Weekend Recap: Valentine’s and More

Good morning friends!  I am getting a late start this morning after a long and glorious weekend.  Plus, one of Chris’ friends from college lacrosse came into town yesterday so I have been busy being a hostess 😉  Before getting to our weekend, I want to announce the winners of the Sparkly Soul and Shabby Apple giveaways!

Sparkly Soul: Susan D.

Shabby Apple: Rachel A: (@chelle493)


Congratulations ladies!  Please shoot me an email at foodfitnessandfamily (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize!



Friday Chris and I celebrated a late Valentine’s Day.  Our friend Mike watched Em while we headed downtown to the Melting Pot.  We have gone to the Melting Pot almost every year for the last 6 years … it’s a tradition that my stomach is happy we keep 😉  I also loved having the chance to get dressed up!


Date Night Outfit

Skirt: Forever 21  Tank: Forever 21  Shoes: Steve Madden


And while I love seeing my husband in his Army camo every day (who doesn’t love a man in uniform??), I enjoy seeing him dressed up too 😉


Valentine's Day Date


We got downtown and enjoyed a glass of champagne while we waited for our first course.   My only dislike about going Valentine’s weekend is that there is always a pre-set menu.  Note to self: go the week AFTER Valentine’s in the future!


Melting Pot Savannah

Melting Pot Savannah


The cheese was delicious as always.  The salad was terrible.  Both salad options had nuts in them so I kind of had to customize a salad.  The Asian vinaigrette was awful.  Neither Chris or I ate the salad.  For dinner, we had ours cooked coq a vin style and it came with duck, terriyaki sirloin, herb crusted chicken, pork, shrimp, and pot stickers.  We both agreed that the terriyaki sirloin was our favorite!


Melting Pot Savannah - Dessert


And of course the REAL reason you go to the melting pot … dessert!  We got the traditional milk chocolate fondue and both agreed the graham cracker crusted marshmallows were the bomb.  Overall it was a nice night out to celebrate our 7th Valentine’s Day (holy cow).



Saturday morning I hit up my favorite yoga class for an hour of intermediate vinyasa.  The rest of the day was chores and errands.  Fun times.



I don’t know what Savannah was thinking but when my alarm went off at 6AM for my long run it was in the 20’s.  Which means it was WAY too cold for an Arizona girl.  So I immediately nixed running 12 and decided to run 6-8 later in the morning.  When I set out at 10AM it was still in the 30s and I was cold.  I managed to get 8 miles in but it was a hard run.  I am not used to, nor do I like, running in the cold.


Cold 8 Miles


In the afternoon Bryan got into town and we picked up Mike and headed downtown to meet Victoria at Vinnie Van Go Go’s for some pizza and beer.


Emmalye City Market

Victoria Runs and Em


Luckily for us, Vinnie’s at the heaters on.  We had all bundled up too because it was still in the 30s!  UGH.  Per usual, Vinnie’s was delicious and a good time was had by all.  After dinner Victoria introduced us to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar for the first time.  Chris and I got a slice of the strawberry suspension cake to share and OMG it’s heaven.  Pure sugar heaven.


Lulu's Chocolate Bar Strawberry Suspension Cake


SO glad I ran 8 miles yesterday to make up for the delicious and indulgent food 😉  Why do I run?  For pizza and strawberry suspension cake apparently.


Overall we had a great weekend with friends and some quality family time.  I have a pretty epic giveaway coming your way tomorrow so make sure to stop by 😉


What did you do this weekend?

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Savannah By Trolley

Edited to Add: Congrats to Kate from Kate Moving Forward! You are the winner of my Pace Out giveaway. I emailed you 😉


Happy Monday!  We have had a long four day weekend and have enjoyed every second of it.  I unplugged, Chris was home, and friends abounded.  When we lived at Fort Hood we were blessed with an amazing group of friends that became family.  Some of those friends were Brad and Erin.  Brad was one of Chris’ Soldiers in Afghanistan and Erin was one of my deployment battle-buddies.  Their place in our family got cemented when Brad was seriously injured and sent home.  Erin moved to Texas, into my house, and Brad followed upon his release from the hospital.  Brad got out of the Army in 2011 and they moved back to North Carolina.  The fates were on our side and brought us within a short drive to each other.  They drove down late Saturday night and we spent Sunday showing them around Savannah.


We started with our favorite pizza place, Vinnie Van Go Go’s.  I always recommend it because it’s cheap, delicious, and in a great location.  Emmalyne loves running around City Market while we wait for our food.


Vinnie Van Go Go's Group


When going to Vinnie’s it’s important to know a couple of things.  First, their slices are the size of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.  Second they only take cash.  And third, apparently on Sundays beer isn’t served until 12:30PM.  We had to wait 😉  I got a custom slice with sun dried tomatoes, feta, and broccoli.  The broccoli was supposed to be spinach but oh well.  It was still incredibly tasty.

