Giant Treadmill Hill Workout

I hope you guys had a great weekend!  We were pretty low key and spent most of it letting Emmalyne recover from whatever bug she had last week.  It is no fun dealing with a sick baby :(  Luckily I am happy to report that she seems to be doing MUCH better.  Her fever broke Friday night, she slept a lot Saturday, and was a tad cranky yesterday but definitely on the mend.  Thank you for all your kind words and well wishes.  We felt them!


Any-who, since moving to Savannah in April my running has changed.  How you ask?  In Missouri I was constantly running hills.  Anyone who has lived by the Lake of the Ozarks or Fort Leonard Wood can attest that there are rolling hills everywhere.  No matter where I ran there would be TONS of hills.  Here in Savannah?  Nary a hill to be seen.  While I totally love the flat terrain and the speed I feel when I run, I also know that not everywhere is this amazing.  Case and point?  The Augusta Half Marathon elevation chart:


Augusta Half Marathon Elevation Chart


Do you see what happens between miles 4-5?!?!  Thats a mile long uphill … aka death to Madeline’s legs.  Since the Augusta Half is my next big race I have taken matters into my own hands for training.  While I would love to be able to go run the Savannah Bridge every weekend, I just can’t.  Therefore, I have to make my own hills using the treadmill.  This is the workout I have been doing:


Giant Treadmill Hill


So far this is working for me.  I am honestly pretty winded at the end of the uphill portion.  Since I just started using it I am hoping that I get used to it ASAP.  Either way I know it’ll be good practice before conquering that monster (to me) hill in the race.


How do you train for hilly races?  Any good workouts you suggest?



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6 Week Half Marathon Plan

It’s hard to believe that the Savannah Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon is coming up SO fast!  Here is what my training plan looks like for the rest of the time:


6 Week Half Marathon Plan


This is my tentative plan … keeping running 3-4 times per week MINIMUM.  Add in yoga 1-2 times a week plus strength and cross-training.  Some of the yoga days will be active rest with an easy flow class or a complete rest day depending on how my body is feeling.  Rest days are so important and they will definitely be in there.


I am really excited about how my training is going.  I did the 8-miler on Sunday at 10:33/mile which is well above my goal pace, however, I am not discouraged.  I am already SO much further ahead in this training than when I was for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon at the same point in my training.  I have some big PR dreams and I truly think following this plan is going to help me reach them!


Here we go!


How do you train for your races?

Conquering a Long Run

The Savannah Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon is 6 weeks from this coming Saturday … EEK.  Truth be told, the last couple weeks my training has been sub-par.  The heat of Arizona was super difficult for me to bear and my running definitely suffered.  Plus I was busy helping my dad out.  Yesterday though I was able to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement for an 8 mile run.  I have to admit though, it was HARD getting out of bed.  Chris and I didn’t get to sleep until 1AM Saturday night, and he had a work issue that woke us up at 5AM.  4 hours of sleep = grumpy Madeline who doesn’t want to run.  But run I did.


For the first time here it started to feel like fall.  When I left my house to meet Heather and Leslie Ann at J.F. Gregory Park at 7AM this was what my weather app told me:


Richmond HIll Weather


The morning was just as beautiful.  We got to the park just after sunrise and everything was so still and peaceful.  It was the perfect morning to get back into the swing of things.


Morning Light


We started off walking for a few minutes to warm up our legs and just enjoying each others company.  We don’t really do our long runs for time … we try to keep a comfortable pace and just chat and laugh the whole time.  Once we started running though we took off fast.  I knew we were going too fast when we hit mile 2.  We pulled in the reigns a bit because there was still 6 to go for me … Leslie Ann and Heather ran 9 because they did 8 last week when I was in Phoenix.  The fiddler crabs were out in full force too.  It was difficult dodging them!  For the first time though, one of the crabs posed for me so I could capture him for the blog:


Fiddler Crab


Overall I am just glad I finished.  I honestly felt good at the finish and was able to pick up some speed near the end.  Considering my dismal training the last couple of weeks I am really happy with just getting the mileage under my belt.  Next week I hope to do 100% better and FEEL better too.  I ended up doing the 8 miles in 1:24:17 for about 10:33/mile.  That is the pace I held for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon in April … and I KNOW I can do better here in Savannah in November!



