IGNITE Your Life

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a great weekend :) I lucked out and had the weekend off which was exactly what I needed in order to recover from my first week of clinicals. I was TIRED by the end of Friday! Fortunately this weekend I had the chance to be a little active which always puts me in a better mood!

Since it’s a brand new week I wanted to share a brand new product with you guys today. I had the chance to try out the PUMA Ignite shoes as part of my partnership with FitFluential and I am LOVING them!

A little bit about the PUMA Ignite features:

ENERGY RETURN: Full length IGNITED foam midsole’s PU blend offers high rebound cushioning
STEP IN COMFORT: IGNITE foam provides instant comfort where you need it most
LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: Foreverfoam is used in the heel to disperse impact and provide extra durability

I have had the Ignites now for about a month and I have to say I am SUPER impressed! So far I have done a variety of training in them – everything from sprints, to CrossFit style workouts, to being on my feet all day at the hospital. They haven’t failed me yet! As someone who tends to pronate I have been pleasantly surprised by how good these fee. The PUMA Ignites are incredibly lightweight and the Foreverfoam makes me feel like I am walking on clouds! I wasn’t sure how I would like an all black shoe but I am even totally digging the color :)

So if you’re in the market for a versatile and lightweight running shoe I highly recommend checking these out! I mean if they’re good enough for Usain Bolt they should probably be good for us too 😉

Do you have a favorite kind of runnign shoe? Have you tried a lightweight one?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

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#SmartCoaching with the Polar FT60

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Polar.

Now that I’ve shared my “body after baby” progress at nine months in I thought it would be perfect time to introduce you to one of my absolutely favorite pieces of FitGear.  I recently got the opportunity to try out the Polar FT6o as part of a FitFluential campaign and I was SO excited.  If you’ve been following along for awhile you know that I bought myself a Polar FT40 back when I was losing the baby weight from Emmalyne and it’s been my go-to gadget for 2.5 years.


Polar FT60 #SmartCoaching #Team Polar


Having a heart rate monitor has completely trained the name of the game for me when it comes to training.  I first started using my Polar to get a better indication of the amount of calories I was burning during my workouts.  As a breastfeeding mom having an accurate idea of energy expenditure is extremely important for maintaining milk supply.  For anyone, having an idea of what you’re burning at the gym can help you fuel your body for success a lot better.  The Polar FT60 takes into account your demographics (age, gender, weight, height, etc) when calculating your calorie burn based on heart rate giving you a more accurate representation of your workout.  The chest strap fits comfortably at my bra line, doesn’t move, and doesn’t chaff.  The watch itself is extremely stylish and one that I frequently wear with my scrubs as my regular watch!


Polar FT60 #SmartCoaching #TeamPolar


Some things I personally learned while using my heart monitor include:

  1. Cardio machines at the gym lie.  Every single time I have used my heart rate monitor and compared it to the machine at the gym, the machine grossly overestimated the amount of calories I burned.  For anyone trying to lose weight this can be a major issue.
  2. Which of my workouts are in the “zone”.  The Polar FT60 has tons of SmartCoaching features, one of which includes a breakdown of the amount of time you spend in different heart rate zones.  Seeing which of my workouts fall into high intensity (CrossFit, sprints) and those that target fat loss (weight training, incline walking) helps me tailor my intensity each day.
  3. Numbers are fun.  I am a geek at heart so seeing numbers is a big thing for me.  Even though my muscles shake from a solid workout I like seeing numbers.  They are a tangible source of accomplishment if you will.  Not something to obsess over but rather a tool to use to maximize your success and help to achieve your goals.  I love them.  Having a detailed and long-lasting training log is amazing to me.
  4. It’s super easy to use.  The Polar FT60 is incredibly easy to use which is awesome.  It’s very intuitive and just a push of a button gets you going.  Can’t get much simpler than that.


Polar FT60 3 #SmartCoaching #TeamPolar


Smart Coaching Features with the Polar FT60

 Pre Training

  • Training plans and challenges on polarpersonaltrainer.com

During Training

  • STAR Training Program: Shows users how hard and how much they need to train to reach their long-term goals. It’s designed to keep users motivated all week and every week by using a personal guidance program that’s no further away than their wrist.
  • OwnZone: Knowing the right intensity to improve fitness can be a challenge. OwnZone adjusts a user’s heart rate training zone to perfectly match their body’s current physiological condition. By using OwnZone, users can be sure they’re training at an intensity that improves their aerobic fitness

After Training

  • Training Load: This feature within polarpersonaltrainer.com displays a color- coded graph of a user’s cumulative training load, notifying a person when he or she has recovered enough for the next session, and accurately predicting training developments to prevent overtraining. This data also provides intelligence to modify training sessions as necessary
  • Fitness Test: This feature gets a measure of users’ current fitness level in just five minutes. By regularly comparing test results, users can see what progress they are making and how their fitness is improving over time


Polar FT60 4 #SmartCoaching #TeamPolar


With my Polar FT60 I also receive the FlowLink which plugs into your computer to easily sync your watch to PolarPersonalTraining.com.  It couldn’t be easier to use – you download the sync software, plug in the FlowLink and set your device on top.  Seriously that simple!  All of your workouts get uploaded so you can graphically see your accomplishments and figure out how to achieve your goals faster.  Other accessories available include the G1 GPS sensor that you can use to track speed and distance.


