Emmalyne: Month Nine

9 Months Slide

When did my sweet newborn baby become 3/4 of a year old?!?!  It’s no joke how fast time goes as a new mom.  Before I know it she will be asking me for the car keys and then heading to college.  Ahh!!  Sweet Emmalyne Grace you are growing too fast for mommy to keep up!  If you’re new to this game check out Emmalyne’s past month-dates:

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 Baby girl is a mover and a shaker and seriously refuses to sit down for our photo shoots now.  I barely got photos this month!  Any tips for photographing an active baby??

Emmalyne Month 9-1



Em recently had her 9-month appointment and her growth is right on track!


WEIGHT: 18.1 pounds (45%)

HEIGHT: 29 1/4 inches (92%)


Emmie is definitely longer and leaner.  I was a little nervous that her weight percentile dropped so much (at 6 months she was in the 85%) but our pediatrician said it’s likely due to her build as well as the fact that she is completely mobile.  Baby girl is still a tall one!


Emmalne 9 Months 2



Holy cow does this girl sparkle!  She is seriously such a firecracker.  If you can tell by the above photo her facial expressions are endless.  She is quick to let us know exactly what she wants.  She is also a MAJOR flirt.  Emmalyne is also quite the love bug and loves to give me kisses.  Lately, she has been reaching in for hugs too.  My heart melts every single time.  Some words I would use to describe my daughter I would say: fun, laid back, flexible, funny, and sweet.  Chris and I say over and over we are nervous for whenever kid #2 comes because Emmie has seriously made parenthood a breeze and I feel like she is a false advertisement.



Still. Going.  It is hard to nurse an incredible active and inquisitive child.  We are currently nursing 4 times a day and 1 bottle before bed.  So far she hasn’t decided that biting is fun and is still interested in the process.  I am hoping that we can hold on for 3 more months (or more … more on that in another post) and then seamlessly transition to cow’s milk.


Emmalne 9 Months 3



Baby led weaning is still our method of choice!  It has been a lot of fun participating in #MunchkinMeals and sharing Emmie’s eats with her cyber-baby friends!  Her recent loves are mandarin oranges, toast, whole-wheat waffles, and spaghetti.  This week she tried some artichokes and loved them!  I can’t get food on her plate fast enough.  She loves eating and hasn’t found a food she doesn’t like.  I know that I am really lucky and I am hoping that she stays like this for the rest of her life!



Each month play time gets more and more fun with her.  We recently got her a stand-up piano toy that she absolutely loves.  It speaks in English and Spanish and she thinks it is so funny.  When we were pregnant we picked up the stuffed soccer ball with the hopes to instill athleticism from an early age.  However, in her toy basket in the living room there is also an empty baby bottle, remote control, and little purse that are her other favorite “toys”.  She also loves to read and has started “reading” books on her own.  LOVE IT.


Emmalne 9 Months 4


Still only two bottom teeth.  Her top ones are getting closer and closer to the surface and her finger is always in her mouth to the side.  Teething is rough in our house so I would rather we just get it over with!



*Knock on wood* … still going 7PM-7AM consistently.  Luckily she can be pretty flexible if we are out and about past her bed time and goes down easily once we get home.  She is also taking about two naps a day.  Her morning nap is normally around 10:30 and lasts until 12-12:30.  Her second is around 3 and last until 4:30ish.  If she is busy and misses her nap she is also quite the champ.  This has happened a few times at the beach because she was just too busy to sleep!


Emmalyne Month 5


Being Emmalyne’s mom gets better and better every single day.  I know that this first year is just the beginning of a lifetime full of memories, laughter, and happiness.  I never knew how it felt to love someone so much it hurts until Emmie came along.  She is the light of my world and my favorite person ever.  I consider myself incredibly blessed that my “job” is to be with her 24/7.


I love you baby girl … You are my sunshine.