Weekly Top 10

Seriously, every week the blogosphere amazes me.  There are SO many incredible bloggers out there sharing such amazing posts and stories!  I hope that my Weekly Top 10 inspires you and introduces you to some new blogs along the way :)  Without further ado, here we go!


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1.  Why I Am Doing #SurviveOn35: My Experience With Food Stamps from Mama Dweeb – Several of my FitFluential friends have been participating this week on a challenge to live on $35.  There has been a lot of backlash with this challenge but Annie shares her very personal story as to why she is proud to be a part of it.  It’s a MUST read.


2.  The Worst Excuse from Sistas of Strength – Amanda shares some awesome tips for getting comfortable at the gym.  She also launched her online personal training program this week!  She is a bad a** new(ish) mom who is seriously an inspiration.  Check her out :)


3.  Moving Backwards from The Wannabe Athlete – Callie shares an awesome post with us how sometimes when you’re pregnant you feel like you’re moving backwards in your fitness journey.  This is a post that will resonate with any fit mama-to-be or anyone who has been pregnant.


4.  How To French Press Coffee from The Splattered Apron – Umm YUM?!  I have never had French pressed coffee and wouldn’t have known where to start when making it so Lisa’s post is awesome.


5.  Finding Balance After Bulimia from Fit2FlexSarah shared her story on Carissa’s blog and I think it is a fabulous read.  It’s hard to find balance after having an eating disorder but it is possible.  Sarah shares her tips in this amazing post.


6.  The Pro Triathletes Wife from Cotter Crunch – Lindsay shared this heartwarming post about being the support system for her professional athlete husband.  The take-away can apple to ALL marriages and relationships and this was beautifully written … I can definitely relate to it as a Soldier’s wife.  Heart flutters.


7.  5 Ways to be a Better Blogger from Live, Love and Run – Melissa shares 5 awesome tips on being a better blogger … the main of which is be true to yourself.  Love this post.


8.  The Fit Mom Controversy  from Mommy Run Fast – Laura counters some haters on being a fit mom.  As a SAHM I have encountered several of the comments she addresses and she makes excellent points.


9.  What’s Your Everest from NYC Running Mama – Michelle is one of my favorite bloggers and this is just another awesome post among many.  She challenges you to determine what YOUR Everest is and shares hers :)


10.  Need a Good Cry from Bragg Life – Maria is my homegirl and she shared this beautiful post about what it means to be a military wife.  Her husband is currently serving our country in Afghanistan and I couldn’t be more proud of him … but I also couldn’t be more proud of her.  She has handled this deployment with grace, which being a new mom.  Having been through a deployment myself I know it is one of the toughest things you will ever do as a spouse … send the person you love most in the world to war.  XOXO Maria.



Anyway, I hope you find as much joy, and in Maria’s post tears, reading these blogs as I did.  We are celebrating my nephew Thomas’ 8th birthday today and I am in denial.  He is my little scrappy, my koala bear, and he is growing up.  TEARS.


What was the best blog post you read from this week?


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