I seriously can’t say enough good things about Polar.  I have invested my own money in products (my FT40 and Chris’ FT7) and have been thoroughly impressed with their quality of product as well as their customer service.  I was thrilled to get a chance to check out the “upgraded” version f my beloved FT40.  I know many of you have asked about my heart rate monitor in the past so I am happy to have gotten this up for you guys.  I am more excited to offer you a discount code for your own Polar FT60!   You can purchase one here with the code FitPolarFT60.


Have you used a heart rate monitor?

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Better Your Best

One of the most challenging aspects of going to PA school is finding time for working out.  Gone are the days where I had unlimited time to commit to the gym.  When I could go to whatever fitness classes I wanted.  What I consider to be a successful workout has also changed. What my “best” is right now is a world away from what it used to be.  However, being a “healthy living blogger” it can be hard not to fall into the comparison trap with other people I follow on social media.  Is my best as good as theirs?  I’ll answer that in a second.


better your best


The ASICS brand motto is “better your best” which really resonates with me right now.  What IS my current best?  Like most things in life there is a season and cycle of change.  What MY best is right now may be very different than what yours is.  That’s what I love about the motto – it’s about finding what’s best for YOU and identifying with that rather than focusing on comparing to others.  So IS my best as good as theirs?  My answer …. WHO CARES.  My current goal is to do the BEST I can in all things …. be the best mom I can be.  The best wife I can be.  The best student I can be.  And work the best I can towards achieving my fitness goals.  What everyone else is doing, while inspirational, is irrelevant.


So when ASICS invited me to try out their new Gel-Electro33 natural running shoe I was all over it.  I have to admit I’ve wanted to try a more natural running shoe for awhile but just hadn’t taken the plunge.  The Gel-Electro33 is a lightweight, flexible shoe with pronation support.  The fact that I seriously pronate my left foot has been one of the reasons I held out on a natural running shoe.  ASICS solved that problem for me!


According to ASICS:

By working with the natural mechanics and geometry of the foot, the execution of Fluidaxis™ for overpronators provides an incredibly natural but super stable ride.  The deep Fluidaxis flex grooves have been adjusted and moved more laterally to align with the subtalar joint of overpronators.  


ASICS Gel-Electro33


I have worn these shoes now for mid-distance runs, HIIT training, and weights and they are awesome and versatile shoes for all the above.  Here are some of the pros and cons for the shoes:



  • Super lightweight – definitely the lightest running shoes I own
  • Great support – didn’t feel like my ankle had any problems
  • Comfortable – they felt like running on a cloud
  • Stylish – awesome color … I love me some neon pink!



  • The only con I have is that without the right socks the back of the shoes rubbed on my Achilles.  However, once I wore the right socks this was a non-issue.


I really loved these shoes and they have been my “go-to” since I got them in the mail!  ASICS wants to help one lucky reader better their best too!  I’m giving away a pair of the ASICS Gel-Electro33 shoes to one lucky reader :)  Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


I am off to get ready for FitBloggin‘!  Hope you all have a great Thursday :)

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Disclaimer:  I did receive this pair of ASICS Gel-Electro33 running shoes for free but no other compensation was provided.  All opinions are my own :)

Ready to Run

Ready To Run



My Garmin is charged.  My clothes are ready to be put on.  This mama is ready to run!  I have all my essential gear ready to go.  My Nathan’s handheld is standing by and ready for some Nuun.  Also, remember when I reviewed the Koss Fit Series with FitFluential?  The Ear Buds are still one of my favorites pieces of FitGear and they are currently on sale for $19.99 at Walgreens!


Now wish this mama luck.  However, I don’t think I need it because there’s chocolate at the end of the race.  Goodness knows I WILL run for chocolate 😉

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FitMark “The Box”

Hey there friends!  Hope your week is going well so far.  I am pretty excited that it’s Wednesday since the week is halfway done!  I am pretty much living for the weekends at this point 😉  Today is one of my crazy days at school.  I am there from 8:30AM-5:00PM.  I am pretty much there for three meals and breastfeeding makes me so HUNGRY.  When I started getting ready for school to start I knew that I had to find a  lunchbox to pack with healthy foods that would be big enough to last me all day.  So when FitMark offered to send me one of theirs to try I was super excited!


FitMark The Bag


After checking out the FitMark Bag website I chose to receive “The Box”.  I liked that it was the medium sized bag and thought it would hold just enough.  It arrived just before classes started which made for perfect timing.  Upon checking it out I was super excited to see all the fun features.  There’s an outside pocket to hold a water bottle and an interior pocked to hold utensils/napkins/etc.  Inside there’s a center divider that can be moved for easy organization which makes this mama pretty stoked.


FitMark The Box



The Box itself comes with two meal containers and a special shaker bottle.  The bottle itself is patented and has compartments for both supplements and protein powder if that’s your thing.  I’ve used it for my vitamins :)  The bag also comes with two ice packs which have worked to keep my food cold all day long.


FitMark The Box



I have been using The Box for over a week now and seriously love it.  I love it so much that I am actually going to be ordering one for Chris too.  Having one lunchbox that is big enough to hold all my food is essential when I am already carrying a backpack and my breast pump into school.


FitMark is also being super generous and is giving one of their bags away to a Food, Fitness, and Family reader.  You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget blow.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Giveaway will run from today until midnight Saturday.  The giveaway is open to US residents only.  You can find FitMark on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Do you pack your lunch for the day?  What’s your favorite thing to pack?

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Disclaimer: I was given this product for free of charge to review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinion are my own.