Fannie's Mahi Mahi Fish Sandwich


We also snuck in some family photos …


The G Family

Family Photo


We headed back home around 2PM to shower and regroup before meeting Heather and D for dinner. FINALLY we managed to take some pictures together 😉


So In Love ...

Hot Moms


We headed downtown to River Street in Savannah without a real plan.  After being unable to make a decision, we finally decided on Tubby’s Tank House.  Our customer service experience from the hostess was kind of iffy.  Things just seemed off.  We waited a lot longer than anticipated for a table and by the time we sat down we were all starving.  We split the buffalo shrimp appetizer and warm crab dip.  Both were seriously awesome.  Chris and I shared a burger and crab legs for dinner … our own version of surf and turf.  Overall it was a great group date night sans children.  We are seriously lucky to have made such great friends here!



Sunday morning started bright and early with a 6 mile run … Sunday, Run Day! I picked up Heather and we headed over to J.F. Gregory park to meet my new friend Leslie Ann.  Leslie Ann’s husband just got assigned to Chris’ unit and I am seriously SO excited!  She and I have a ton in common and I am excited to get to know her better.  We kept a nice and easy pace … this is the furthest I have run since the Go! St. Louis  half marathon!


Sunday, Run Day


After getting hot and sweaty, Heather and I headed up to our favorite breakfast joint and met the husbands, girls, and Yon for breakfast.  I LOVE eating a big breakfast and love it even more after running.

Later in the afternoon Chris and I continued to take advantage of having a live-in babysitter and hit the movies.  We have seen like 3 movies together since Emmalyne was born … which is hard because we LOVE to go to the movies.  We ended up seeing The Dark Knight Rises and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.  I am a sucker for super hero movies and this is up there with my favorites.


We ended the weekend grilling grass-fed burgers + corn and settled in for an evening of watching the Olympics!  Another fabulous weekend in my eyes 😉


New fashion post coming later today so stay tuned 😉


How was your weekend?  Are you watching the Olympics?

Weekend Update

Happy Monday friends!  It was a jam packed weekend over here … holy moly!  This week is even crazier.  Bring on the crazy 😉


Friday night my step-sister Kelsey got here from Fort Benning, GA.  Her husband was out in the field (yes, we both married Army) and couldn’t join her but I was super glad she came!  We met Heather and D for Mexican food and it was delish!  We hurried home to get a good night sleep because we had BIG plans Saturday!


Bright and early Saturday morning we loaded up the car and hit the road to Tybee Island.

Tybee Island Beach


Where we met this girl and her hubs:

  Tybee Island Beach - Victoria Runs


The tide was WAY out so there were a ton of small “pools” for us to sit in.  Luckily Emmalyne loved the water WAY more than she did last time.

Tybee Beach - Family Pic


The water was super warm and the weather HOT.  Seriously, what was with the insane heat wave this weekend?!  Chris and I said we were willing to give up the dry heat for humidity but not when it combines with triple digit temps.  The real feel Saturday was 115!  Nuts.  Needless to say it was the PERFECT day to spend in the water.  Plus I love any excuse to hang out with Victoria 😉

Tybee Beach Madeline and Victoria


After enjoying a few adult beverages and just having a great time hanging out it was time to get some lunch.  We ended up walking up to the pier and getting take-out from Fannie’s.

  Mahi Mahi Tacos - Fannie's on the Beach


Blackened Mahi Mahi tacos.  Seriously these were some of the BEST fish tacos I have ever had.  Kelsey and Victoria got them also and we all agreed.  If you are on Tybee you really need to try them!  AND lunch wouldn’t be complete without some Wet Willie’s 😉

Wet Willies Tybee Island

Around 3PM we packed up and headed home to regroup.  Unfortunately for us, Emmie decided to have a massive accident on the way home leading to a bath for her and a hosing of her car seat.  Fun times in parenting 😉  After we all cleaned up we headed up to J.F. Gregory park for the Richmond Hill 4th of July celebration!

Richmond hill Band Stand

It was SO hot.  We found an area in the shade to set up shop but we were all dying.  Luckily snow cones were only $2 a pop.

Grape Snow Cone


Emmie seriously was a rock star once again.  She didn’t let the heat phase her at all!  She was smiles and sunshine the whole night :)

Cute Baby Girl

One of the best things about fairs and celebrations is the yummy food.  I couldn’t pass at getting a waffle on a stick … and I am glad I got it!  Chris and I both agreed it was quite tasty :)

waffle on a stick

We had so much fun spending time with friends and family.  I can’t wait for Heather and D to OFFICIALLY move here this week.  I am also stoked to have met Alex and her girls recently.  I can see the next couple years in Georgia being some of our best :)  The best way to end a perfect day?


Yesterday we took Kelsey to our favorite local breakfast joint and she got on the road home.  Chris and I spent the rest of the day cleaning, doing laundry, and watching the Olympic trials.  Round 2 of company comes on Wednesday to celebrate the 4th with us!  We will be heading back to the beach 😉  Hope your week gets off to a great start!

How was your weekend?