Big Nasty Mud Run

As I shared with you guys yesterday, Chris and I did the Big Nasty Mud Run on Saturday in Bloomingdale, Georgia.  The Big Nasty is put on by FCA Endurance and this was the 5th time they have done it.  I love running races hosted by FCA Endurance because proceeds always go to a really good cause and their events are well planned and executed.  The Big Nasty was no exception.  Chris and I were in the 8:20 military wave and we got out to the site at around 7:45AM.


Upon arrival I knew that they had everything under control.  There were plenty of port potties available and duct taping stations for your shoes.  Duct tapping your shoes is critical for this particular race so having some available to runners was awesome.  Packet pickup was incredibly smooth and the whole thing took us only a few minutes.  The added bonus about the Big Nasty Mud Run is that if you have children who are over 3 they have child care for free on site!  WIN.  Before I knew it, it was time to head to the start so Chris and I grabbed one quick picture before gearing up.


Big Nasty Before



I have to admit I was a little nervous as we were waiting to go.  I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I was in good enough shape to not hold Chris back TOO much.  Since we were on a team we had to stick together.  Knowing I had him along with me gave me the boost of confidence that I needed.


The very first thing you did was run over a hill of dirt and dive into a hug mud pit.  We saw people losing shoes left and right before our wave so I was glad to have my tightly taped to my feet.  The mud was like thick soup.  You wouldn’t walk through it, you pretty much had to swim.  Fun times.


Big Nasty Mud Run



From there it was pretty much alternating obstacles and running.  The obstacles were all pretty manageable for me and I only opted out of doing one of them which was fine because only one member of the team had to do it.  It basically involved shimmying upside down on a PVC pipe.  Once I saw how much Chris struggled I was glad I opted out … last thing I needed before going back to school would be an injury 😉


Some of the other obstacles included swimming and going over barrels, jumping over walls, climbing ladders and cargo nets, wading through a muddy creek (that never seemed to end), and so much more.  This tire carry happened near the end of the race and I was SMOKED.


Big Nasty Mud Run During 2



There were times where there was not a dry spot on my body.  I had mud EVERYWHERE and it took a couple of showers to finally get all of it out of my ears ha.  The best part of this race was doing it with Chris.  Once of my favorite things about our marriage is that we push each other to try new things and stay active.  We have ran 2 half marathons together, several smaller races, and now this mud run.  I also love that he is as much of a cheese-ball as I am :)


Big Nasty Mud Run During


This is really embarrassing but somehow we didn’t see a photographer at the finish and we didn’t get a picture in our muddy glory.  This is sad because the last obstacle involved swimming through almost a football field size thing of mud.  Oh well … I know better for next time!  Total the race consisted of ~5 miles and 30 obstacles.  We finished around 1:14 which was right in middle of the overall pack.


I had a lot of fun doing the mud run and totally plan on signing up when they do it again in September!  If you’re local you should come get muddy too :)

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Dirty Girl Mud Run – Atlanta … Recap!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to run the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Atlanta with some awesome FitFluential Ambassadors.  The Dirty Girl Mud Run is a 5K with obstacles along the way.  It is also girls only … no boys allowed 😉  On top of that, a portion of registration fees are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!


Saturday morning started bright and early with Maria, Victoria, and I hopping the car and making the roadtrip from Savannah to Atlanta.  It was approximately 250 miles of awesome.  I am always a little nervous about meeting blog friends for the first time and I have to say both of these ladies are exactly as they come across on their blogs and we all got along smashingly!  Once we got to the ATL we hit up Trader Joe’s and grabbed lunch before heading down to Aaron’s Ampitheatre for the run!



Registration was a little more chaotic than I was anticipating.  Since everyone was picking up their packets the day of the race there were some long lines.  Also, the line for U-Z last names was conspicuously missing … the alphabet appeared to end at T.  Interesting.  Luckily the line moved quicker than I thought it would and I had my bib number in no time.


Once we were registered we met up with the one and only Kelly Olexa, aka, the CEO of FitFluential.  Kelly is seriously just as amazing in person as she is online and it was so much fun meeting her and rolling in the mud! Robin was there too and she was fierce 😉  Seriously so much fun meeting the faces behind FitFluential!


Maria and I are like two peas in a pod.  She was kind of the peanut butter to my jelly.  After 4 years of long-distance friendship is was amazing spending some quality “in real life” time together!  What better way to bond than rolling the mud and climbing things??

Our 1:45 start time came fast and just like that it was time to get dirty!  There was a great DJ at the start pumping some awesome music to get you pumped.  By this time though the temperature had reached the upper 80’s and it was pretty hot.  We agreed to take the run easy and just enjoy the process and gab it up.  BEST IDEA EVER.  This race isn’t timed to begin with and why not just ENJOY the process?  :)

One of the amazing things about this run is that it is geared for women of all fitness levels.  Anyone could do it.  The obstacles were challenging but not impossible and they were well spaced throughout the course so there weren’t long periods of just running.  There was 3 water stations along the way also which helped with the heat and washing mud out of your mouth 😉

Carissa and Alexis were also there but they were Speedy Gonzales and took off at the beginning.  When they finished though they met up with us on the course for a photo op before they headed back to Florida.  Both of these ladies were pretty awesome and I hope to see them when I am down in Orlando later this month!

The finish was probably my favorite part.  The music was bumping again and it was fun hitting the mud one last time.  BUT we were promised firefighters hosing us off at the end and that so didn’t happen.  The ones we did snag a pic with seemed less than thrilled haha.

After the race we drank our beer flavored water, aka Busch’s, and I donated my sneakers.  Those sneakers saw me thru my first half marathon and many many miles.  I was glad that the Dirty Girl Mud Run was their last hoorah :)

I had a lot of fun running this race.  The best part of it for me was the company.  These ladies are all amazing individuals and spending more time with them was amazing.  The race itself had some growing pains … lines at the obstacles, chaotic registration, etc. but it was done for a good cause and ultimately was a lot of fun.  Make sure to check to see if there is one in your area!

And all the amazing pictures in my post?  The lovely Victoria played the official photographer since she couldn’t run the race.  I am bummed now that I realize we didn’t get a pic together BUT she is my new “neighbor” here in Georgia and I know we will be seeing tons of each other to make up for it 😉

Have you ever run a mud run?

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s Time …

Time to get dirty!!


The day has finally come.  Hello Dirty Girl Atlanta!!  I will be hitting the road north with Maria and Victoria and cannot wait!  I have been looking forward to this amazing all-girl mud run for awhile now and it is hard to believe that it is here.


We plan on hitting up Trader Joe’s while we are in town and seeing some other fabulous FitFluential women including Kelly Olexa herself!!


Maria and I have already had a blast together … it’s actually hard to believe this is the first time we have “met”.  We hit up an awesome steakhouse last night and made triple chocolate puppy chow, however, both of those things deserve blog posts of their own 😉


Wish us luck as we go tackle some “pretty muddy stuff” and 8 hours of driving :)


FitFluential, LLC compensated me for this campaign.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.