Jacksonville Zoo

Yesterday we wrapped up our quick trip to Jacksonville with a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo.  We loaded up the car and got to the zoo right as it opened at 9AM.  I have learned over the years that the absolute best zoo experiences come first thing in the morning.  We may or may not have been the first family in line 😉  Emmalyne is at an age now where she gets things and I love watching her enjoy new experiences.

JAX Zoo 1


The Jacksonville Zoo is organized by different trails relating to animals from different parts of the world.  There is the Asia Loop, Australian Loop, Florida Loop, etc.  By getting there nice and early the animals were all out and seemed to be in great moods.  One of our favorites of the day was this giraffe.  Her name was Naomi and we definitely ended up buying Em a stuffed giraffe that she promptly named Naomi as we were leaving.

JAX Zoo Animals


We got the tickets that included all the additional attractions the zoo offers.  This included butterfly hollow (which was kind of like Butterfly Wonderland but not quite as cool), Stingray Bay, the 4D movie, and the train.  Emmalyne could hardly contain herself as we were waiting for the “choo-choo”!

JAX Zoo Train


We spent most of the morning hot on Em’s heels as she ran from one adventure to the next.  I wish I could bottle up toddler energy and sell it for profit because it’s insane.


JAX Zoo 2



Luckily for all of us Bryn was willing to come along for the ride.  She is such as relaxed and easy baby.  Bryn loved just chilling in the Ergo or smiling at all the other people.  Bonus points for me?  I figured out how to nurse her in the Ergo so we didn’t even have to stop for snacks 😉  She also took some good naps while we were there and I enjoyed the snuggles.


JAX Zoo 3


The last activity we did at the zoo was let Emmalyne have at it in the splash pad.  We didn’t bring her swim suit so we improvised 😉

JAX Zoo 4



It was an absolutely beautiful day to be at the zoo and I was full of joy watching the wonder and excitement in Em’s eyes.  We ended what was the perfect morning with a little treat before getting in the car for the drive home.


JAX Zoo 5



Em’s eyes were shut and she was asleep before we were even out of the parking lot.  You know she had fun 😉


Our fun is continuing through the weekend.  Chris and I are doing a mud run tomorrow and his brother gets in town tomorrow night.  I am going to soak up my last 3 days off before jumping back in to 10 weeks of chaos.  Have a happy Friday!


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