A Day in the Life as a Family Medicine PA

Happy Wednesday folks!  One of the best things about a long weekend is that the next week is short.  Super pumped that we are already halfway to Friday.  It’s been awhile since I shared a What I Ate Wednesday post with y’all and I figured it was also a great opportunity to give you a glimpse into what a day in my life is like.  I have shared a few of these in the past that you can check out at the end of the post to see how things have changed over the years.  I am officially into my 2nd week on my own practicing in Family Medicine and it’s been amazing so far!  Let’s get to it.


5:45AM  Alarm goes off.  I get to “sleep in” because I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning.  It makes me laugh that this is sleeping in these days.  I feel a tiny person in bed next to me and see that Emmie came in at some point in the night.   She wakes up and I get her situated to watch a show while I make breakfast.  Breakfast tends to be my biggest meal of the day because I can’t guarantee a snack break before lunch.  My breakfast is an egg, egg whites, nitrite free bacon, 2 slices of raisin toast, and some blueberries.  A ton of coffee on the side.

WIAW - Breakfast

7:15AM  We are loaded into the car and are off.  I drop the girls off at school before heading to my dentist’s office.  I had a filling placed in March and have had some intermittent tooth sensitivity for the last week.  After Googling “root canals” (I know …. bad healthcare provider) I decided I should probably get it looked at.  Fortunately I don’t need one and instead he thinks it’s my sinuses cause pressure and tooth pain.  Go figure.


9:00AM  Arrive at work.  My work is letting me ease into my life as a provider and I only have 12 scheduled for today.  I spent some time last night looking up my patients so I already know what’s up.  Do a variety of annual wellness exams, sick visits, and follow-ups.  It’s a day where I am able to get snack in too which makes it a success!

WIAW - Snack


12:00PM  Wrap up my morning patients and finish charting.  Seriously – the electronic medical records take so. much. time.  I am still navigating our EMR so I am a tad slower.  Close out all my charts (#winning) and hit the break room for some lunch.  I planned ahead and had grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

WIAW - Lunch


1:00PM  Back at it!  My afternoon is a lot heavier than the morning due to my missing my first hour of clinic.  More sick visits than chronic care this afternoon which keeps me busy.  I am still figuring out how to get my time with patients down and still get my charting done.  I get super busy in the afternoon and don’t have a chance to sit down.


5:15PM  Somehow I finish my charting only 15 minutes after the office closes.  I have a 30 minute drive home so I snack on a bag of Annie’s organic popcorn and call my sister for her birthday.  We chat for a bit and get caught up on each other’s lives.  I am very fortunate that even though my sister is 17 years older than I am that we are as close as we are.  I also chat with a good friend from PA school and get caught up with him.


5:45PM  Roll into the house and find the family in the basement watching “dragons”.  Spend some time with them and check on our container garden (more on that soon!) before heading back upstairs to finish dinner.  I had Skinnytaste’s Bolognese in the crockpot all day so all I have to do is make some noodles.  And yes – this is where my photos ended for the day.


7:00PM  Bathtime for the munchkins!  Chris and I switch off who puts who down each night and I have Bryn.  One of my favorite parts of the day is saying our nightly prayers with her.  Somehow I am always after “God bless book” and “God bless light” … THEN it’s “God bless mommy”.  She cracks me up.


7:30PM  Bryn is in bed and Chris and Emmie are reading so I clean up the kitchen and take a quick shower before sitting down to write this post.  Feeling pretty lame because I am already dreaming about getting into my bed.  Spend some time jotting down the things I need to do tomorrow and check on my patient list for the morning.  I feel pretty grateful that I can access our EMR from home so I can wrap some stuff up here and not stay at work late.


There you have it!  A pretty basic day in my life now.  Everyday is a little bit different in how it plays out but it’s fairly similar.  Normally I try to sneak a workout in at night but coming off the holiday weekend and 3 days of intense workouts I needed a day off.  Just means I have to break a sweat today.  Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!


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Happy Wednesday!!  I am super pumped because tomorrow is my LAST day of my psychiatry rotation.  I swear I hear angels singing 😉  I have so much I want to say on the 5 weeks I have spent in behavioral health but I will save those for another day because today is what I ate Wednesday with the lovely Jenn!




Scramble Egg Cups

I snagged this new product from Evol at Target last weekend and I was super excited to give it a try.  I am a huge fan of Evol so I had high expectations.  Fortunately it did not disappoint and it was perfection in a cup.  It was essentially the perfect comfort food that made waking up at 5AM a little teensy bit less painful.  Served with a  large cup of coffee on the side.


Morning Snack

Morning Snack

Another Target score … the new Chobani fall pumpkin flip.  OH EM GEE.  This was flipping (<–har har har) amazing.  I think it was the bits of pie crust that took it over the top.  I served it up with more coffee because one cup is simply not enough.





Meal prep for the win because I certainly didn’t want to think about having to pack it.  Lunch consisted of peas, roasted sweet potatoes, and parmesan crusted tilapia from Sams club.  PS these are the containers I use.



Beachbody Performance Recovery


Yesterday I did 5X400m repeats for a total of 2.5 miles and lifted back so I was pretty smoked after my workout.  I am totally digging the new Beachbody Performance Line Recovery shake.  It shakes up nicely with water and has a smooth rich taste.  I also snacked on a Quest bar on the way home.




Dinner was a delicious combination of spinach and onion chicken sausage, veggies, and brown rice.  I am totally sharing this recipe ASAP because it was so good and so fast to make!


There you have it!  Another day of eats.  I am off to relish in my short work day and daydream about all the things I am going to do on break


What did YOU eat today that was delicious?


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WIAW // Aug 5

Happy Wednesday friends!  Once again I went entirely longer than I thought I would between blog posts.  There just simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the things on my “to do” list done each day.  Thanks for sticking with me though as I move forward on this incredible journey I am on!


