Yesterday was a great day.  Let me start from the beginning though.


This summer was a hard summer for us.  Chris was gone the entire month of June and missed my 1 week break between clinicals.  When he came back I was in the Emergency Room and working bizarre hours and our family time was limited.  He left again for another 3 weeks and didn’t come back until mid-August.  Essentially our summer was completely missed.


We knew that I had some time off in September and so we planned ahead for Chris to take leave during my breaks and by the grace of the Army it was approved.  Cue the happiness.  Yesterday was Chris’ first official day of leave and we decided to make it ours.  We dropped the girls off at school and spent the entire day together.


Our day started off with a crazy sweaty workout in our garage.  I recently started Ashley Horner’s Valor (more on that another day!) and convinced him to join me in the trainer.  Let’s just say we almost died.


Couple Sweat Session

After we picked ourselves up off the floor and showered we headed to Tybee Island for an afternoon of fun.  We have been wanting to go to the Crab Shack since we moved here.  That was three years ago.  We finally made it yesterday and it did not disappoint.

Crab Shack

The Crab Shack is mainly an outdoor restaurant that has a very eclectic feel to it.  If you hate cats you may want to avoid it though because the roaming cats are kind of a thing for the restaurant.  The weather in Coastal GA was absolutely perfect with a nice breeze and mild temperatures.  Basically it called for a nice cold beer.

Beer Me

When we go out to new places Chris and I are big about sharing meals so we can taste more.  We split the she crab soup, creekside nachos, and local blue crab.

Crab Shack Food

Everything was SO good!  The she crab soup just tasted fresh and had huge chunks of crab in it.  The nachos had a delicious BBQ sauce on top that took it up a notch.  The crab was horrible messy and definitely not for a first date.  I guess it’s a good thing we’ve been married over 6 years 😉


After stuffing our faces we did the next most logical thing … put on bathing suits to strut our stuff on Tybee Beach. HA.

Tybee Island
Don’t get me wrong … I love taking my girls to the beach.  But there was something insanely relaxing about not having to worry about a little one drowning or running away.  I was able to shut my eyes which never happens any more.  We also only carried our beach chairs and a bag rather than enough stuff to go camping.  Pure bliss.  I even managed to study a bit.


By the time we went to get the girls from school I felt refreshed.  I have blogged a few times about how important it is to make your marriage a priority and I am proud of Chris and I for continuing to do that.  Our realator told us today that our marriage must be strong to survive Army life and PA school and I was able to smile and truthfully say YES.  It is strong.  It’s strong because we work hard at it.  But yesterday proved that it can be the most fun kind of work.


How often do you “date” your spouse?  When was the last time you went to the beach?


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A Belated Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday!  I am through the worst of it now and officially have THREE weeks left in didactic.  Hold me?  My unintentional break from blogging happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day and I didn’t get to share how Chris and I celebrated with you.  Normally I wouldn’t go back to it but since making a marriage a priority is important to me I thought I would still share :)


Chris and I had the opportunity to spend the night down in Savannah for the holiday because my mother-in-law was here to watch the girls.  I had a big test that I could have been studying for but chunking out the time for my main squeeze was just as important.  We happened to have a free night stay that was about to expire so it worked out perfectly and we hit up a a Marriott in Savannah for the night.  Is it wrong that I was just was excited for a full night sleep with tiny interruptions as I was to be out with my hubby?  #MomLife

PA School Tip:  If you’re in a relationship and want to still be in one at the end of your program you must make time for the people that matter.  You can always have the excuse that you don’t have the time but you have to make it.  No excuses.


For dinner we decided on a new-to-us restaurant called Pacci.  Pacci is dedicated to sourcing local and fresh ingredients for their menu.  You could definitely taste the freshness in everything we had!  It was a nice modern place and since we had an early reservation it was pretty empty.

Pacci Savannah
For appetizers we got truffle parmesan fries which were out of this world and the crab cannellone.  The  cannellone had lump blue crab, ricotta, bechamel sauce, lemon preserved tomatoes.  HOLY COW.  I could have just had a few of those for dinner!

Pacci Savannah 2
For my main dish I got the Gemelli Caserecce with garden‎ herbs, market vegetables, shaved parmesean, and added chicken.  Honestly?  It was just ok.  The star of the show was definitely the crab cannellone.


After dinner we decided to walk around Savannah.  I feel so very fortunate to live in such a picturesque city!  It was nice to just casually stroll among the oak trees and do a little bit of shopping.  The ability to just have conversation and not be chasing busy toddlers was a gift in itself.


We the made our way to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar for dessert but unfortunately the line was 45 minutes.  However, you can take dessert to go so we did just that!  A little strawberry suspension cake, chocolate chip cheesecake and champagne from Kroger made the perfect end to the evening.  We enjoyed it on the patio of our hotel and just got to talk about anything and everything.



Overall it was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. And yes – the quality of sleep was amazing.


How do you make your relationships a priority?


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On Making Marriage a Priority

Hello from Charleston!



