Big Nasty Mud Run

As I shared with you guys yesterday, Chris and I did the Big Nasty Mud Run on Saturday in Bloomingdale, Georgia.  The Big Nasty is put on by FCA Endurance and this was the 5th time they have done it.  I love running races hosted by FCA Endurance because proceeds always go to a really good cause and their events are well planned and executed.  The Big Nasty was no exception.  Chris and I were in the 8:20 military wave and we got out to the site at around 7:45AM.


Upon arrival I knew that they had everything under control.  There were plenty of port potties available and duct taping stations for your shoes.  Duct tapping your shoes is critical for this particular race so having some available to runners was awesome.  Packet pickup was incredibly smooth and the whole thing took us only a few minutes.  The added bonus about the Big Nasty Mud Run is that if you have children who are over 3 they have child care for free on site!  WIN.  Before I knew it, it was time to head to the start so Chris and I grabbed one quick picture before gearing up.


Big Nasty Before



I have to admit I was a little nervous as we were waiting to go.  I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I was in good enough shape to not hold Chris back TOO much.  Since we were on a team we had to stick together.  Knowing I had him along with me gave me the boost of confidence that I needed.


The very first thing you did was run over a hill of dirt and dive into a hug mud pit.  We saw people losing shoes left and right before our wave so I was glad to have my tightly taped to my feet.  The mud was like thick soup.  You wouldn’t walk through it, you pretty much had to swim.  Fun times.


Big Nasty Mud Run



From there it was pretty much alternating obstacles and running.  The obstacles were all pretty manageable for me and I only opted out of doing one of them which was fine because only one member of the team had to do it.  It basically involved shimmying upside down on a PVC pipe.  Once I saw how much Chris struggled I was glad I opted out … last thing I needed before going back to school would be an injury 😉


Some of the other obstacles included swimming and going over barrels, jumping over walls, climbing ladders and cargo nets, wading through a muddy creek (that never seemed to end), and so much more.  This tire carry happened near the end of the race and I was SMOKED.


Big Nasty Mud Run During 2



There were times where there was not a dry spot on my body.  I had mud EVERYWHERE and it took a couple of showers to finally get all of it out of my ears ha.  The best part of this race was doing it with Chris.  Once of my favorite things about our marriage is that we push each other to try new things and stay active.  We have ran 2 half marathons together, several smaller races, and now this mud run.  I also love that he is as much of a cheese-ball as I am :)


Big Nasty Mud Run During


This is really embarrassing but somehow we didn’t see a photographer at the finish and we didn’t get a picture in our muddy glory.  This is sad because the last obstacle involved swimming through almost a football field size thing of mud.  Oh well … I know better for next time!  Total the race consisted of ~5 miles and 30 obstacles.  We finished around 1:14 which was right in middle of the overall pack.


I had a lot of fun doing the mud run and totally plan on signing up when they do it again in September!  If you’re local you should come get muddy too :)

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Weekend Recap

**Notice something new around here? A brand new and shiny design! I’ve had the graphics in my inbox since JANUARY but PA school kicked my booty and I just got around to the facelift. Thanks to Maria from Craft Crazy Mom for the prettiness!


Good morning friends!  Spring break is officially over and I am back at it for my second quarter of PA school this morning.  The break went by too quickly but it was full of fun and memories with my family.  We ended it on a high note with a fun-filled weekend too!


Saturday morning Chris and I were up bright and early for the Big Nasty Mud Run.  I am so thankful that I am married to a man who cares as much about fitness as I do!  Gearing up for 5 dirty miles sounds like a pretty perfect date to me 😉  Expect a full recap of the race tomorrow but Chris and I ran it together and had a blast.  He was a gem before the race and helped me duct tape my shoes so I wouldn’t lose them.  I told you he was a keeper.


Big Nasty Mud Run



After a couple of showers and a few chores it was time to head to the airport to pick up Chris’ younger brother Brian.  Brian serves in the Army too and is getting stationed abroad so he came out for a quick visit to see us and the girls before heading out.  We started our night in downtown Savannah sitting outside at the Social Club, drinking Bud Light Limes, and munching on guacamole before meeting some of my friends at Wild Wings Cafe.  #ParentsGoneWild


Parents Night Out


Parents Night Out 1



Don’t worry though – we were home by 10:30 PM.  Crazy, I know.  Bryn surprised us all and blessed me on my last Saturday night by sleeping from 10:30PM-7:15AM!  Holy cow.  I was up a few times in middle of the night making sure she was alive because she hadn’t slept that length of time yet.  Some things never change as a mom.  Once we were all up for the day we took Brian to our favorite weekend breakfast joint.  Emmalyne sure was happy to get some scrambled eggs and waffle!





Unfortunately reality set in after breakfast and I headed to the local coffee shop to do some light reading.  And by light reading it might as well have been in hieroglyphics for what I got out of it.  After staring at it for a few hours I decided to call it a morning and wait until lecture and then re-read it again.  Oh pharmacology … I am not sure how I feel about you yet.


Sunday Morning



The rest of the day was spent getting ready for another week.  I prepped our food for this week, Chris did laundry, and we hung out as a family.  It ended perfectly by getting to snuggle by little peanut to sleep.




I hope your Monday is fantastic and that you had a great weekend.  See you guys tomorrow with my recap of the Big Nasty Mud Run :)


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