Last Wednesday was a super sad day – I wrapped up my Emergency Medicine rotation and left the ER behind.  My heart belongs in the ED and I will likely to be looking to work in one upon graduation.  In the meantime I still have 5 other rotations to get through!  On Monday I started my Behavior Health rotation.  While I KNOW I am going to learn a lot and I am lucky to work with great people, I think it’s safe to that psych is not my specialty and these might be a long 5 weeks!  One positive though?  I have my own office which makes snacking and studying a lot easier :)  SO in honor of that I am linking up for What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn!






Yesterday was a tough start to the day so I popped an Evol breakfast sandwich in the microwave.  This one was sausage, egg white, and cheddar on a whole wheat bun.  It was SO good and so fast to make.  Some sweet fresh strawberries on the side and of course coffee.


Morning Snack

morning snack



I had a short break between patients in the morning so I took the opportunity for some Love Grown Oats, more coffee, and a little DSM-5 action.  My board prep books are all DSM-IV and my boards is going to have DSM-5 on it so I figured I better do some reading!


Lunch lunch

The clinic I am currently working in is splitting up to two locations so yesterday they had a “divorce” party.  A great week to start, no?  I didn’t end up eating the chicken but did go back for seconds of the pulled pork.  I tried to stay on track with the food but it was all too good to turn down.


Afternoon Snacks

Study Snack

Quest Bar

I had another break in the afternoon and snuck in more studying along with some pretzels and hummus.  After work I hit the gym for a great Pipehitter workout and needed something to eat on my commute home.  Quest bars are one of my new favorite things to much on.





My mother-in-law had dinner waiting for me which was amazing!  She made pork chops, roasted potatoes, and grilled veggies.  She takes such good care of us when she is here and I appreciate the break from the kitchen.  My belly was super happy.


Dessert Dessert

Dessert = Publix chantilly cake.  Because …. cake!


Happy Wednesday friends!  Hope you have a great day ahead of you.  Either way we are halfway to the WEEKEND!


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A Day of Eats in the ER

Happy Thursday friends! Another week nearing a close :)  My “weekend: was actually yesterday and today since I have 4 12-hour shifts in a row starting tomorrow.  BOO.  I actually meant to post this yesterday but I never got around to writing it so consider this my WIAW but a day late 😉  These are my eats from Monday when I worked a 7AM-7PM shift in the ER!





I actually got up early enough to fix a good breakfast!  I made a whole grain English muffin with egg, nitrite free bacon, and a thin slice of cheese.  Fruit and iced coffee on the side!


Morning Snack



From about 8AM-11AM it was the calm before the storm and I had a chance to snack on some oatmeal at my workstation while I charted on our patients.  The break was short lived and the rest of the day quickly turned to chaos.  Pure chaos.





I think I finally ate lunch around 3PM but I am honestly not sure.  I had packed some leftover fried brown rice and bulgogi from our dinner Sunday and it was perfect.  Something I could again eat my desk quickly while working.  Are you catching on to the pattern of my days??


Snack 2

Snack 2



More finger food for the win!  It took me over an hour to be able to eat this bag of popcorn.  I would grab a handful, wash my hands, see a patient, and repeat.





I got off a little bit late due to a trauma arriving late in our shift which kept us from getting our other patients out the door.  Fortunately I had prepped a skinny chicken tetrazini casserole for Chris and leftovers were waiting for me upon arrival!




Because my husband loves me he ran up to Publix to get us some chantilly cake while I showered. If you haven’t tried it and can do it now.  You’ll thank me later.


Well I am off to conquer a HUGE to-do list before life once again turns to chaos tomorrow.  I have you have a fantastic Thursday!


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WIAW // 7.8.15

Happy Wednesday folks!  I am OFF work today which is amazing since I worked nightshift the last two nights.  You guys – I don’t know how people do it.  My shift was from 4PM-2AM and I typically get to crawl into bed by about 3AM.  What is scary is that I become dumber as the night goes on which is awesome when you’re in medicine.  HA.  Any-who … I made a point to snap pictures of my eats from Monday to share with you guys today!  I have been trying to figure out this whole eat during ER thing and I actually did a good job for once.  So I am linking up with my girl Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday …. Night Shift edition!





I made a point of getting in a good breakfast before going to the gym.  Scrambled eggs and nitrate free bacon always do it for me!  Of course there was some iced coffee on the side 😉  After breakfast I did a 20 minute run followed by 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill.  Ended with a great chest + triceps workout.



Morning Snack


This is a new-to-me Quest bar flavor and it’s my new favorite.  I love the s’mores and have finally figured out how to warm it appropriately in the microwave.  It’s embarrassing to admit how many failed attempts I’ve had.






Chris was home on Monday so we grilled steak for lunch.  It had been intended for our dinner Sunday but our grilling out rained out so we improvised.  I enjoyed mine on romaine lettuce with some balsamic vinaigrette.  The Chobani on the side completed the meal.





I headed to work around 3:15PM and stopped at Starbucks on the way.  I needed another dose of caffeine and somehow a chocolate croissant made it’s way into my hands.  #NotSorry.





Dinner was sautéed vegetables with quinoa and grilled chicken with added coconut aminos for taste.  Super quick and full of protein which is what I needed for a long shift!



Work Snacks


I made sure to pack some quick and easy-to-eat snacks for my shift.  I enjoyed the Starbucks iced coffee around 10PM and it took me all the way until when I left work around 2:30AM.  I also enjoyed the string cheese and chocolate pomegranate seeds.  The apple and popcorn were saved for another day.


I am off to catch up on some sleep and laundry while the girls are at school!  Have a great day!


What is ONE amazing thing you ate this week?

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