It Isn’t Always Easy

Confession: Being a mom is REALLY hard.


Sure, most days I feel like “super mom” and accomplish a vast majority of my “to do” list but then there are the days that don’t always make the blog.  The days where I am just thankful we all survived and am counting down the minutes until Chris walks in the door as reinforcement.  The days where Emmie gets a yogurt at every meal and I get puked on repeatedly.


You see, as bloggers we typically show the best sides of ourselves.   Often times we gloss over the hard stuff and write about rainbows and unicorns.  But life isn’t always pretty.  Life is actually really really messy.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.


It started off pretty well.  I got up, got both girls fed, and even got to squeeze in a quick run on the treadmill.  By 10AM though it was going downhill and fast.  Bryn only wanted to be held and would wake up the second I put her down and cry.  Then, not to be outdone by her baby sister, Emmalyne would start to whine and get particularly needy.  Almost reverting back to being a baby herself (which is totally normal when there’s a new baby in the house).  Needless to say one or both of my children were crying all day.


Furthermore, Emmalyne decided that a half hour nap was totally sufficient and Bryn thought naps were for the weak.  By the grace of God I managed to shower … only to have B spit up in my hair.  To top it all off?  Pretty sure I might be coming down with mastitis.  When Chris got home I promptly handed off the kids and went to the grocery store to refocus.


So no … I don’t always have it together and motherhood is rarely easy.  I pride myself on being well organized and ready to tackle the day most of the time.  This careful planning helps make our days go smoother.  Then there are days like yesterday that I don’t always share about.  Maybe it’s because it would shatter the image of being the “perfect” mom.  Maybe it’s because I truly hate whining.  Maybe I just don’t think you guys want to read about the nitty gritty.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that we should share MORE of these days with each other, particularly in the blog world.  We need a healthy dose of reality to keep us grounded and there is no such thing as the perfect mom.  We are MOMS, trying to do our best for our children.  And that is more than enough.


So today will hopefully be a better day.  However, if it’s like yesterday that’s ok too.  These lithe people make the really hard moments worth it in the end.  Even when they are being little stinkers 😉


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Emmalyne: Month Twelve

Emmalyne: 1 Year Old

I’ve had a few days now for the reality that I have a toddler now to sink in.  Regardless, I still am in slight denial that I am writing Emmalyne’s 12 month update.  Wow.  This last year has been the most amazing year of my entire life.  I have learned so much about myself, and more importantly, about Emmalyne.  I can’t believe I have known this sweet little person for a year but at the same time I feel as if I have known her forever.  If you’re brand new to Emmalyne’s updates you can catch up via the following links:



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Emmalyne: One Year


HEIGHT: 31 inches (95%)

WEIGHT: 22 lbs 9 ounces (50%)

CLOTHES: 12-18 months, 18 months, and some 18-24 months


SHOES: 4.5 wide


Emmalyne is taking after both Chris and I … long and lean.  Her thighs are still chunky but she is pretty lanky too.  I get comments a lot about “how tall” she is.  I can tell because many of her 12-18 month pants are too short but too big in the waist.  Sigh.

Emmalyne: One Year


Every month Emmalyne’s personality becomes more and more pronounced.  Overall she is SO incredibly happy.  Emmie loves to laugh and totally gets jokes and humor.  She is a little imp and arches her eye brows at me as she goes in to do something naughty.  She doesn’t cry for no reason and as soon as the cause is determined and fixed she is all smiles.  She is such a loving little girl and gives kisses, hugs, and rubs my back.  One con is that she has fully figured out how to throw legitimate tantrums.  She spreads her legs into a middle splits, throws her body forward, and cries into the carpet.  Don’t try to soothe her … She will just throw whatever you’re giving her.  It’s hilarious and annoying at the same time.

Emmalyne: One Year


I wrote recently that we have started the weaning process.  So far things are still going incredibly smoothly and it has honestly been a really easy experience for both of us.  She is still nursing two times a day … in the morning and late afternoon.  The other two times she is getting cow’s milk.  I am unsure at this point when I will drop the morning feeding.  I am not in a rush for that one and may just let her decide when enough is enough.

Emmalyne: One Year


Meal times are Emmie’s favorite time of the day.  She is all about her food and I try to mix it up daily for her.  Right now she is eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with about two snacks a day thrown into the mix.  I let her try peanut butter yesterday and success!  No allergies (yet).  It amazes me how she will pretty much eat anything and everything.  She loves fish and broccoli … such a heart healthy girl 😉  My biggest downfall is figuring out good snacks for her.  Moms feel free to chime in on the comments!

Emmalyne: One Year


One of my favorite parts of Emmalyne getting older is that she is playing with us more and more.  Chris and I bought her a shape sorter box for her birthday and it is her favorite thing to do with us.  She puts shapes in, takes them out, hands them to us, takes them back, and starts over.  She will walk across the room carrying her box, sit in my lap, and start playing.  My heart melts.  She still loves playing with balls and bath time is the highlight of her evening.  Half of her toys aren’t really toys but she is starting to interact with her actual toys more and more.

Emmalyne: One Year


Sleep is an area I am thankful has never been a problem.  Emmalyne goes down to sleep like a dream.  She may cry for a second but then she stuffs her blanket into her mouth and goes right to sleep.  She sleeps from 7PM – 7:30AM now with 2 naps a day.  I am not sure when she will drop a nap but right now it is pretty clear that she needs and wants 2.  I am not going to complain 😉


It’s official.  Emmalyne is completely walking.  It was an overnight transformation and as soon as she figured out she was capable of walking her confidence soared and crawling became so last month.  She barely crawls now and walks everywhere.  When she falls she stands right back up and keeps going.  She is almost running now.  Save me.

Emmalyne: One Year

I thank God every single day for the privilege of being Emmalyne Grace’s mother.  She is the most incredible, loving, kind, and funny child.  I am so lucky that I get to spend each and every day hanging out with her because she’s awesome.

I love you baby girl.  You are my sunshine.


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