Chris and I arrived here yesterday as a belated celebration for our 5th anniversary that was in June.  If you recall, our anniversary was at the end of my 2nd quarter and Chris was gone with the Army to Kentucky for that month so we didn’t get a chance to celebrate.  My mother-in-law graciously agreed to come to Georgia to watch the girls so we could take a little getaway by ourselves.  


Leaving the girls yesterday was pretty hard, I am not going to lie.  If you can believe it, in the nearly 3 years since I became a mom I have spent one night away from my children.  To say it was about time is an understatement.  While I absolutely cherish my role as mom, my role as wife is as important if not MORE important and it is time to cultivate that relationship.  Things certainly have changed quite a bit since we said “I do”.  We were so young then and so very much in love.  Fortunately, although we are a tad older, we are still very much in love and I am really looking forward to these few days.




You see, when I became a mom it was easy to put on my mom hat and sometimes forget my wife hat.  Sure I made dinner, kept the house clean, and supported my husband, but finding the time to spend just the two of us without one kid or the other needing our attention has been challenging.  Throw in his job which is time consuming and has involved a lot of travel with my insane PA school schedule, finding that time has been even more difficult.


However, it is absolutely essential to always make your marriage a priority.  We attended a marriage retreat last weekend that reminded me of that even more.  We as husband and wife are setting the example of what marriage should be to our girls.  We all have our relationship role models we look up to  (mine is my sister and her husband who just celebrated 17 years of marriage).  I want Chris and I to be that shining example that our children aspire to have with their future spouses.  That means taking off my mom hat every now and then and putting the wife hat firmly on.


Chris and I have experienced a lot in our five years of marriage.  He deployed to Afghanistan before we even got to our 1st anniversary and that experience taught us the power of communication.  We became parents to two beautiful girls which taught us the power of teamwork.  We have gotten through his command time and are now more than halfway through my didactic portion of PA school which taught us about supporting one another unconditionally.  Our marriage has never been stronger but even strong marriages need time to grow even more.


So we are here in Charleston reconnecting, getting full nights sleep, and remembering just why we chose to spend our lives together 😉  I anticipate lots of fun and laughter because that’s what has always been at the center of our relationship so this should be a good time!


Don’t forget that every relationship, no matter how strong, needs to be fed to grow and blossom.  Think about one thing you could do this week to feed an important relationship in your life.  Whether that be with your spouse, your children, or another family member.


How do you feed the important relationships in your life?  Is it hard to wear many hats?


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5 Years

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since I started out on the most incredible adventure of my life.  Five years ago I  married the man of my dreams, best friend, and partner.





Marrying Chris was by far one of the best decisions of my life.  Many could say that we were too young when we got married.  That we should have dated longer before pledging ourselves to each other.  And maybe that’s true for couples who don’t understand that marriage is a sacrament.  It’s a life-long commitment.  It’s a “one and done” kind of deal.  At least it is for us.


We WERE very young when we got married.  I was 21 and he was 23.  We’ve had a lot of growing to do over the years but we have grown together.  Chris has helped shape me into the woman I am today and I know I have helped him too.  I couldn’t have a better person by my side as I navigate the journey that is life.  He grounds me when I am spiraling.  He picks me up when I fall.  He supports me in every crazy dream that I dream up.  He makes me laugh when I want to cry.  He makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt.  He is a man of few words but when he says them they hold great meaning.


In the grand scheme of things 5 years is a short period of time, and yet, I feel like we have crammed a lifetime of adventures into them.  I watched him take an oath to his country and don a uniform.  We both graduated college.  We have moved to 3 different states and 5 houses.  We survived a LONG deployment and learned the true value of communication.  We’ve road-tripped all over this country and made memories along the way.  And just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore I saw him become a daddy to the two most amazingly beautiful and sweet little girls.


We’ve laughed (a lot), cried, fought, yelled, made up, and forgiven.  When times have been hard rather than turn away from each other we support each other.  I couldn’t be doing what I am doing without him by my side.


So Happy Anniversary Chris.  My heart aches that we aren’t spending today together but the distance is trivial when I have a lifetime with you by my side.

How I Do It

“How do you do it?!”


That’s a question I seem to be getting a lot lately either from friends, family, or blog readers in regards to the beautiful chaos that is my life.  And I thought it was about time I answer it.


I could say that it’s my time-management skills or the fact that I am “super mom” but the truth is I am nothing special.   You want to know how I do it?  Well here it is ….


I have an amazing husband.


Chris has been my rock, my therapist, and my cheerleader for much longer than since I started PA school but he has filled those roles SO much more lately.  He is supporting me 100%, picking up the slack around the house, playing with the girls, and telling me that I am good enough, smart enough, and doing enough to survive.  This transition has been a big one for everyone in our family and he is handling it with grace and it keeping me in check along the way.  I am the luckiest girl in the world because I married one heck of a man.




I couldn’t do it without him.


There are a lot of other factors that we have implemented that have helped make our lives a little easier in this transition and I will post those tips another day.  Having Chris by my side truly is 90% of the equation … everything else just makes up that 10%.


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m lucky enough to have a date with my Valentine tomorrow night :)

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