8 Mile Run


I also registered for the Squash for Josh 5k in J.F. Gregory Park on Saturday, September 22.  This is a first time race with all proceeds being donated to the Richmond Hill Police Department and Crimestopper program in honor of a local boy, Joshua Moore, who died in 2011.  If you are local come out and support a good cause!  You can register HERE … it’s only $15!  Registration closes tomorrow.


Did you run/race this weekend?  How do you get back into your training when you’ve had to take a break?

1/2 Marathon Training Progress

Hi friends!  I hope you all had a GREAT weekend!  If you are just catching up here is what we were up to:

AND congratulations to my Activewear USA winner:
Congratulations Ali!  Send me an email at foodfitnessandfamily {at} gmail {dot} com so we can get you your prize!

I can’t believe that I am already half-way through my 1/2 marathon training … 6 weeks to the big race!  Ahh!!  I thought that since many of you expressed interest in my training plan I would give you an update as to how it is going.


Yesterday I did my 8 mile run per my training schedule … and it was HARD.  I had planned to get running around 9AM but Chris wanted to take the dogs to the park while I ran and then Emmie decided to take an extra long morning nap.  Therefore we didn’t get out the door until closer to noon.  On top of the late start it was WINDY.  Like 20-25 mph wind gusts.  Eek!  I ran a 2.6 mile jogging trail that passed by the dog park while Chris and the dogs played.  Emmie came along in the BOB with me for the first lap.  Little did I know though that there was a solid 1-mile uphill stretch INTO the wind … pushing a stroller.  So she got dropped off with daddy 😉  Most of this run was a mental game and I tried hard to beat it.  I almost stopped twice … but I didn’t.  I ended up averaging 10:30/mile.  This is definitely slower than my goal pace but considering that I almost didn’t finish I am darn proud.



Luckily so far I am injury free.  My knees and hips hurt last weekend but did surprisingly well today.  I came home from the run and iced my calves and wrapped them up with ace bandages since I don’t have compression sleeves hehe.


Top: Nike

Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under Capris

Shoes: Brooks Adrenalins


SO what’s the plan from here?  I am going to stick with my training schedule and still shoot for 10 minute miles.  As long as I beat my last 1/2 marathon time of 2:45 I’ll be happy 😉  I am trying to do my long runs outside and keep my treadmill runs to around 3 miles for my own sanity.  However, I am quickly learning that Emmie probably won’t join me on anything over 3-4 miles because pushing the stroller is just so dang hard!  I am also going to continue working on winning the mind game I got going on and giving up on self-doubt!


AND just because she is so dang cute … here are some pics of Emmie from this weekend 😉

Emmie started avocados this weekend.  Little girl LOVES them!!  Just like her mama 😉

Seriously … is there anything cuter than baby sunglasses?  Chris says that I say that about everything Emmie owns … he says it’s just because they’re tiny.  Haha.  I LOVE THEM!

What did you do this weekend?  Did you race?  Are you training for one?


I officially PASSED my BodyFlow instructor class!!!  That means that I am allowed to teach BodyFlow as I prepare my assessment video.  I have until March 11 to submit it for my final certification.

This weekend pushed me to my limit to say the least.  We were in class from 8AM-6PM yesterday and 7AM-3PM today.  We did 4 full BodyFlow classes plus about 4 hours of perfecting technique.  I haven’t been this sore in a LONG time.

I met some amazing and inspirational women this weekend and I am so excited to be a part of the Les Mills instructor family.  BodyFlow is such a beautiful and amazing class … I highly encourage all of you to give it a try!  It is a beautiful blend of tai chi, yoga, and pilates geared towards making you longer and stronger.  You have to open your mind and heart and just experience the movement.  It’s amazing!

Anyways … I am tired.  As in exhausted.  Stop by tomorrow for my Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap post!!  I will have my sugar cookie recipe as well as links to the 3 lovely ladies who sent me cookies :)  Hope everyone had a great weekend!