Volunteering at a Marathon

Happy Monday friends!  I am feeling refreshed after taking last week off from social media and blogging.  This quarter is exceptionally challenging and I was feeling really overwhelmed so something had to give.  Forgive me?  I am super excited to be back today sharing my experience at the Rock’N’Roll Savannah this weekend!  No I didn’t run … I volunteered!




I had the opportunity on Saturday to be a medical volunteer at the race and I was SUPER excited.  I signed up with two of my classmates through our school and we went into the experience not really knowing what to expect.  We were stationed at the finish line medical tent so we pretty much had to be ready for anything.  I figured we would get SOME hands-on experience but I had no idea what was in store for us.




Basically how it ended up working out was that we took patients on our own, came up with a plan, confirmed the plan with the site coordinator, and treated them.  It was amazing.  There were points that I had 4+ patients all dealing with slightly different things.  We mainly treated muscle cramps, nausea, some hypothermic type issues, etc.  I also had my first emergent patient which was unreal.  You never quite know how you’re going to react to those situations until you’re put in them.  While there were some definite nerves I also felt so alive.


I learned so much this weekend.  Academically I learned a lot about how important teamwork is in a “triage” type situation.  I learned how to manage multiple patients and how to treat several different situations.  While these lessons were incredible they weren’t nearly as valuable as what I learned about myself.  I gained so much confidence this weekend.  It was an amazing feeling realizing how much I have learned in the last 11 months and how capable I (and my classmates) were at applying that knowledge to living breathing patients.  I learned to trust my instincts because they’re pretty good.  I also learned then when things go south I don’t back down … I am right there in the thick of it.  It was such a gratifying feeling watching my patients walk out of the tent in a substantially better condition than when they came in.


This experience was precisely what I needed at this time.  I remembered my WHY this weekend.  The why I am doing this whole crazy adventure.  It’s truly extraordinary realizing you’re doing precisely what you were born to do.  This weekend also reaffirmed my love of emergency medicine.


SO I am heading into this week feeling exhilarated and ready for the remainder of this quarter.  Only 15 weeks left in the classroom and then I will be with patients full-time.  I can’t flipping wait.

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Fall Racing Schedule

It has begun.


Training that is.  I am working on putting together my fall racing calendar.  Technically I still have a couple of weeks before I start training but I am upping my mileage and adding in speed work now.  I plan on sharing my training plan with you all soon!  I have two races that I am currently registered for …


Army Ten-Miler


Chris and I are both registered to run the Army Ten-Miler in Washington DC on October 21.  I am super excited because this race is on my #FitnessBucketList.  It fits well into my half-marathon training plan and I will get to see several of my real-life friends AND blog friends.  SO excited!!


Two weeks later we are running this …

Savannah Rock-N-Roll


I am SO excited for this half!  Why?  Because I am running with some awesome friends AND it’s pretty darn flat.  After the hills of death from the Go! St. Louis I am ready for a flat, fast court.  I have PR plans for this race 😉


Now … I want to add in a couple of shorter races into the docket.  I am thinking about adding the Tunnel to Towers 5K.  This race was started in honor of a firefighter, Stephen Siller who lost his life trying to save others on 9/11.  The Tunnel to Towers Foundation supports children who have lost a parent, firefighters, and military who have been seriously injured and sacrifice their quality of life in the line of duty.  Definitely something I can get behind.

Tunnel To Towers Savannah


Other than that I am open to suggestions!  Presley, Victoria, and I are talking about making a girls weekend and running the Zooma 1/2 Marathon on Amelia Island in January too :)


What’s on your racing calendar for the fall?