At the end of lunch, in true Savannah fashion, it started raining.  We nixed our idea of walking around City Market and instead opted to take a trolley tour of Savannah.  After consulting with my mom, step-sister, and Victoria, we decided on Orglethorpe Trolley Tours.  The tour is 90 minutes long and $19 for each person.  After the tour, you have unlimited on-off privileges at the designated stops throughout the historic district.  We had fun listening to our guide inform us of more of the history of Savannah.  I have to say I prefer Victoria’s narration whenever we are together but a trolley tour will have to do if you don’t have access to V 😉  It blows my mind that we get to call such a beautiful and historic place home.  I love it here.

Oglethorpe Trolley Tours Baby Friendly

Brad and Erin

On the tour we hit lots of the great sites: River Street, Forsyth Park, City Market, pretty houses, Girl Scouts stuff, etc.  It was kind of hard to hear our guide at times but overall it was a fun experience.  The next tour on my list is a Zombie Walk with Blue Orb Tours for haunted Savannah 😉

Historic Savannah

We had a few minutes left together after the tour so we went down to the river so I could indoctrinate Erin with my favorite candy store, River Street Sweets.  I got some s’mores fudge and dark chocolate covered pretzel.  YUM.

Overall our time together went by too quickly.  I am so thankful that Erin and Brad are only 5 hours away because I know that I will see them again soon.  It just reminds me how important my Army family is and that no matter where we go, or how much time has passed, they will always be there.  Thanks guys for brightening our weekend!

Have you ever taken a trolley tour?  Where?

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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!  This week is INSANE for us.  Chris’ parents get to Georgia tomorrow and will be with us until Friday for Chris’ Change of Command ceremony on Thursday!  I am so flipping proud of my husband I can’t stand it.  :)  Before the chaos of the week hits I have to share our amazing weekend with you!


Courtney was in town visiting us from Chicago and we had an absolute blast.  Friday morning we laced up our sneakers and hit up a new-to-me trail in J. F. Gregory Park in Richmond Hill.  The trail was a 3.5 mile loop which will be PERFECT to run for half-marathon training this fall.  Half of the path is paved with workout stations along the way.  After awhile it cuts over into gravel.  The whole thing is shaded which is nice in this Georgia heat.


Courtney was rather disappointed that we didn’t see an alligator.  Emmie and I were thrilled haha.  I asked one of the park workers what we should do if we saw one and he said to just go the opposite direction.  That the gator would be more scared of us.  I think the gator would see Em as lunch.  We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and prepping a yummy dinner of roasted chicken (for us), salmon (Court) and veggies.

We got up bright and early Saturday to hit the road to Hilton Head Island for a day of sun, sand, and shopping.  We got to Coligny Beach around 10AM which was perfect timing.  Coligny is SO nice.  There is free beach parking literally a 3 minute walk from the sand.  The showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms are all amazing.  I was seriously impressed.  We were still able to claim prime beach real estate and get our fortress set up.


Our beach tent was a life saver.  When I was prepping for our trip I called Maria and asked what she uses for Caleb and she recommended getting a tent over an umbrella so I went on Amazon and did.  Luckily I ended up getting the same one she has and it’s AWESOME.  I highly recommend it for anyone with kids.  You can find it HERE.

Emmie was pretty content hanging out in her palace.


After a bit we thought it was time to see what baby girl thought of the ocean.

Verdict is … she likes the beach but is undecided about the ocean.  She wasn’t too happy putting her feet in it.  I think it was a little cold for her.  The princess likes her water bath tub warm.  But please tell me that those chunky thighs aren’t the cutest thing you’ve seen today??


Victoria met us for the day and we all had SO much fun!  I am so glad to have such a FitFluential friend in town.  She has been so warm and welcoming and I LOVE it :)


We spent about 3.5 hours at the beach which was more than enough for the day.  We dropped off our gear at the car and walked a short distance to Market Street Cafe.  I know Presley LOVES Hilton Head so I hit her up for a lunch suggestion and that’s where she sent us.  She was right … it was GREAT!  I had the Greek steak pita and it was delish.


After lunch it was time to SHOP.  Hilton Head has a pretty good set of Tanger Outlets.  The only downfall is that they are broken into two sections and are a couple miles apart so we had to move locations to hit all the stores we wanted.  Courtney and I did some heavy damage at Banana Republic, J. Crew and Nike.  My BEST find of the day was a dress for the military ball in September.  It is amazing and was way too good of a deal to pass up.  I’m obsessed.


We shopped til we dropped and then we were hungry.  Again.  Haha.  We made our way back to Savannah and met with Victoria and her hubs at Vinnie Van Go-Gos for some pizza.


Yesterday wrapped up the weekend.  We said good-bye to Court and headed downtown again for lunch at the Crystal Beer Parlor.  Some of our best friends from Texas were in town visiting with their family and we jumped at the chance to see them.  The last time we saw Wed and Rachel we were high-fiving as they were leaving and we were moving to Missouri.  The only disappointing thing is that their sweet boys weren’t with them.  Next time 😉


We seriously had such an awesome weekend.  It was great to see so many good friends :)  Here’s to the week!

**In case you missed it, the final blog of my wedding series was up this weekend!  Check out our honeymoon in the Bahamas :)


What did you do this weekend?