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Happy Monday friends!  Long time no chat, eh?  I was REALLY sick last week with horrible bronchitis and crashed the second I got home from work each day.  I lasted until Thursday when I finally called uncle and went to my doctor and got some antibiotics.  By Friday I started feeling human again and now I feel almost 100%.  Whew.


I have a different recap for you of the Rock’N’Roll Savannah today!  You might remember that last year I volunteered in the main medical tent and it helped remind me WHY I am going into medicine.  Well, I had so much fun that I went back for seconds!  I teamed up with two of my classmates and several from the class below us and hit up main medical once again.


Rock'N'Roll Savannah Medical Volunteer


If you’re local or ran the race than you know that we had unseasonably warm weather.  Temperatures at race start were around 70 degrees and 100% humidity at 7AM.  Race officials actually cut off the race at 9:45AM and started directing people to the finish.  Needless to say we were SLAMMED.  I thought last year was busy … this year takes the cake and was one of the roughest in terms of patient volume that Rock’n’Roll has seen at ANY of their races.  We had IV fluids running left and right and were constantly juggling beds.  People were severely dehydrated and the humidity was a butt kicker.  I didn’t sit down from 8AM-3PM.  And unfortunately there was one fatality this year confirmed by Rock’n’Roll on the course so thoughts and prayers go out to that family.


Once again I realize that my heart is in Emergency Medicine.  I love the chaos, acuity, and not knowing what’s coming next.  I feel like (and was told by the nurses there) that I stay calm under pressure.  I felt more confident this year and it gave me that kick in the pants to say YOU CAN DO THIS!  It’s incredibly frightening getting ready to graduate and truly practice medicine so moments like these where I feel confident and capable help calm those fears.  My why has never been stronger.


The rest of the weekend was spent gearing up for another week and soaking up time with my babies.  Fortunately Bryn hasn’t gotten into more diaper cream so we are on good terms 😉  We colored, played dress up with the dogs, and chowed down on steak and scallops.  I would say it was a pretty great weekend.



Weekend 2

Weekend 3


I am off to another full week in primary care!  I will have a recap up soon about my surgery rotation.  I hope you have a great Monday!


What did you do this weekend?

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