Freshen Up your Life

As you guys know, I am a HUGE lover of all things fresh when it comes to food.  My favorite thing to do on Tuesdays is hit up the local farmer’s market in Richmond Hill and stock up on farm-fresh fruits and veggies.  Incorporating fresh produce into your life can be super easy if you do some planning.  Here are some of my favorite ways of freshening up my life.  Last month I shared with you all about GE’s #Freshpedition campaign and their goal of keeping foods super fresh with state of the art appliances.  These tips add on to that!


1.  Plan Ahead

Every two weeks I make a meal plan.  I go to the grocery store once a week and the farmer’s market every Tuesday.  From my meal plan I make my lists accordingly.  I tentatively plan all my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as well as snacks for the family.  By shopping weekly I can ensure that I get the freshest produce from the farmer’s market and also that there will always be healthy options for Chris, myself, and Emmalyne.


2.  Do Some Prep Work

Prep Work Pays Off

When I get home from the store Emmalyne is normally ready for a nap.  I use her nap time to prep my haul.  I wash, cut, and store all our fruits and veggies for the week so that they are easily accessible.  Having our berries pre-washed for the week eliminates a step and allows me to grab a handful to snack periodically.  Also cutting up romaine lettuce and kale makes making salads that much quicker and more efficient the lowers the chance of my choosing something else for lunch.


3.  Organized Your Fridge

Operation Fridge Makeover

I did “operation fridge makeover” earlier this year to revamp my fridge.  Studies show that you are more likely to grab whatever food is visible and at eye level in your fridge so I try to put all of our health snacks there in ours.  I have the veggies, hummus, fruit, and yogurt out in the open and up top.  Takes “grab-and-go” to a different level.


4.  Hit The Market

Richmond Hill Farmer's Market

While I know not everywhere as farmer’s markets available, if there is one near you I highly recommend you getting there.  You can find one near you Local Harvest!  Talk to the farmer’s at your market and find one that you like the best.  Shopping local helps make sure you are getting the freshest options for your family.


5.  Choose Appliances Knowledgeably

I spoke of the fridge envyI had for the GE French door refrigerator recently.  Once I move into my forever home (whenever that’ll be!) I want to get one.  With ultra-filtered water from the first ever hands-free dispenser, and micro-climate controls powered by TwinChill technology, the new GE French Door Refrigerator is engineered to push the limits of fresh.  The GE #Freshpedition campaign put it to the test.  Check it out HERE.

GE Freshpedition


What are your favorite ways to incorporate fresh foods into your life?


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